Gaming server focused on League -- No skill level required.
Gaming server focused on League -- No skill level required.
Hello, welcome to pretend! We are a new server that's trying to not only be focused on the general chat. In the future we plan to have tournaments, events, a gambling bot with great rewards and more ideas coming soon! Here's a small list of stuff we have to offer: - Giveaways and contests every other week (Giveaway and contest going on right now) - A friendly, welcoming community - Staff positions open (applications very soon!) - A owner that actually types and listens to his members - New server for those looking for a fresh start Any many, many more to come. We're looking forward to see you soon! (im too lazy to put emotes please dont let that discourage you to join)
ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Hello~ We're a small wholesome community for people who play League of Legends and artists. You can also try to make some friends and socialize. Check us out if you're interested, have a great day! <3
Gyms, E4, Champ, with events and a draft league we are open to suggestions and growing. We use showdown, not pokecord.
🌟ASIAN 🌟 KPOP 🌟 GIVEAWAYS🌟 International Asian Community Discord Server. Come join! Everyone is welcomed!
Ascending Champions Esports is a fun, friendly, and competitive tournament organization for players who enjoy playing Rocket League and who want to play in an environment devoid of any toxicity. We aim to have a fair, friendly and fun environment where toxicity and unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated and swiftly dealt with. Ascending Champions Esports organizes and runs tournaments for players who are looking to develop their skill to the next level.
League of Legends based server, although not limited to just that! Join us for a welcoming community of 600+ looking to add on to our family! We plan to incorporate inhouses and giveaways in the near future, come join us in talking about gaming, life, or just to spread memes!
A Discord server for players and fans of the Blockey Hockey League (BHL).
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Fun server of streamer GamerShiba
A memey wavy server for creators to hang. Get your work noticed, find game groups, dump memes, pick your roles, sing your heart out and win stuff! The New Wave is officially here.
A memey wavy server for creators to hang. Get your work noticed, find game groups, dump memes, pick your roles, sing your heart out and win stuff! The New Wave is officially here.
( League Duos ) Find new people to play with !
Assetto Corsa based league for racing old cars and roleplaying
A Discord server for League players in OCE!
league of legends server for ARAM players
Pole Position Racing Assetto Corsa Server
Discord server for the awesome Riverdogs009_!!!
A Home for Kindred Mains.
Servidor de chilling :D
We Play Casual league and competitive league, we are all chilled people and wish that you could join us!
Hey guys, Want to join a fun cummunity where people play & teach League of Legends? Then LeagueOfWanker is de server you are looking for! - Active people who like to play LoL - Make new friends! - Team up and destroy games! - Learn & Teach others
We're a fun server with a growing membership, all games welcome and enjoyed! Primary focus is CSGO, Battleroyales, LoL, and a few more.
LeagueConnect is a gathering place for people who love League of Legends, a place where you can make friends, find people to play with, or talk about the game.
Welcome to the Rocket Hockey League Discord, home of the Snow Day Community!
Play RL on Switch? Join Today! This is the absolutely best place to be for: - Switch Trading - Giveaways - Community
Balkanski server na kome mozete upoznati nove ljude izgraditi prijateljstva i pronaci odlicne saigrace... Ali to nije sve ukoliko pozovete nasu redakciju dobicete i ovaj extra udobni par sobnih papuca ;)
Join our PSN discord and kompete against other kombatants to rise through the ranks to challenge the champ for his title. We have 5 Classes (Towers) separating our skilled veterans from the young kombatants looking to rise through the ranks. Begin your fighting career by going to our website
( League Duos ) Find new people to play with !
What is Zero Gravity? We are an amateur League of Legends tournament organization, founded in February of 2018. We host leagues for ranks iron IV – diamond IV, in 3 separate divisions. For more information, visit us on discord, link below! More information on our website ( and discord.
Looking for Games Content Share Discussions Ranked Group Up Training
Hi, and welcome to the largest Oceania, Overwatch PS4 group! We have a large community, accept all ranks, and regularly host PUGs, Leagues and Scrims for teams that you can easily join. Feel free to join just to try it out!
The Tacita community server! Home to our own gaming community over several games. We feature many games such as: Mabinogi Grand Theft Auto V Elite: Dangerous Vindictus League of Legends Fate/Grand Order SCP: Secret Lab Dead by Daylight Maplestory 2 Or you can just come to chat! You don't even need to play any of the games we do, we're always welcome to have new people to chat with.
A friendly gaming server with a focus on League of Legends, StarCraft II, Space Engineers, and Osu! Come hangout and have fun~ Active staff, with members mostly on after 5pm CST. We are home to the `AoH | 24/7 | 4.2ghz | Chicago` Space Engineers server.
Clube de LOL é o único servidor do Discord que possibilita selecionar a sua lane favorita e criar salas temporárias para montar seu time.
Sugar-free Esports host leagues for League of legends and soon to grow out to other games. If you are looking for a fair and fun league come join. If you are a team looking to find scrims, come join. If you just love esports then come join. Everybody is allowed in.
Free Overwatch coaching for gold, silver, and bronze
An Overwatch League Server for those looking to compete against teams of high level players and be a part of a non-toxic community.