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Sports | Investing | Financial
Enjoy Sports. Make Money. 📈 Experts specialized in Daily Fantasy Sports (FanDuel & DraftKings), Sports Cards, and Sports Betting! 💰
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Sports | Investing | Financial
Enjoy Sports. Make Money. 📈 Experts specialized in Daily Fantasy Sports (FanDuel & DraftKings), Sports Cards, and Sports Betting! 💰
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Sports | Investing | Financial
Enjoy Sports. Make Money. 📈 Experts specialized in Daily Fantasy Sports (FanDuel & DraftKings), Sports Cards, and Sports Betting! 💰
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Fitness | Community | Sports
Fitness Server dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. Join we're waiting for you
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Sports | Community | Fitness
A Sports dedicated community that welcomes sports discussions. We are the sub-server of Effective Fitness, although this server is only about sports discussion, we welcome people who are keen on Fitness to join We talk about, Football, MMA, Basketball, Boxing and other popular sports
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Community | Sports
Premier league! This is a new group setup for the 2021-22 season where we will update you with scores for each game, transfer news and general news about the league. :soccer: We will also follow Premier league clubs in the champions league, Fa cup, carabao cup, Europa League We will also follow the world cups and euro's. Follow your favourite team and access team only chats to talk to fellow supporters. Follow us on this journey now! Join: Apply: Tiktok:
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Community | Sports
The Wrestling Discord is a community for all wrestling fans whether they are new to the business or have been watching for years!
Community | Streaming
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Sports | Investing
Sports betting advice from professional handicappers, public sports chats for anything sports-related, and much much more! Join to start winning and have a good time talking sports.
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Sports | Emoji
Here you can talk about soccer/football with our community, we host events and do constant giveaways! be sure to invite any of your friends!
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Sports | Community
Biggest Buffalo Bills discord and home to the Buffalo Fanatics! -Great community for all. Everyone is welcome! -Talk about anything,hangout,chill,have a good time! -Custom levels with perks!
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Sports | Entertainment
Chat about anything NFL! - Highlights - Memes - Draft Discussion & More!
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Business | Community
betting, sports, esports, money, making, fun, gaming, community, description, information, cash
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Sports | Social
This server is full of people who are not only passionate for the sport of football but for other sports and other things! We have Conference chats, Bowl game chats, and fun bots to play with! Coming soon: Top 25 Pickems
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Sports | Social
A fun place to be during baseball season!
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Community | Political
Very tight and passionate community
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Social | Gaming
Welcome to the DILLIGAF Caffe'. This is basically just a chat room for people to hang out, make friends and enjoy themselves. We've only just opened so we don't have any/many members yet. Feel free to invite your friends and make any suggestions that you think would make the server more fun. The server will likely adapt and change a little as it grows.
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Gaming | Sports
Trusted community of gamers who want to wager a little bit and play some competitive games
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Gaming | Community
A Discord server for players and fans of the Blockey Hockey League (BHL).
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Sports | Community
Grupo de Apostas Desportivas
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Social | Sports
sports music video games social politics
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Gaming | Social
Multipurpose discord to meant to be a one-stop shop for all of your gaming needs. Channels are self-assigned so you only see the games you care about. Come make friends and easily fill up your games!
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Sports | Community
🗣 Motorsport-talk 📝 Predictions and session debrief chat opinion discussions 🏁 News and talks about the upcoming/live sessions 📅 Schedule & results about upcoming sessions & events and stats of F1 Also share memes, wallpapers and talk about gaming, movies, music and other random stuff
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Meme | Mature
Have you been looking for somewhere to hang out and chill with a community? Well look no further, this is the place for you. This community is for anyone that want’s to fit in, maybe play video games, or even bet on nba games with a virtual currency.
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Sports | Community
One of the newest Los Angeles Lakers community looking to grow and become one of the biggest Los Angeles Lakers community. Feel free to join, we might do giveaways once every few months. Access to Lakers stream threads. Chat for like Los Angeles Lakers game Icon
Sports | Investing
The Official Discord Server of, your favorite site for Sports Betting Tips, Tools, & Trends. Join for FREE!
