The HelloGreedo Cantina is the official discord server for the Youtuber HelloGreedo. We're the primary destination for all things Star Wars and for other entertainment. This server offers Star Wars discussions, debates, memes, and more! Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or simply a lover of all film, I think you’ll enjoy the HelloGreedo Server.
Galactic Faction War The Galactic Faction War is a Star Wars fleet/character focused RP, where you can become anything from the lowest soldier to owner of a planet. With a dedicated staff team and an advancing timeline currently set after Return of the Jedi, GFW aims to be a unique experience among the Star Wars RP scene. Utilizing a point based system for fleet battles to deliver balancing on a new scale and narrators to guide the battle, anyone can hop in to GFW. Factions include -Empire -Rebellion -Mandalorians -Mercenaries/Criminals -Bounty Hunters -And more
Alternative Timeline Plenty of Factions Helpful Staff RPers of all levels welcome! Small Welcoming Growing Community
The Star Wars role-play discord is small but friendly community that we hope to grow! This Role-Play uses a seasonal approach which dictates the location and overall objective! Season II: Felucia The CIS have taken Mandalore and Felucia! The republic isn’t getting its hands on Mandalore for a while but Felucia is the next best bet! Who will win? Pick a side and find out!
We are a Gmod Star Wars server looking for active players.
Home for the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Vanguard Alliance cluster.
We, the Rebel Ground Forces, are a club primarily centered on Star Wars Battlefront II. But with a storied history of gaming going back over 15 years, we are dedicated to providing a better gaming experience for our members, whether that be through training, teamwork, or just encouragement, the ranks of the Rebel Ground Forces are composed of players of all skill levels and all levels of commitment. If you're interested in an open and positive Star Wars Battlefront Community, enlist in the Rebel Ground Forces Today!
Сервер русского сообщества по игре Star Wars Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy. Наша группа ВК: Твитч канал:
The Escape Pod...Cast We talk all things SWGOH. Two radio hosts from opposite ends of the world converge to bring you the premiere pod cast about the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.
Servidor SWGOH Brasil
The Dorian Blade Gaming discord is the home for Podcaster and Content Creator Dorian Blade. Dorian does videos on Galaxy of Heroes, AFK Arena, and his favorite, Marvel Strike Force, where he's lucky enough to be a FoxNext Envoy for the game.
This Discord server is for players of the Jedi Knight series to hang out, discuss, play, collaborate, and so on.
HotUtils hosts Hotbot, a discord bot for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, courtesy of developer Hotsauce.
Biscuit Weazel presents Biscuits and Star Wars from the perspective of an everyday player to help you succeed even when you don’t think you can succeed.
Star Wars enthusiastic community and Movie Battles II clan.
Epic Saber League is the e-sport competetive league for the good old videogame called Jedi Academy. Welcome to everyone and be ready to fight for your glory!
SWTOR RP-guild @ Darth Malgus
Shared server for SWGOH guild 3vL.
Recruiting server for the Republic alliance in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.
A new and growing community for nerds, anime fans, cosplays and content creators. under the banner of frankie its a laid back server that supports all people and their fanbases.... except furries.... WHY IS THAT A THING?!?!
A server for the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
The Exiles Nation is a SWGOH guild family!
Discord server for Twitch streamer rambol.
THE SCI-FI DISCORD / Discuss your favourite sci-fi movies, books, tv and games! Hang out, share recommendations, artwork etc. Regularly updated spoiler channels for new releases and a fun, friendly atmosphere. Channels for comics, collectors, animation and more. Star Trek: Discovery channel open now!
The Order is an alliance of guilds from the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mobile gaming community. We are focused on helping each guild in the alliance to play the game and make informed decisions to the best of our ability. We hold monthly PVP challenges between our guilds and it's a very healthy growing community of well informed players. Come join today!
The Shattered Order Podcast is a podcast that covers the Electronic Arts/Capital Games mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH). Every week we discuss the news, theorycraft for PVP/PVE, discuss modding techniques, and generally have a lot of fu. Come join us.
Welcome to Galaxy's Strife! [Star Wars Roleplaying Discord Server] __ Set in the pre-Galactic Civil War era, the year is currently 12BBY. Through longform/paragraph roleplay, your characters (OC and Canon alike) develop the story and with enough action occuring in the galaxy, the year progresses which allows new threats and opportunities. With detailed, lore-accurate and varied characters, you can be involved in story arcs that you will read back more than once. An active mod team and membership, you can receive advice and critique to improve your roleplay and writing skills. [Roleplay lore is a mix of Canon and Legends material, making sure to use as much of either source as possible. Lore compilation documents (Google Docs) are available to make any further reading significantl
Have you ever wanted to live in the Star Wars universe? Here’s your chance! Our server offers: A friendly community and place to discuss all things Star Wars The ability to play as an Imperial, a Rebel, a bounty hunter or smuggler, and even just a normal citizen Dozens of planets to roleplay on Canon character auditions Game masters to play NPCs in solo role plays Character sheet templates to help you make your character Did we mention our awesome community? We look forward to building stories with you, and may the Force be with you! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of our mod team after joining.
This server is intended to be a mix of blogs, news articles, pictures, and discussions of action figures. We also welcome any toys related discussion!
Gaming and Roleplay Server centered and themed around Star Wars.
Présentation rapide du serveur. Bonjour/Bonsoir, Pour Commencez, le serveur sera à l'époque de Clone Wars, en matière de distance elles sera très grand entièrement visitable sans temps de chargement. Voici quelques fonctionnalités qu’il sera “possible” sur le serveur : -À l'inverse d’un serveur GMOD, chaque régiment aura son propre VENATOR. -Chaque joueur aura la capacité de créer ses propres animations, -Vous pourrez effectuer des appels holographiques, -Et encore plein d'autres choses qu'on pourra trouver dans la série de The Clone Wars. Nous allons faire que le serveur va pouvoir s'autogérée, c’est-à-dire, que Chaque planète / Venator aura des attaques ciblées ou non à n’importe quels moments (du moment qu’il y aura un minimum de joueurs). Le serveur sera développer sur le jeu S&BOX (Gmod 2). Le serveur sera en Phase 2 CGI. /!\Attention ce que j'ai marqué n'est pas forcément applicable/!\
Small server to talk/write about science-fiction topics you like.
Bunch of guys and gals looking to rp, we all love star wars and are complete nerds, the community tends to become a family of the sorts so we encourage you to come along for the ride
Jedi and Sith blob emojis for Nitro users!
A psuedo-role play Sith/Dark Side Server
Praise Yoda! Pray to our god: Yoda and talk with fellow worshippers! Tons of emojis and bots to play around with!