Community | Bot
Like collecting badges in discord? Then this is the server for you! Find out how you can get as many badges as you can and collect them!
Military | Hobbies
This server is about collecting gas masks and militaria. We are a warm and welcoming community.
Community | Gaming
Star Wars Collecting is a Discord community where all Star Wars related collectibles can be discussed, traded, or sold. Everything from the toys, to comics, to books and games and everything in between is fair game.
Community | Gaming
Collect Funko POP! and share with each other! You can also talk about gaming, memes, and anime!
Hobbies | Entertainment
A server fully dedicated to anything Funko, as well as Pop Culture as a whole. Talk about Pops, announcements, collecting as a whole, movies, television, the whole works. **Please note that there will be a verification system in place upon joining. If you join from here, please mention that.
Entertainment | Hobbies
Get some boxes and open em' up. Whats that inside? Its a sphere to call your own.
Social | Community
Server based on collecting and discussion of swiss brand multi-tools and its sub-companies, come and talk to our friendly community.
Hobbies | Gaming
Community for the mobile game Star Wars Card Trader! Join and you can discuss the game with other players.
Anime | Gaming
a sever that is focused on gaming/anime things and things in the middle.
Hobbies | Sports
Join our Discord group for sports card collectors, Bob's Card Market. Discord offers many features that other services don't, that are beneficial for us collectors. We can keep things organized, talk live, stream live and much much more. We have monthly giveaways where entries are determined by your activity in the group. We do Bid Battles, which are live auctions where you bid on cards against others in live voice chat. We keep track of member feedback to offer security when making a deal. We are just getting started and are growing everyday. Anyone collector is welcome...join us!
Community | Social
Plushie Pals is a strictly SFW server for people interested in collecting plushies and other stuffed toys.
Community | Entertainment
We are a server that loves star wars and we want to share the love with others. We love sharing collections and showing people through star wars.
Science | Community
Welcome to the Luciteria Discord Server! In this server, we talk about the lements of the periodic table, including the radioactive ones!
Hobbies | Entertainment
We are a server for Transformers toys. Ranging from G1 to Studio series, even other toys if you want, We're small, but we hope you join us!
Community | Entertainment
Discord server for Star Wars Fans & The Black Series collectors. Mandalorian Fans
Gaming | Hobbies
Active and friendly server for arcade machine collectors and enthusiasts, we'd love to have you! Pull up a stool at a cocktail or candy cab and grab a beer, we're the arcade friends you've been looking for.