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Sports | Gaming
A bunch of people talking about Hockey and Fantasy Hockey. Also sever Fantasy Hockey leagues are run with members of this discord.
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Sports | Social
Welcome to the College Sports Network! CSN is a college sports server focusing on College Football and College Basketball. We have discussion channels for college basketball and football, off-topic channels, conference channels to brag about your conference, and voice channels!
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Sports | Community
We're a server for Arsenal fans from around the world.
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Sports | Community
🏀 The world's largest basketball Discord server! 🏀 📣 Over 50 thousand fans from the US, Canada, the UK and more countries across the globe! 📡 Join live game channels with realtime score updates and more. 🔊 Voice channels for every occasion. Sports, gaming, whatever! 🔔 Opt-in to game notifications sent right to your DMs. 🆔 Team roles for all. Show off who you rep and gain access to channels just for fans of your team! 💵 Place virtual bets (with points) and compete with other server members to prove you're the best at predicting results. 📺 Quick access to Reddit stream threads 😂 Memes and fun for all! 🤖 This server supports SportsBot and is part of the Sports Network Alliance.
Untamed Madness Icon
Community | Sports
Innovative, Unstoppable, Excellence! - Bunch of self assignable roles, bots, channels - Non-toxic and toxic channels - Sports, technology, music, role-play, NSFW content, content creators, and much more - Feedback, emotes, roles, channels, events, etc -No idea is too dumb, or too great!-
Chill Vibes Community Icon
Gaming | Social
Chill Vibes Only Come relax chat about anything everyone Is welcome currently runned by one person which is me help would be much appreciated!! Anyhow come join and become a member!!
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Community | Sports
Info, News, Realtime feeds, Premium content and ofcourse fun chats!
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Community | Fitness
A self-improvement-sever only for those willing to become better and change.
Social | Hobbies
This server is for everyone who's interested in making new friends and spending their time chilling. You can suggest some more topics for the room you want to. Loving is caring and that's what we do♥️
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Community | Gaming
A Weaver Gaming ganhou a sua independência devido ao seu grande crescimento e organização, tornado-se um marca de produção de eventos gaming a nível regional. Como projeto futuro a Weaver Gaming pretende desenvolver uma plataforma online para jogos eletrónicos(esports).
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eSports | Gaming
We are growing eSports team from finland. Feel free to join!
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Community | Music
A general server for metal-heads, Rockers and music lovers alike, discuss anything and everything in our friendly chat rooms!
Game Night Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
We are a server full of fun people, gamers, artists and anymore of the sorts. We have a good involved staff who likes to keep everything real and safe for all people. Just message any of the people to make some friends. I would love to see everyone having a great time together and just chilling. From league of legends to DnD. I wish you all a great day and year of 2020.
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Sports | eSports
Sports from any country, any region and any popularity
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Sports | Social
You love sports? Then this is the perfect place for you. Here in Sports City we have a very fun and competitive atmosphere. We have room for all sports and we are always thinking of other fun ideas we are sure you would love. Sports City is dedicated to to giving everyone the best possible experience. Our server perks consist of... 📂 Channels for all the main sports 📊 Polls (We love to know what you think) 🤖 Fun NBA bot and currency bot 🖱️Team selectors 🥳 Fun games that include prizes 👥 Partnerships 🥱 Chill Moderation 🎉 Giveaways 🤑 A currency system with daily income and a shop 🎲 A betting system so you can bet on different games 📥 Suggestions (Anything you suggest helps us out) 😎 An awesome community of fun people who love to discuss sports 👀 New awesome and thrilling features being added to the server soon... Everyone is welcome!
The Fitness Foundation Icon
Fitness | Education
This is a "no bullshit" fitness and general health forum for people who'd like to start living healthy lifestyles and get fit. We don't have tons of unnecessary chat channels, rules, or bots. Everything is meant to be simple and streamlined. If you'd like to learn more about and discuss nutrition, cardio, lifting, and various sports, consider joining the server!
News Central Icon
Education | Social
News Central is the place to stay updated on the latest news around the world, in Discord. Topics include Coronavirus, World News, Technology, Local News, Sports, Politics and more.
