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The history of Yu-Gi-Oh traverses the sand of time to replay the meta game from it's origin up to the modern format, aka The History of Yu-Gi-Oh! series by Cimo. Unlike the series however, formats will remain as we progress, so you can continue playing your favorite formats while skipping the ones you don't like, giving you the freedom to play whatever format you enjoy the most!! If you want to replay your favorite yugioh decks of former times, want to play previous formats you've missed out on or want to learn how to play this game then feel free to join us. It's time to duel!
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Ein deutscher Yugiohserver um die neusten Information zu bekommen noch LANGE bevor die diese publik werden! Hier kannst du bei verschiedenen Händlern enorm günstig vorbestellen, Karten selber verkaufen und dich unterhalten. Andere TCGs, bspw. Pokémon, sind auch willkommen! :) Folge unserem Server und sei bei Yugiohinvestments immer auf dem neusten Stand!
Gaming | Community
The place where content creators, yugitubers, youtubers, and artists are free to express themselves in many ways responsibly and with out constraints.
Anime | Social
We are Dark City, a small server of anime fans and yugioh players, made to have fun. We host events for the community and dont spam you with pings. We are mainly active on weekends, along with some parts of the night.
Role-Playing | Gaming
Yu-Gi-Oh: Eternity's End is a Yu-Gi-Oh! roleplaying server focused on a dynamic and plot-driven player experience. Create your own character, enter the Nova Academy, and either participate in serverwide story arcs or just relax and enjoy noncommital slice-of-life roleplaying with other players.
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Salut à tous chère Duelliste , le discord [FR] Yu-Gi-Oh Dimension est le discord successeur à l'ancien discord YuGiOh Français qui était sur DevPro a l'époque. Nous avons décider d'en réouvrir un nouveaux suite a le fermeture de celui. Ici nous somme principalement orienter sur la plateforme de Duel Edopro anciennement Percy. Nous somme aussi principalement sur YuGiOh Duel Links. Vous pourrez retrouver nos duelliste de EdoPro , Duel Links , sur notre discord pour tchater , faire des duels , partager vos replay , vos deck et même en concevoir ensemble. Nous avons aussi un atelier Custom Card qu'un de nos membre à ouvert ou vous pourrez vos cartes avec vos propres effet , artwork , modifier l'apparence et son de votre jeux sur EdoPro. Au plaisir de vous sur [FR] Yu-Gi-Oh Dimension
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We would LOVE for you to come join us at Eon Academy!!! We are a simple, Yu-Gi-Oh! Academy Roleplay Server We Have a Custom Banlist A Friendly Staff team Card Purchasing Monthly Events Come join and help build up this NEW server!
Gaming | Anime
Server for Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. Join our family. Duel with players around the world. Share deck recipes, chat with people or seek new challenges. Here you can find everything about the Trading Cart Game.
Anime | Role-Playing
The server also Includes: •Giveaways •Unique Shop Items •Safe RP environment •Unique story •Tournaments •Custom Ban List •The use of custom cards •Non-NSFW server
Anime | Art
Our main server is Yu-Gi-Oh United! We have channels dedicated to art, a different category for each series, and any ship by request! We also feature help for TCG, host tournaments, host art projects, and offer help for writing and art!
Gaming | Meme
For people that want to discuss more than just on the forums. Also Bunilla.
Gaming | Anime
A discord server for Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.
Community | Gaming
Basically a competitive Yugioh server..
Gaming | Anime
Yugioh Duel links group Enter and Let's duel
Gaming | Community
For all those who love to create and play Yu Gi Oh, this is the place for you
Entertainment | Gaming
I have been working on this server since late last year, but it's hard to find people who are willing give this server a chance This server is dedicated to you having as much fun as possible! We have chat rooms like the Default Chat, Gaming, Anime, Superheroes, Star Wars, Cartoons, Movies & More! We have tons of games, like Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Uno, Idle RPG & More! Pokémon Tournaments and Hunger Games Tournaments will start once we get 50 members We have got tons of variety when it comes to memes You can also advertise your Youtube, Instagram, Discord Server & anything else you want advertised! And we also take your suggestions, to make this place as fun as possible for you So please give us a chance!
Anime | Gaming
**Welcome to Death Dokkan Discord** *Death Dokkan Discord is a hangout server (18+ conversations) revolved around anime, and more specifically the Dragon Ball Z game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, a mobile gacha game. Here we hangout and talk about many things, including video games, music (mostly rap), anime, and many other random things. And if you're one of those people who like arguments, come in and we can argue till your brain decomposes 🤣 The games discussed in this server include - Dragon Ball Z (just in general, theres too many to list them all) - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links - Monster Hunter World The anime discussed in this server include - Dragon Ball - Naruto - Bleach - One Piece - 7 Deadly Sins - Death Note - My Hero Academia - And a bunch of more shows! We're like a mentally fucked family here, so please feel welcome to come be apart of it =)
Gaming | Bot
have fun
Gaming | Anime
A gaming community with professional support for players!
Tabletop | Role-Playing
Play as yugioh characters and OCs in a fun RP and Duel setting made to be friendly to all
Gaming | Social
In short, let's reach kog and flex that red in global chat
Anime | Gaming
Anime/Manga/Gaming. Dead by Daylight, Osu, and more! Join for anime discussions and just chill gaming. This server contains edgy content!
Role-Playing | Gaming
Does the roll of a d20 evoke feelings of dread mixed with excitement? Do you prefer to lay down the cards and summon things to do your bidding? Would you like to make friends with like minded individuals? Come to the Dragon's Cauldron Bar & Grill to make friends and talk about nerdy table top games and more. +17 to join. LGBT friendly
Gaming | Streaming
The Discord chat for the Twitch channel CardsOfTheHeart.
Anime | Gaming
A Yu-Gi-Oh server community to talk and discuss the cards and show. We also play video games! Ran by Scapegoat YGO.
Community | Tabletop
This is YGOCC, it's a community of scripters, artists, and other custom card enthusiasts, that Duel using an automated sim called Koishipro. We have a process for balancing, scripting, and adding cards to Koishipro through our forum, and we're all about creating/programming custom cards and archetypes, and dueling each other with them.
Anime | Gaming
Servidor focado no anime e card game Yu-Gi-Oh!, com torneios, duelos, notícias, curiosidades e muito mais!
Gaming | Social
We are an --> UNOFFICIAL <--- fan adult server for EDOPro/Project Ignis. Duel Links and plenty of non-yugi topics are discussed freely too!
Community | Social
Um servidor Inútil onde pessoas inúteis falam sobre coisas inúteis. Somos pessoas idosas e cansadas, você jovem dinâmico é aceito mas entenda que esse não é seu habitat. Não temos regras, seja decente. PS1: Não aceitamos parceria. PS2: Não entretemos ninguém e não queremos 4 mil membros. PS3: Nos reservamos o direito de chutar pessoas inativas, se vai entrar pra ser ghost nem entra. PS4: A gente ta de folga nas segundas feiras, reclamações com o Milton. PS5: Tá custando 5k slc.
YouTuber | Gaming
A community server based around the Nanashi Kokoro youtube channel, the yugioh card game, the furry side of life, and everything else we like talking about.