Server for discussing Aikatsu! Topics include artwork, episode discussion, and news. Rating of content in server is generally kept PG with sparse PG13. Art and Banner commissioned by @Samuraitastic:
Ethereum based crypto powered animal card trading game.
If you're a magician, or even if you're just looking to start learning, Deceptive Design would love to have you on board!
Small but friendly community A wide selection of bots and games • Gambling • • Pokecord • • DiscordRPG • • Hunger Games • • Occasional Events • • Reddit Feed • • YouTube Feed • • NSFW • • Music bots • • Modmail •
Server for the Domain TCG.
Join a Pokemon Community based out of Instagram. Play Pokecord, Buy, Sell, Trade cards with trustworthy individuals.
Fun, interactive group who are looking for friends. There is no true leader, we are server-wide dependent. We wish to have no leader and no who has higher power. Let's all have a good time as one. We set up events on games such as Minecraft, CSGO, Halo, Rust, Roblox, etc. If you interact and join the events we create we will give you a role you wish to play.
Exchange those unwanted gift cards, or exchange services in USD or Crypto! A market for anything you could ever want! Verified buyers providing only the best of the best, join and become verified. Or, if you are a seller, come and buy or exchange your cards for crypto and USD, or vice versa.
In our discord server we provide multiple different services, this includes: 50% off Gift Cards (fast delivery) CC info or Full CC (fast delivery) Most physical items from specific websites at 40% of original price(We ship directly to you) We also sell cracked accounts such as: Netflix, McDonalds, NordsVPN and more. Please contact our 2 Owners if you have any questions.
We are a 13+ community of randos on the internet, of course! Our main focus is to create a community of a solid social server-- real-life conversations, games, roasting, etc... We're small right now, but we have plenty to check out!