Join an ever changing theme of a anime gaming server for those looking to relax and talk with those who you have in common with. Come and be yourself, Everyone welcomed!
Il Server Discord dei Videogiocatori italiani
𝑬𝑮𝑶 𝑳𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒈𝒆 A new, fun way of gaming competitively! Win prizes and join an awesome new community.
🔥 April 2020 | 750+ Members 🔥 LoL Boosting | Coaching | Marketplace 🔥 24/7 Live Customer Support 🔥 100% Positive Feedback Rating
Welcome to Paradise! We are a relaxed gaming server focusing on supporting our community in their endeavors. Be it Art, Music, Programming, Gaming, and eSports. We are Building a drama-free inclusive environment for you to come and relax in. Join Now!
Karito's Castle has people who play a variety of games. We watch anime and we are very nice so join now pwease... 🥺 👕 👉👈 👖 | This is the educational Discord server for League Of Legends. Find information on improving your gameplay with resources available and ask high ranked players in depth questions about your play!
Somos novos e queremos crescer nosso servidor, temos um time, chame qualquer um que esteja on para jogar com você, temos opções de lanes, e vários cargos, queremos ser o maior servidor de LOL do Brasil, contamos com vocês para realizarmos esse sonho.
Bem Vindo ao ⭐️Fd_Nit⭐️ ! um canal multijogos voltado a jogos online e bate papo entre amigos, venha fazer parte e jogar com a gente!! 🎮
As a growing community, our goal is to unite as many gamers as possible, covering a wide range of videogames so come and play with us anytime!
Este es un servidor en el cual podés jugar varios juegos partiendo desde GTA V hasta League of Legends pasando un buen rato con amigos o jugando de una manera competitiva. ¡Esperamos que te unas y te diviertas! This is a server where you can play games like GTA or League of Legends or you can just hang out with your friends. Most people speak Spanish since this is an argentinian server but there are also english-speakers and everyone is free to join if they want to!
We are Arabic/English friendly community for gamers looking for new players to enjoy their times with us, Our server is where you can find new friendly players & people who have same interests as you do, The more active you can be the more friends you can meet & make ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . We also provide this following features: 🎭 Self role assign system. 📌 When you stream you will be pinned to the top of members so you get viewers . 📋 Up-to-date updates & patchnotes about games such as: CS:GO,Dota 2, Blade & Soul, Starcraft II, as well as with some other games! 🎧 Listening to music (from Spotify,YouTube,etc) with your friends. 📡 24/7 Online Admin to serve you... 🎬 YouTube uploads... 😂 Memes and fun... 💥 And many other things (ง'̀-'́)ง...
Merhaba sevgili dostum, Aphrodite'e hoş geldin! Sunucumuz oyuncular ve müzisyenler için tasarlanmıştır. Sunucumuzda belli günler ve saatlerde canlı performanslar dinleyebilir, diğer insanlarla sohbet edebilir, oyunlar oynayıp müzik dinleyebilirsin. Eğlenmene bak!
League of Legends Community, coaching, giveaways, play with new people and find duoQ partners, tournaments, other events and more!
League of Legends EUNE Community, coaching, giveaways, play with new people and find duoQ partners, tournaments, other events and more!
Teamfight Tactics is an open community where people who play Teamfight Tactics are welcome. It is a hangout for people who love the game as much as you do and on top of that it is also an educational server. Teamfight Tactics offers many things such as guides, tips and tricks and active members who love to help you. Alongside this we also host giveaways and fun events such as movie nights, karaoke nights and much more.
A community thats excited for the upcoming game Valorant and are in the EU Region. You can find other members to discuss the game about & play with them!
a pinoy server without limitations except the server owner is sometimes fucking bipolar so maybe there are limitations
Comunidad de discord, centrada sobre todo en #leagueoflegends , #csgo , #rainbowsiege #apex organización de torneos, sorteos.
Bonjour ! Polnaref Land est un serveur discord communautaire uniquement pour des français ,il est orienté vers le gaming et les mangas/animés japonais. Vous pouvez jouer avec vos amis dessus et discuter de vos passions... On organisera des Blind Test et des soirées Party Games... Bref n'hésitez pas à rejoindre Polnareff Land ! GLHF !
Somente idiotas levam esse servidor a sério! Curta a nossa página: Leia as regras!
Balkanski Server
Torneios diários de jogos em gerais :D
Her oyundan oyuncu bulunan küçük bir Oyuncu Topluluğu. Kalitenin adresi Healon Gaming!
discord da criticancia
Defusekids is a Benelux-focused esports organisation founded in 2003 that made a comeback in 2017
Come join REG! a fun multi gaming server that host fun event's and has many cool bots to play around with! we focus on making a fun easy going environment for our members come find others to play with and chat up a storm <3. Anime, Gaming, Streams, Music, Movies
Kgb2d is an international gaming community that hosts game servers and creates events.
Melhor server cheio dos game
Warriors Of Turkey Resmi Discord Sunucusu! 24/7 Oyun ve Sohbet. Büyük bir ekip ile dayanışma içinde oyunlar oynamak ayrıca yeni arkadaşlar kazanmak için Sunucumuza Davetlisiniz. -maXoz
Merhabalar Sunucumuza Girmeden önce sunucunun amacından bahsedeyim. Bu sunucu League Of Legends Oyununda Bir topluluk oluşturmaktır. League Of Legends Oynayan herkes davetleridir.Sunucuya Gelirsen Kuralları Oku Süper olur." "League Of Legends - F0XiS Türkiye Sunucuya girmezse bu linki discord uygulamasına "sunucuya katıl" yerine yazın.: