A variety server that entertains communities such as Overwatch,Yu-Gi-Oh!,Dokkan, and many other games
Dokkan battle community
For trading selling playing and just enjoying dokkan battle
A hangout for people who love Dokkan, Legengs, anime/manga, memes and who also love playing games. Everyone is welcome.
Dokkan Legends is about the game Dokkan battle, it offers news for global and jp, help for beginners, and more!
Heyo! We are new Gacha game Community highly focused on: SDSGC, Dokkan, BBS, Fighterz, and Dragon ball Legends! We hope to grow the server eventually and have a bigger fanbase!
**Welcome to Death Dokkan Discord** *Death Dokkan Discord is a hangout server (18+ conversations) revolved around anime, and more specifically the Dragon Ball Z game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, a mobile gacha game. Here we hangout and talk about many things, including video games, music (mostly rap), anime, and many other random things. And if you're one of those people who like arguments, come in and we can argue till your brain decomposes 🤣 The games discussed in this server include - Dragon Ball Z (just in general, theres too many to list them all) - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links - Monster Hunter World The anime discussed in this server include - Dragon Ball - Naruto - Bleach - One Piece - 7 Deadly Sins - Death Note - My Hero Academia - And a bunch of more shows! We're like a mentally fucked family here, so please feel welcome to come be apart of it =)
This Server is For Dragon ball z Fans or for the fans of the hit mobile game Dragon ball z: dokkan battle!
Un serveur Dokkan Battle