Tabletop | Anime
Small chill server about Yu-Gi-Oh! If you want to learn, we are a beginner friendly server so join and we can help you learn! Feel free to join, talk and play Yu-Gi-Oh! We play in YGOpro,EDOpro and dueling nexus.
Anime | Tabletop
We at the noble knights of the round table play tabletop games and anime also drawing and don't post anything that has inappropriate things..PLZ
Gaming | Design
Official D:saster Studios discord, we make, play, and discuss tabletop games!
Gaming | Social
Ettin Con is a tabletop & video game convention in the Blue Mountains of Australia. For more information, visit
Gaming | Meme
For people that want to discuss more than just on the forums. Also Bunilla.
Gaming | Community
MTG Ryerson RU Modern Standard Cube Pauper Draft Sealed Playgroup
Gaming | Community
Unofficial Hearthstone Server | A place for Hearthstone players of all ranks and skill to come together, talk strategy, theory-craft and have a mess about with!
Business | Tabletop
Do you like D&D and other TTRPG's? Want to get in on the development of a new TTRPG and other Video/Card/Board games? TMG is the place for curious players to gather as well as other things. Come see whats going on.
Streaming | Gaming
A networking channel mainly for gaming, content creation, and overall streaming activity and collaboration. Majority of users are affiliated with many different groups, and this server is designed to be another spot for those wishing to share with each other. Here is a place where we can freely enjoy gaming for the sake of gaming, in all forms. Video games, board, cards, you name it. Check us out also at our new Steam Group here: All aboard this Krayzee train, choooo chooo! Owned and managed by Madd Jakk, a Twitch hobbyist.
Gaming | Tabletop
Welcome to the - Pokemon TCG online - server. This server was made for PTCGO players, it will mainly focus on: battles, tournaments and trading. My name is Mr.Osbourne#5524 if you want i will invide you :D
Social | Community
Fun server with a talkative community, card games, kitpvp, Russian roulette, music, discussions, and yeah.
Gaming | Streaming
Valeria is a place where MTG Arena players can gather to discuss the game, deck building techniques and strategies, and the game meta. A low key environment for anyone who wants to learn or improve their MTG Play. We recommend content to help you become better and also provide you a place to connect with like-minded players looking for competition and game practice.
Gaming | Streaming
The Discord chat for the Twitch channel CardsOfTheHeart.