Just a very small discord server for all kind of stuff like tech, gaming ect. Community are mostly personal friends ;)
This is a group for furries who work in IT. Feel free to hang out, ask for help, bitch about users, and post those dank me me's. We've got those free "wee fee's" and the password is "password".
A 16+, literate IT Roleplay server with a storyline divergent from Chapter Two, and channels for 1988 set rp.
A publication dedicated to bringing the latest news about copyright, privacy, and everything related to filesharing. And IT News.
This is a Technical Support server where we are able to help with Viruses, Internet problems, Linux issues, and much much more. We have more than 700 members and 6 computer experts! When you join the server please read the rules on the info channel as it's required to be on the server that you follow all of them!
台灣開發者的綜合型 Discord Server
A small community of IT enthusiasts discussing a wide variety of IT topics. We also have dedicated rooms for memes, creative work, sharing projects, games and talking about tech horror stories.
☆☆ Ooo, spooky! Do you like horror movies? Scary podcasts/novels/games? Creepypasta? Stuff like Marble Hornets, everymanHYBRID, Friday the 13th, and more? Come on in and roleplay HORROR with us! This is chat-based with paragraph roleplay on request, so it's very laidback! We would love to hang out with you and make friends with you! There are only a couple of rules to know before joining: ☆☆ ☆LGBTQ+ friendly! ☆Have fun!
☆ stranger things / IT based server ☆ this server is a place where st / it can jus' chill, joke around w each other, make friends nd overall have a good time! i really hope this server helps bring amazing people together nd forms beautiful friendships :)
A place for A place for IT and computer science beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals to come together and discuss, educate, learn and collaborate.
Discord ufficiale di VideoGiochItalia.
Come be basic, We game, we chill and talk, we meme come and join!
Bonjour ! Tu es intéressé par la programmation web, logiciel, mobile .. mais aussi la sécurité informatique ? n'hésite pas et rejoins NoS1gnal ! NoS1gnal c'est aussi une communauté de partage, d'entraide et de bonne entente ! Par contre si tu n'y connais rien a la programmation en général ou la sécurité informatique, et que tu souhaiterais apprendre .. rejoins nous ! il y a aussi des cours pour apprendre les langages web, et autres ! @ très bientôt !
Discord сервер для программістів. Спілкування, блоги, хелп, вакансії та всяке таке.
Чат айтишников на айтишные и не только темы.
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