This is an unofficial adult discord for yugioh players, with a focus on YGOPro Percy. We formed to get away from what we saw as over the top censorship. ---------------- We talk yugioh (duel links, YGOPro, anything else yugioh related). We also talk about other things like news, politics, sports, all other forms of gaming, etc. We're looking to develop high quality/fun friendships and develop an interesting community.
Does the roll of a d20 evoke feelings of dread mixed with excitement? Do you prefer to lay down the cards and summon things to do your bidding? Would you like to make friends with like minded individuals? Come to the Dragon's Cauldron Bar & Grill to make friends and talk about nerdy table top games and more. +17 to join. LGBT friendly
Servidor focado no anime e card game "Yu-Gi-Oh!", com torneios, duelos, notícias, curiosidades e muito mais!
The place where content creators, yugitubers, youtubers, and artists are free to express themselves in many ways responsibly and with out constraints.
Umbran Duelist is a Yu-Gi-Oh clan server for players old and new. We are slowing growing and always willing to expand our numbers. We got a variety to appeal to many duelists. Some people could find themselves in a constructive conversation, giving and taking advice on deck building and the card game. Put your deck and skills to the test and duel against fellow members or try new decks or variations of your own that other members have provided. We have Pokecord enabled if you desire to be a Pokemon Master. Ranked tournaments for higher levelled members and climb the ladder to get a shot of being our very own council member and or money prizes. We even have a channel for Duel Links players to enjoy and chat. It may be a new server but the we wish to make this the best Yu-Gi-Oh server on Discord.
For people that want to discuss more than just on the forums. Also Bunilla.
A discord server for Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.
Hello there! And welcome to The official r/CustomYugioh Discord! This server is going to be ran by Me, your's truly, Shronkydonk, the moderator that actually does work, and Joltzy, who made the server! We will also accept helper and moderation applications for the discord server We are making this discord to help organize the custom Yugioh sub, seeing that Were near 1k Members! We have!: -A friendly little community to maybe get rid of all of the demons that scream at your ear at night for a short amount of time! -A neat little format to help with using your cards at a more fair level, or to tell you how unbalanced and miss-worded your cards are and make you spend the next 2 and a half hours crying in the corner of your room because you realized that you might not be as great a card designer as you thought you were! -Did i say we have... C-custom cards...? -A duel League to test out your creations with others in Dueling Book. Thank you for your support!
Basically a competitive Yugioh server..
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Server for Competitive, Rogue, Fans, Spectators and Collectors!
This server is for remembering our favorite childhood franchise. From playing older formats like GOATS, to talking modern day decks, we are a huge fan of Yu-GI-OH! We host duels, tournaments, talk about deck profiles, and just generally have a good time. come and find some new friends!
Cyber Soul Academy is a yugioh based forum that is fun place for anyone interested in both competitive and casual dueling. We regular host events for both types of players. Casual members can enjoy our various tag team tournaments, Role Plays, and dueling challenges. While competitive players can take part in our Clan Wars and Competitive Tournaments we host regularly. Its also just a fun place for people to chat and to have fun with other yugioh players.
Chill and friendly server to talk and shitpost in, all are welcome
Our server is inspired by Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro etc. We have a prank call chat to submit scammer numbers in. Emulation news for pc enthusiasts as well as a tech chat We only got 3 rules bois.
a place for nerds to get together with other nerds and play games
Serveur discord sur le célèbre jeu de cartes "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Regroupant les communautés des jeux vidéos (Lot Duel, YGOPRO, ou plus récemment LotD: Link Evolution) Nous avons la chance d'avoir une communauté aimable et à l'écoute, rejoignez-nous!
What is your passion? Whether it be anime (and waifus), rhythm games, music, or staring at the sky on a Sunday, our Fishbowl welcomes all fish in the sea! Join our little family today!
Um servidor inútil onde pessoas inúteis falam sobre coisas inúteis. Português-Brasil
Gaming, Advertising, & Security Protection community!
Hey There! What are you waiting for, join the Introverted Extroverts Clan, where we hope to make everyone's gaming experience the best! Some of the current games we have are Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Yugioh Duel Links, Pokémon, we always hope to continue adding more in the future.
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