Technology | Community
Chip Fab is a server dedicated to providing a home for all techies, whether you are into electronics, networking, general computing or any other field of technology, Chip Fab is a place you you. Chip Fab provides dedicated channels for a wide variety of topics regarding technology like networking, electronics, computing and others.
Gaming | Streaming
A place to hang out because you follow me on Youtube or Twitch!
Business | Technology
Byte I.T. is a computer and network support company. We are also gamers!
Programming | Technology
This server is intended for technology, plz join and see what we have to offer. Come on in relax and take a load off.
Music | Community
We are a small retro server that revolves around the music genre of Synthwave! Come join us; make us grow big with an amazing community! :D
Programming | Technology
We are an old server is undergoing new changes! From computer science and coding projects to all things tech, join us to meet up with students and hobbyists from all over the world!
Technology | YouTuber
Hi, JHTech Discord is a discord server oriented around everything tech! In JHTech discord, we have: - Lots of amazing bots (w/ one designed around tech-related features) - Amazing and friendly staff - Tech support if you need help with anything tech related - Lots of amazing emotes - A great non-toxic community - Lots more! So yeah, see you there!
Business | Technology
A community for hardware lovers!
Programming | Technology
Code Together is a coding server for people who like to help each other.
Social | Anime
Anti-Socialite Socialization, or ASS, is a relaxed community for people in their late teens and young adults. Eschews some of the more fancy features in favour of more simple fun, with Trivia and chats for various hobbies including Media (flim, anime, etc), Computers, Fitness, Physical games (tabletop games, card games etc), Sports, Photography, Music, Gaming, and Art. The server is located in Europe, though there are members in most continents.
Technology | Science
Simply Engineered is a technological hub for all things software, hardware, bleeding-edge, and more, with everyone included as well. We have multiple ranks, but are just starting out. We believe in bringing each other to the top, teaching those that are interested, and providing knowledge to everyone.
Technology | Community
Radia Linux Official Discord server.
Programming | Community
A programming community for designing esolangs, compilers, interpreters, and much more.
Technology | Gaming
Hi! This is Sonitech, where talk about Sonic the Hedgehog, and we talk about technology. We're a fairly new and relaxed server. We're kind and friendly, everyone is welcome! I, the host, would love to see you join! :)
Programming | Social
computer stuff, spaghetti codes, noodles, anime we need more weebs!
Gaming | Meme
The Sanctuary discord server has multiple gaming channels and roles. Post memes, video games, art, and more! We are also currently working on a project to make a Minecraft server.
Official server for a new company, Ellaton. Ellaton is a server hosting provider. | Website: | Teamspeak: | Twitter:
Technology | Support
Do you need help to build PC? Need advice with the best parts to buy for the price? We're a community dedicated to helping you throughout all the stages of the process, including the part list creation, pc assembly, choosing the best peripherals and maximizing the value of your purchase. Anyone is welcome here!
Technology | Support
We are a chill tech server. We got tech nerds and professionals from all over the place who specialize in SSDs Power supplies and troubleshooting windows issues. So come one and all to either get help or just to chill with some weeby tech nerds. Also new addition are kitties!!! So many cute fluffy kitties owned by many of our server members.
Technology | Programming
A tech server for all things regarding games, software, hardware, and even if you need technical support, we got you!
Technology | Social
ChristoCord is a tech-based Discord Server that focuses on tech support and tech discussion. PC Building, Hardware, and Software support channels are available within ChristoCord. CC also has an ever growing, multi-thousand-person member base which allows for active debate in tech-related channels and a general community for those who just want a place to chill.
Welcome to void's humble server, traveller! We aim to accommodate anyone, of any background, that wishes to find friends and converse with like-minded individuals. Furthermore, if you're looking for a place to share stories, jokes and pieces of artwork, you've found the right place!
Support | Technology
Free tech support specialists and community. Final Tech is the ultimate solution to your problems. Let your first stop be the last!
Technology | Programming
This is a Technical Support server where we are able to help with Viruses, Internet problems, Linux issues, and much much more. We have more than 900 members and 10 computer experts! When you join the server please read the #rules, as it's required that you follow all of them!
Gaming | Technology
A gaming orientated server to come and discuss all things gaming related. We also have interests in photography, tech, music and other things. We want to be able grow this community for all to find people to play with and share your passion for gaming with other like minded individuals. We also accept self promotion of your Twitch and Youtube channels in a way to help others grow too.
Technology | Community
The NTG Developer Discord server is the place for anything about technology. You can talk about phones, computers, and even quantum technology and how it is going to change the world! Discuss your opinions on new electronics and talk with like-minded people as well, all for free! Come join today!
Technology | Streaming
Just started a new Gaming Setup & Mancave server, here you can share pictures of your setups and interact with other setup enthusiasts. √ Staff Needed √ Friendly Server √ Active Members √ Instagram has 2000+ Followers
Programming | Technology
Come hang out. This server is for programmers of all languages, or people who just want to hang out. Come join us.
Technology | Community
PC Paradise is a great PC building enthusiast, and tech support server, with knowledge and active members. There are many help channels for different problems, such as build help, overclocking help, troubleshooting, and just general tech support. We also have miscellaneous channels for other types o
Community | Technology
Tech Support Server - Free tech support - Free pc assembly help support - Free Build Help support - Free Overclock support - Bot is coded by the owner with most helpful tips for computer problems - A server where you can talk to people about new tech in the market and more. - There's a channel only for off topic stuff and meme related, no NSFW tho - There's a channel just for advertising your discord servers and or other social media's(No NSFW allowed). - Special Build Showcase Channel. - Chill Community - Contains channels for other stuff such as gaming, linux, MAC related channels. - Contains Colour Reaction Role to pick whatever colour you want.
Technology | Community
Welcome to Tech Advisor! An active technology related community! Here you can discuss and share your knowledge and opinions on anything tech related. Computers , smartphones, gaming, gadgets and much more! You can also make friends with similar interests and engage in different discussions.
Technology | Support | Gaming
The official discord server of /r/Tech! We offer high quality tech news, discussion, and have lots of helpful members who can walk you through technical issues or help guide you in building a PC! We have an engaging levels system and we’re adding more unique tech themed emotes everyday! Come join us!