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Gaming | Sports
An diro bzf dyal les compétitions bles récompenses min ykon bnadem bzf.
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Sports | Community
Hello! Welcome to Movement Paradise! A place for parkour, freerunning and tricking!
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Sports | Role-Playing
What's CSCG? CSCG or College Sim Career Game is a new server created to simulated different college teams from different years this decade. Like 2011 Georgia or 2015 Alabama, you have many different options to choose from. It's very simple to play, just create a coach, choose a college, choose the year, and you're done! Set back and watch your team go in a 12 week season against other teams. There's also events that happen during the simulation, like Player Injuries, Coach firing, Natural Disasters, and more!. Join CSCG today!
Fruity Teen Zone Icon
Community | Social
This is a server for ONLY 17 and under. There are weekly community games, anime, art, gaming, pokecord and etc.
🏹 🐂TheHunter: COTW Worldwide🐇🏹 Icon
Gaming | Sports
A server for fans/players of the Hunter: call of the wild. For PC, xbox and ps4 players. Come and exchange tips and tactics, share pictures of your best trophy animals. Have fun hunting with your friends and show your lodges.
Alex's Appleooza Icon
Community | Meme
An evolving server based on current events. Good friends, chill atmosphere, active chats, and self-assignable roles. Come through...
SemmT - NBA/2K Icon
Sports | Community
Tournaments with PRIZES NBA 2K and basketball community. Need to Find a squad? Come chill and play some 2K discord server ❤ Icon
Sports | Gaming
This is a Manchester United themed discord server! We talk about players and everything United themed! Also I have a fanpage with 12k+ followers on instagram so we can discuss ideas for that! It would be great if you could join! ❤️🔴❤️
HangTime Sports Icon
Sports | Music
Sports-based server for fans of any sport. Server also hosts discussions of various other topics such as music, politics, TV/movies, and everything else.
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Community | YouTuber
This server is for solluminati.
Aurora Icon
Anime | Social
**WELCOME TO AURORA** ☆ This is laid back server where you come to chill and and meet new people with a variety of different interest, from topics like anime, music, sports, or gaming!☆ What we can offer, ⭐ Friendly owners and staff ⭐ Minecraft leveling theme ⭐ Many different channels! Such as, anime, music, gaming, memes, photos, and more! ⭐ Interactive bots such as, Mudae, Pokecord, Dank memer, mafia, and userphone! ⭐ Lots of cool emotes and likely more to come ⭐ Opportunities for partnerships **Feel free to join and say hi! Hope to see you there!**
Ultimate Fighting League Icon
eSports | Sports
Ultimate Fighting League is a brand new simulation league devoted to building the ultimate fighter! When you join. You get to customize your fighter, add ratings and perks, and become part of an elite UFC 3 simulation league. You choose the direction you want to take your character - whether it be Striking, Ground N Pound, Kickboxing - You get to decide. Take your character to the next level while you watch simulation fights of your character fight and earn upgrades and become the next Ultimate Fighter.
NBA Central Icon
Sports | Community
The number one discord server for everything NBA related! 📰Daily news and weekly schedules! 💬Talk with people about real time scores and discuss who will win! 🎮Channels for every occasion. sports, gaming, whatever! 🔔Opt-in to game notifications sent right to your DMs. 🏀Team and player roles for all. Show off who you rep and gain access to channels just for fans of your team! 📺Quick access to live NBA streams. 😅Memes and fun for all!
Soviet Bruhssia ☭ Icon
Community | Meme | Anime
A server with memes, cool people, bots, boosts and more!
aTsLegends Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
🔥aTsLegendsTV 🔥 Our whole goal is to have a community of people from all around the world. We believe in equal right for men and women. Gaming is apart of everyday life and so is being social. The idea that people in 2020 can still feel unwanted and not appreciated just isn't acceptable. Everyone who is apart of aTs is truly a Legend. We are here as one! When you don't have someone to turn to we are here. If today is a day you want to put it in the past, well you can do that but maybe there is something or someone in the community that can take your mind off of it. Once you join the aTsLegends you are apart of the family. Look no further link up with us and be apart of what life is really like. Enjoy some of the events that we do and watch some of the awesome streamers we have here. 🎬Movie nights🎬 🎼Music Concerts🎼 🎤Political debates🎤 🎮Community game nights🎮 🔨🔧Home Improvements🔧🔨 🤼‍♂️Wrestling streams and chatting🤼 ⚽🏀🏈⚾Sports streams and discussions⚾🏈🏀⚽
Baseball Talk Icon
Sports | eSports
We keep track of MLB and KBO atm and looking for more to keep up with.
