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• Active Chat! • Attentive Staff! • Gaming! • Events! • Custom Bots! ☕ We're a small, charming, fast growing and highly caffeinated community who strive to be our best selves - and wholesome as HECC. Join us! ☕
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Runescape Staking Community 4-5% Commission Staking Provably Fair Blackjack + Dice 500M+ Xmas Giveaways
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Runescape Gambling Server
Business | Gaming
Runescape server that lets you gamble Runescape gp.
Meme | Community
Praise De Niro! Praise the God Actor Robert De Niro and talk with fellow worshipers! We got many Robert De Niro flavored emojis! We got tons of emojis and bots to play around with! We got a Casino and Gambling Bot!
Community | Meme
Don't be afraid to come and say hi! We don't bite - except Amy, if she's feeling peckish...
Gaming | Entertainment
We like to talk all games like pubg, call of duty etc...
Anime | Gaming
we’re looking for pms and ams; if interested just join!
eSports | Gaming
We are StarBets. The #1 place for RuneScape gambling, staking & giveaways. Play games such as Dicing, Blackjack, Flower Poker & more using our Provably Fair Discord bot! Join us today at StarBets! The #1 RS Gambling Community!
Sports | eSports
Sports betting discussion. From football to darts, degen to your heart's content.
Gaming | Community
Runescape Gambling and Giveaways!
Anime | Gaming
Das ist ein noch kleiner Server unter Freunden der aber groß werden kann neue Freundschaften können hier sicher geknüpft werden
Community | Mature
The Ice Cream Stall A new server dedicated to becoming a friendly mature space to relax and talk to new people.
eSports | Gaming
We are StarBets. The #1 place for RuneScape gambling, staking & giveaways. Play games such as Dicing, Blackjack, Flower Poker & more using our Provably Fair Discord bot! If you're a gamble, staker or even just a normal RuneScape player, we have something for you here at StarBets. If you're into gambling, you can play from our variety of Discord integrated games using our Provably Fair discord bot! If you're a staker, we have 5% commission staking through our professionally trained and trusted host's! If you're interested in becoming a host, you can read #star-ranks in the server! If you're just a normal RS player, or even any of the ones listed above, feel free to participate in our DAILY drop parties & giveaways up to 2B in value! We also do weekly events for prizes such as Cards Against humanity, Dice Duel Competitions & more! Join us today at StarBets! The #1 RS Gambling Community!
Crypto | Investing
FhoxCoins A new, up and coming gambling website, over $30,000 prize pool in counting at the time of writing this thread, The more we expand and grow our player base the more profit available up for grab (Currently $367.19 Max Profit) Have any questions? Join our discord. Features Every hour you can claim 2 free bits on your account page. We do this so that you may test and enjoy the game without any commitment. There are no strings attached, you may withdraw this money if you so please, but we ask you to refrain from abusing this feature Bonuses are awarded to the last people to cash out before the game busted, Getting the bonus is critical to skillful playing of, as it is the [b]only[/b] way to overcome house odds.
Community | Entertainment
Moon3D ( is the most exciting, provably fair social Ethereum crash game. In the near future, we will support new graphs and 100+ cryptocurrencies to amplify the fun.
Crypto | Community
Made2Crash is a new crash game made for RVN. We have been working on this for many months and are now closing to beta testing with some users! Join our discord and get 2 RVN for helping us test the game! Limited time available!
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The most bold e-family you ever gonna get Our SFW server will help you break all the chains that hold you down from conquering - Weekly Events (Karaoke, Quizzes, much more!) - Discord Nitro Giveaways - Paid Steam Game reward every 5 invites you make - Custom Roles owned by you as reward
Gaming | eSports
Ever want to Gamble that GP you've been sitting on in hopes of turning that 100m into bils? Here at SavageStakes you can do that any way you want <3 We have -Flower poker -Blackjack -Dragon Dyce -Roulette -44 or lower -50 x1.8 -54 x2 -75 x3 -Partyhat Poker -ou overunder -!hc hot or cold -sport bets -esport bets -active bettors club -Ranks are avaliable #paid-ranks Come and Join is at
Gaming | eSports
Come join the #1 Gambling server for Runescape! We have blackjack, high/low, dicing, dice duels, whip, commission staking, chests, sports betting, wager rewards, provably fair, a unique wallet system, as well as an amazing community.
Gaming | Entertainment
A gambling discord server. We have dice, poker & crash games! Cash in or out using our tokens system & old school runescape gold.
Crypto | Community
Bitcoin Community Discord
Sports | Community
Sportsbetting with Free Predicitons (over 95% accuracy)
Gaming | Role-Playing
OSGamble is a oldschool runescape gambling community. We offer a unique experience with our cross-platform betting No need to wait for a host, our games are run automatically with no human interference. All games we offer are run on our provably fair system, where you can verify all results of any game were actually generated fairly. Our current games: Fully featured Blackjack Dicing, 55x2 Simulated whip staking
Gaming | Entertainment
Small but friendly community A wide selection of bots and games • Gambling • • Pokecord • • DiscordRPG • • Hunger Games • • Occasional Events • • Reddit Feed • • YouTube Feed • • NSFW • • Music bots • • Modmail •
Bot | Community
Seri is a multipurpose bot aimed at users of all ages! Seri has over 100 commands and even features a full economy and marriage system! This is the support server for Seri and is here for you to not only be around others that really enjoy Seri but to help you with any questions or problems you may have with the bot!
Gaming | eSports
We are StarBets. The #1 place for RuneScape gambling, staking & giveaways. Play games such as Dicing, Blackjack, Flower Poker & more using our Provably Fair Discord bot! Join us today at StarBets! The #1 RS Gambling Community!
Gaming | Meme
Discord Casino is a collection of the best gambling bots available for easy access in one server.
Community | Gaming
A new server, looking for people who just want to come and hang out! Looking for people to play games with? This ces-pool of memes is for you!!!! Looking for a special someone? We surprisingly have that too. - We have music bots We have porn bots ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We have gambling - Please join or die.
Meme | Entertainment
Meme-sharing (and stealing) server.
Gaming | Community
The Sandbox is a community based discord and is meant to have fun. The only thing we need is people so please join and help grow the community. 💰 Economy based games 🎰 Gambling Channels ⛏️ Mining Channels 🔈 Voice Channels 🤖 Lots of bots ranging from Moderation - Fun 🎵 Music Bots/channels 🚧 Staff Positions available (dm bigloafs#2126) — Gaming Channels — ⛏️ Minecraft 🧰 Fortnite 🔫 GTA V Any suggestions are welcome in the suggestions channel in our discord. Anyway feel free to join if you would like too!
eSports | Investing
Research betting, bet on those games, watch together on twitch, laugh and make profit together.
Crypto | Gaming
Unipot is an experimental lottery built on the Ethereum blockchain.
Anime | Gaming
New and active community for anime fans to chat and play anime games. Events, memes, gaming, art, music, gambling, bots. We always look for new active members!
Community | Social
A buncha idiots and a 2015 Toyota Prius is a chill server to hangout in.We got Games, Music, A goose that we don't know where he came from and a dad joke bot. If you join and enjoy the server PLEASE do |bump to, as you can guess boost the server. Invite friends, Invite family or whoever you want
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