-events -competitions -football related emotes, roles and bots -selfroles, leveled roles -active chat -fast growing server
We are one of the best Soccer server that one will come across If you enjoy everything about Soccer, Footie Talk the server for you. Us Footie Talk is the newest and hottest soccer/football chat server! Come talk about your favorite leagues, players and tournaments. We are looking for people who love soccer to join us today! Friendly staffs Major Leagues/Major team roles Moderation/Game bots Friendly members to discuss in-depth soccer with others! Betting bots/Soccer bots are on the way!
Join if you are a Neymar Jr. fan
Football Central is a place where you can choose what club you support get news on it discuss with fellow fans and fans from other Premier league clubs. You also get cool ranks from leveling up. Join Now!
A new sports dedicated community that welcomes sports discussions
A small, tight-knit community of NFL fans, if you like the NFL, this is the place to be.
A place to get together and play csgo and more(Counter Strike Global Offensive)
This is an arsenal fc discord group for all arsenal fans and just football fans in general.
The #1 Cowboys Server with roles, news, predictions and live gameday channels.
The #1 Patriots Server with roles, news, predictions and live gameday channels.
The #1 Saints Server with roles, news, predictions and live gameday channels.
The #1 Steelers Server with roles, news, predictions and live gameday channels.
The #1 Packers Server with roles, news, predictions and live gameday channels.
The #1 Eagles Server with roles, news, predictions and live gameday channels.
Biggest Buffalo Bills discord and home to the Buffalo Fanatics! -Great community for all. Everyone is welcome! -Talk about anything,hangout,chill,have a good time! -Custom levels with perks!
LiamH Community Discord Server
A Football server all about West Ham United!
Sister Discord of the subreddit /r/Championship.
The biggest discord server for Football Manager Fans
A server that welcomes all football fans! More specifically, the focus is tailored towards national team football. But all football fans are more than welcome.
Chat about anything NFL! - Highlights - Memes - Draft Discussion & More!
This server will allow you to share pictures about your players, squads and matches. You can also be informed about new updates and announcements. And of course, you can chat with other footballers (pes players!).
The #1 Seahawks Server with roles, news, predictions and live gameday channels.
This is a league for the ROBLOX game called Legendary Football. This league is currently in it's first season and it will start with 4 teams. The New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints. Join if you'd like! Thank you, McBarant
Se gostas de futebol e queres partilhar a tua experiência com os mais diversos adeptos do futebol português entra já no Isto é Futebol! Eventos, giveaways, debates, noticias e muito mais!
This is a awesome server for fans of American Football from all over. If you are not very knowledgeable of new leagues or players come to our experts at the World of Football! Come join us to learn, talk, make friends, and find stats! Our goal for this server is to be very active and have many members!
Hey It seems you've just stumbled upon... PIKACHAT! The discord server about pretty much anything from: Music to football to gaming to politics and loads more. We are new and just starting out but we need new members and we are handpicking staff aswell. This is a server made by some kid in England, it was originally for his twitch but recently he has decided to try and branch out. Here you will find channels about gaming, football, music and politics. He and is administration team are open for suggestions!
We're a server for Arsenal fans from around the world.
Arsenal FC Hub welcomes all fans of football, but especially Arsenal fans. We’re a fast growing server with plenty of discussion around Arsenal, the Premier League, European football, and all kinds of other topics. We have a pub style atmosphere so almost anything goes! Join us today! • English speaking • 500 members! • Live matchday chat • Links to live match streaming • Levelling system • Unlockable channels • Regular polls • Active and friendly staff team • Music bot
Manchester United Discord Server for fans of Manchester United FC. Tied to the r/reddevils Subreddit. Various football related channels including transfers and fantasy football, along with a variety of social channels such as gaming and movies. Community events offered along with a feed direct to United's Twitter account for up-to-date info.
C'est un discord qui permet la vente de compte Fortnite entre utilisateur avec un systeme qui permet de limiter les arnaques ! Tout les comptes Fortnite que les utilisateur veulent vendre passe d'abord par nous afin d'être vérifié et certifié, puis sont mis en vente sur la boutique Shoppy.gg (https://shoppz.selly.store/) !!!
Touchline Football is the number 1 Football Soccer discussion server. We also have live streams, matches, football simulations and more!
A fun little active server with a focus on football/soccer, FIFA, sports, Pacybits, FIFA Mobile, PES and fun. Join now!! YOU WONT REGRET IT
Join other Mass-Holes in the wtw.mass Discord server for community events, twitch streams, and more. Chat and play games with others, submit videos, or share and view memes. We are the #1 Massachusetts oriented community on Discord!
We are the official Discord for the Regional Football League, a Madden 19 simulation league hosted by the NFL Discord Staff (https://discord.me/nationalfootballleague). Teams are run by 32 real people acting as GMs.
Just join for fun lol
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