Cheetah Streams Icon
Cheetah Streams is a top of the line stream provider with all the content you know you want, and more that you didn't know you want! Over 1000 actual reliable live channels and a ton of video-on-demand content available. Compatible with most smart devices, easy installation, and FREE trials! To join our active community and get additional information please click 'join server' and you'll be easily redirected.
Captain Tsubasa: RonC Server Icon
Gaming | Sports
⚽ Captain Tsubasa: Rise of new Champions Discord! ⚽ A chill yet small community for all ages to make new friends as well as team up to play the game together!
Vertex Sports Icon
Sports | Financial
Discord based Sports betting community
Premier League Community Server Icon
Sports | Community
The Premier League Community Server, is a sever for Premier League Football Fans, to be able to have a community on Discord and enjoy Football together! The Sever has Match Predictions, Transfer News and Rumours and more! Enjoy Football Together and join the Premier League Community Server!
Investing | Financial
**Welcome to OSX Academy!** We here at OSX Academy are very happy to have you here with us! We are a brand new server looking for new memebers! Mod Applications can be turned into @Bucks DMs. What we provide to you is a friendly stock trading, option trading, and sports betting discord! Amongst our discord you will find helpful knowledge of stock and option trading information, our FREE trade floor chatroom, and our sports chat room! We have premium subscriptions available for purchase (Stocks/Options)(Sports) that entails bucks day trade alerts, bucks swing alerts, access to our education tab where you can find plentiful amount of information regarding technical analysis, fundamental analysis, chart patterns, etc! Also, you will have access to options activity which involves blocks, sweeps, unusual activity, and our bot alerts! With our sports premium subscription, you will gain access to our premium sports chat where we discuss more plays such as live bets for footbal
Gaming | Entertainment
Friendly slime community for the discussion and play of online multiplayer https://SLIME.LOL Suitable for all ages. Hang out and make friends with other slimers. Interact with the developers. Invite friends to level up ranks and unlock in-game exclusives! Help us shape the game with your input and cultivate excellence.
Gazzillionaires Club Icon
Sports | Streaming
Welcome to the Gazzilionaires Club! Grab a cigar and your favorite loafers and come bathe in riches with he most prestigious discord in all the land. Come to Gamble, Talk Fantasy Football, and even make sweet, sweet music together. We can't wait to meet you!
UABF Baseball Icon
Sports | Hobbies
This is a brand new server for Baseball and sports fans alike we have multiple channels for gaming, MLB conversations and selling or showing off you trading cards!
Nascar Talk America Icon
Sports | Gaming
An awesome server for all racing fans to come together in one community to talk about the motorsports that they love most.
Booty Warriors Icon
Community | Anime
sports, music, anime, politics, school, problems, and playing games. nba, among us, boondocks, tv shows, community.
Everyone's Community Icon
Community | Support
A community where everyone can join and talk about anything they want as long as it isn't inappropriate. We have exciting things coming up.
XFL Talk Icon
Sports | Social
Welcome to XFL Talk - Your hub for all things XFL coming back in 2022! As the largest XFL Discord community, we host game chats, prediction competitions, share XFL resources and more! We belong to a network of various sports related servers with hundreds of thousands of active members. We have a friendly and active community and would love for you to join us!
NBA League Icon
Investing | Community
Hello! If you saw this you are probably interested in sports like basketball! (or you just saw this for the community). Anyway we can provide both! If you join us i can promise you you wont regret it! We have a great staff team and much more! We are looking forward to meeting you!
Tennis Fans Icon
Sports | Community
Chilled, interactive, up to date.
Formula 1 Fans Icon
Sports | Social
Social, updated, active, fun