Star wars: Fall of the Empire is a literate Star Wars Roleplaying Community. It is set in the year 6 ABY, a time when the New Republic takes control of the galaxy, hunting down the fragments of the Empire. So, join us and choose your path, and may the force be with you!
A role-playing server set in an alternate timeline of the Star Wars universe. Always looking for new members!
Galactic Faction War The Galactic Faction War is a Star Wars fleet/character focused RP, where you can become anything from the lowest soldier to owner of a planet. With a dedicated staff team and an advancing timeline currently set after Return of the Jedi, GFW aims to be a unique experience among the Star Wars RP scene. Utilizing a point based system for fleet battles to deliver balancing on a new scale and narrators to guide the battle, anyone can hop in to GFW. Factions include -Empire -Rebellion -Mandalorians -Mercenaries/Criminals -Bounty Hunters -And more
A Star Wars related server for normal people who just want to chat and hang out with other enthusiasts without drama and politics.
This server almost flows along the Clone Wars Timeline. Darth Maul, after defeating Qui-Gon, goes into hiding. The Jedi order, fearing the rise of the Sith, begins training as warriors. What they did not know was that the rule of Two had been abolished over 200 years ago. For these past few centuries, the self proclaimed Sith Emperor has rebuilt the Old Sith Empire. Building a droid army, this New Sith Empire has been influencing separatist worlds for many years. Staging an execution on Geonosis, the Sith revealed themselves to the Jedi. Responding to this, the Jedi Order established a massive reform. With the help of their Clone Army, the Jedi take over as the leaders of the weakened Republic. Now the Jedi Republic and Sith Empire once again wage war for control over the galaxy. Will you join the Reformed Jedi Order and fight to maintain peace in the galaxy, or will you join the New Sith Empire and fight to dominate over the galaxy?
This is a Star Wars Hangout server. If you are a Star Wars fan this is the server for you!
A chill, Star Wars themed and based server with roleplay.
Helpful guides for swgoh guild yodalorians
Some features of our RP server include: -A trickling currency system. -An advanced economy. -Three awesome factions. -Deticated staff. -And a core ranking system!
We are The Cantina! We are a Star Wars centered server! We also talk about comics, movies, merch, and more! We have a friendly community for all things Star Wars!
✮ The DeathStar ✮ ☄️We are a server based on Star Wars Roleplay!! :rainbow:Events and giveaways nearly everyday! Create your very own avatar and roleplay to your hearts content! Roleplaying events will be happening. Wars and battles, politics and murders.... We have our own ver unique clan system, with earnable Roleplay roles!!! Meet new and friendly people while RPing!^-^! Share your common interests of Star Wars. We are constantly working on this server that is soon to Rise. Our staff team consists of amazing people, maybe you can join that team! 【⇝】Events and Giveaways 【⇝】Roleplay 【⇝】Create your custom character 【⇝】Star Wars based 【⇝】Your own Biography! 【⇝】Generator for Donators! 【⇝】Organized Channels 【⇝】Verification, Safe from bots 【 ⇝】Music 【 ⇝】Our own custom bots are on their way! 【 ⇝】Our own RP themed economy! 【 ⇝】Fun Little Extras! 【 ⇝】And more! The server will be updated all the time! We are going to rise quickly, make sure you follow!
Hi, I'm designing a star wars discord rpg game that can be played through a bot of my own creation called ChissAllright, it'll play much like Pokecord, Discord Dungeons, etc . This is not a pen & paper RPG system, but something that aims to give you a MMORPG like experience in a text based environment with computer generated stats reacting to your inputs. It will feature classes, leveling system, experience gain, missions, etc. My idea is for admins from other servers to use this and enhance their communities with it once is done. It would be nice to form a community around it in the meantime, and maybe some opinions on the creation of such game from star wars experts/fans for it.
I'm adding new things every day so be sure to stay up to date.
At it's core, this server is an attempt at forming a friendly, tight-knit Star Wars community within an organized, safe and pleasant environment that enables people to share their passion for Star Wars with fellow fans and build friendships. We welcome a diverse range of opinions and preferences.
We're a close-knit, yet diverse group of starwars fans, creators, and developers who love starwars! Talk about starwars, discuss lore, and so much more here in our community!
In a Galaxy, far far away.... The war is raging on, a galaxy divided by opposing orders and governments. You must stand up, and choose your side. Will you join the dark side or the light? Or will you take an alternative route as a smuggler, pirate, or bounty hunter? Don't wait and join the war. May the Force be with you. Always. -A nice and accomodating community -Active Staff members (also looking for additional staff) -A ton of planets to Roleplay in -Missions to keep you busy! -Canon and OC characters are available -Having Multiple characters is allowed -Server for both experienced roleplayers and people who are new at roleplaying
We are a newly opened First Order RP, we are a serious RP with about players daily looking for new dedicated members.We are currently looking for a couple COs,Officers,and NCOs but this is up to change hope to see you join our discord server!
Essentially an area for Roleplayers to Roleplay as Canon or OC star wars Bounty Hunters. Taking place after/ during the original trilogy, with the Empire still rife in the Galaxy, This server is a much more grounded point of view, from non force wielders...
Casual server for discussing Star Wars and completely random things. We have Star Wars topic discussion channels along with a general discussion chat and meme channel. Hope to see you in our part of the galaxy! 💫
Star Wars: Fall of an Empire The year is 9 ABY, 4 years after the fall of the GALACTIC EMPIRE at the Battle of Jakku. Whilst the IMPERIAL REMNANTS battle for survival, the NEW REPUBLIC struggles to fill the void left for it, unable to maintain control across the Galaxy. In the Empire’s absence,
In this server we talk about StarWars and we are a fan server for the WOOKIEEPEDIA, which is a forum for wiki fandom... we talk about star wars, we have fun, there are plenty of bots, we are trying to build a community so that every Star Wars fan enjoys their stay and make friends with the others!
We have games, role-play, and chatting
Join the server to vibe with us!
Battles of the Republic is a Star wars roleplay server that takes place during the clone wars. We're always expanding our server from new destinations and roles, to new event ideas and factions! We're a new server trying to grow our community with new members from all over the world!
The Official 327th Star Corps GAR is a fun, multinational Discord server that unites the largest quantity of Star Wars and 327th Star Corps fan's across the world. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (EA) is the preferred game, but other games are also welcome! Multi-console community(PC, PS4, Xbox, etc)
A minecraft quest based server where you gain ranks and power through completing the questline! You can also enjoy the survival aspect of creating a factions base and using the list of mods we provide to try and make your faction rule the server!