New upcoming Yugioh DL/Anime Server. Friendly community that likes to help fellow ygo friends. Benefits include: (18 rolls an hour + 1 claim every hour at :03) Server premium II Mudae bot -General Yugioh discussion channel along with a Duel Links channel. Members also use DuelBook and YGO Pro. -Channels for all anime lovers from serious to casual. Seasonal anime channel, General Anime channel. -- Not lots of pings of @ everyone -Channels related to Gundam related discussions and Gunpla. Also Channel for Macross. -Funny Video/Face Reveal channel + Misc bot channels -Maplestory2 related channels -Upcoming future Yugioh Tournaments sponsored by the owner for cash prizes when we get more members interested -Paranormal ghost channels
For people that want to discuss more than just on the forums. Also Bunilla.