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Bergabunglah dengan teman-teman Anda dalam pertarungan MOBA 5v5 baru melawan lawan manusia nyata, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Pilih pahlawan favorit Anda dan bangun tim yang sempurna dengan rekan-rekan seperjuangan Anda! Perjodohan 10 detik, pertempuran 10 menit. Laning, jungling, tower rushing, pert
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AlPlayz' Discord Server
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Nombre del grupo/clan: SpanishLegends Lema: Fuerza y Valor Discord/Teamspeak: Descripción corta: SpanishLegends es una guild de habla hispana con el objetivo de crear una comunidad fuerte que logre sus objetivos como una unidad con grupos de iguales y con su democracia representativa como modelo y coordinación de los equipos, estamos introduciendo una estrategia innovadora y un juego maduro en equipo en la comunidad hispana.
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Dofus Illyzaelle discord
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Looking for Games Content Share Discussions Ranked Group Up Training
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Somos una comunidad de minecraft basada en un servidor de este maravilloso videojuego, llamado BattlePvPMine cuya ip es la siguiente: | Eres totalmente bienvenido tanto a la comunidad de Discord como al servidor, si te apetece pasar un buen rato y descubrir una modalidad de juego única y exclusiva, no dudes en entrar! :)
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We are a Pubg Official clan. and we want to open our doors, and our hearts to see who has potential for pro gaming. We play with a specific purpose, join us and we hope to see you soon.
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A Bulgarian discord community based around Apex Legends! Join the biggest Bulgarian apex legends community over discord !
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A multi-game server including steam, roblox, and minecraft servers/games. Currently we are doing Ninja Legends Omega Giveaways!
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Looking for a global, friendly community to make new friends and grow as a player? Look no further than because League Central is the place for you! What LC offers: - Clean Interface - An active community welcoming to all! - DAILY Skin/Champion Giveaways - Invite Rewards - Community events (Art contests, casual events, etc) - Community where you can connect with other League of Legends enthusiasts just like yourself around the world! - Enforced Rules We can't wait to have you aboard!
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A hangout for people who love Dokkan, Legengs, anime/manga, memes and who also love playing games. Everyone is welcome.
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Just a small community playing apex legends and looking for new members
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Currently Recruiting for eSports players and management in Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Smite, and Others. Join our discord for more details!
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League of Legends server for people who are looking to be in a community based server, with rewarding events and a place where you can find other people to play with ease .
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Pro Asphalt 9 team. Like and Subscribe our YouTube channel
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Welcome Legends! The Apex Lounge is an up and coming new discord community that houses all Legends of various kinds. We created it about a month ago with more than 300 members now! This server is for the community to: - Make new friends - Gain teammates to play within ranked to pubs - Get together and have a good time - Talk anything and everything about Apex Legends - Participate in giveaways for Apex coins - Ranked Roles - Loads of channels including, end-game showoff, LFG and self-promo - Connect with PC, Xbox, and PS Legends If you’re as skilled as an Apex Predator or more like a baked potato you should have no fear as this community aims towards being friendly and helpful to all Legends. We hope to see you there!
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Hi summoner, Do you want to meet other LOL players? Learn some tips? Create a team, which will win clash? If you answered once YES, you can join our great community. Bonus: giveaways, cool emojis, pro-players, contests We are looking forward to meet you soon. P.S. Dont bring Teemos mushrooms
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Omega Legends is a Fornite-style battle royale developed by the studio behind Lords Mobile and Castle Clash, among other games. This time, you get to participate in exciting mass battles in which, as always, only one of you can emerge victoriously.
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It's been almost two long years since the Battle of Endor. The death of the very heart of the Empire, Palpatine and Vader, brought peace and hope to the Galaxy. The day's celebrations were boisterous, but the Rebel authorities knew it was only the beginning of a long, arduous struggle to restore the Republic and end the cruel rule of the Galactic Empire.
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Clube Apex Legends é um servidor inspirado na rede social ClubHouse, voltado ao Battle Royale e onde você poderá: 1. 👋 Criar Salas; 2. ⚙ Editar sua sala; 3. 📖 Escolher um tópico e altere a sala conforme desejar; 4. ⭕ Limite a quantidade de participantes (opcional); 5. 🔰 Participe de outros clubes.
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Brand New Server and Growing •Active • Friendly• • Non-toxic community • 24/7 •Auto Leveling Become a server GOD! • Self assignable roles• • Tons of Bots •Dragon Ball Legends/Idle/Dokkan players• Strong Community with tons of experience.
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Server dedicat pentru comunitatea română de LOL. Daca doresti sa cauti premades, aceasta este cea mai activa sectiune a noastra.
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A friendly gaming server with a focus on League of Legends, StarCraft II, Space Engineers, and Osu! Come hangout and have fun~ Active staff, with members mostly on after 5pm CST. We are home to the `AoH | 24/7 | 4.2ghz | Chicago` Space Engineers server.
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Apex Legends Mobile Fast paced innovative combat with shorter matches and more exhilarating action! Squad up with two other players and combine your skill sets to create the ultimate team. Battle against 19 other squads in 60-person battle royale games.
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A league of legends discord community server with so much potential. we support global players, on all league of legends servers.