LifeLine Networks is a Garry's Mod roleplay server and in general, just a chill lounge where you can join, talk to new people, perhaps join our servers too and make new friends, we're looking to expand into other games and are taking new staff and suggestions so come and check us out today :)
This is a Server where you can talk about mapping for source games, share your maps and progress and talk to other people who use the Hammer Editor. [This is an unoffical discord group]
Arkosia est un hébergeur mélangeant haute qualité et petit prix !
Comunidad de servidores en latinoamérica y españa
Garry's Mod Server | MandalorianRP | Oblivion Gaming Networks
We are setting up a new discord dedicated towards Garry's Mod Dark RP for CanYouSurvive!
Have you ever dreamed of a server with a plethora of different topics like games, art, and music to discuss? Well you’re in luck, since Penguino Universe has it all! In this server, you will find: Art from several creators! Video Games like Smash Bros, Fortnite, TF2, Minecraft, Roblox, etc. Music from several talented musicians! Voice acting channels for aspiring voice actors! And much much more! Come on down to Penguino Universe, where the real fun awaits!
Venir sur notre serveur c'est vouloir améliorer sa façon de jouer ou encore de pouvoir laisser son imagination s'exprimer pour créer des nouvelles façons de jouer le roleplay tout en respectant les règles de base et en ayant un minimum de bon sens. Nous sommes pour la créativité et laissons un large champ d'action pour créer un maximum de situation. Nous sommes contre le RP facile qui consiste à braquer n'importe qui sans raison pour le tuer s'il n'exécute pas vos ordres dans la seconde. C'est pourquoi dans le serveur serious il est interdit de braquer dans la rue, si vous voulez dépouiller quelqu'un il va falloir le prendre en otage.. Nous faisons tout pour que les joueurs ajoutent une histoire ou un contexte pour effectuer leurs actions. Comme tout serveur, nous apprécions les joueurs qui savent se rendre et jouer des émotions comme la peur, la pitié etc.
Olympus is a Garrys Mod Half Life 2 role play server, it's whitelisted and has a vast amount of custom content that will continuously be developed. The main focus of the server is serious rp, thus citizens will have the ability to do almost anything with their lives from the beginning within the boundaries of the setting.
Welcome to Criptic Networks. We are a growing Garrys Mod gaming network full of stuff, to Fast DL to Mass giveaways.
Объявляется набор скиловых игроков по таким играм как: Rainbow six siege, For Honor, Overdroch(watch) и прочие игры. И если Ты действительно скиловый boiiiiii то ты просто обязан вступить в Legion of Gamers.
My name is Benjy and some know me as the owner of this server, I recently made a completly new gaming server where we do events on games. There is no requirement of skill or anything like that! So just join than! So what is stopping you from joining the Competetive community!
Ce serveur permet l'acces facile entre le Staff du serveur Gmod et des Joueurs. DivisionRP est un Semi-SeriousRP, vous ètes prié de lire les règles et les appliquer. Ce serveur est le serveur des Unités du RAID et de la Police Nationale. Bon jeux à vous. Cordialement le Staff de DivisionRP.
Gamin Kings is a discord where people from all countries can connect and play together. We are a professional discord that loves to see new people connect and play. Our moderation team is very helpful so if you need any assistance feel free to ask our moderation team.
RGL is a Gaming Community looking to be one of the best out there! We have a gmod server, plenty of players, music bots and more!
A new gaming community, that hosts events like tournaments to gaming parties to bring together gamers of various different backgrounds.
An Awesome discord with roleplay, music and epic people! We also have memes for all you memers! Anyone is accepted, no one is left out. Any age any gender any religion any race!
We host servers for European players to have fun and RP in different games!
We make INCREDIBLE player events in the game Garry's Mod across various servers. This Discord will be used as a platform for people to work together to create various player made events across different gmod roleplay servers. Interested in having some fun moments with others and making some fun events? Check out our discord. Utilizing this discord, we can take the next step in Garry's Mod roleplay by coming together to show people what roleplay can be.
Discord de la communauté Perspective Games, nos serveurs sont actuellement en développement.
We are a server for a variety of different Gaming servers in which we have made, our Latest server is a Minecraft PVE (Player VS Enviroment) server which allows people to make towns and take on the forces of the world with other players! Our other servers are mostly Garry's Mod Based, so feel free to drop by and explore some gaming servers!
Looking for a place to hangout, play games, and meet new people? Then Burger's Bar is the right place for you! The community is friendly, and open to new players from around the globe to come and have fun with us. Associated Games: - Arma III - Minecraft - Garry's Mod - Space Engineers - Starbound - Tabletop Simulator - Stick Fight: The Game We also have weekly game nights where we play free games so that everyone in the community is able to play together! Come play with us today; there are 110 new friends waiting for you!
Ce serveur est le Discord officiel du serveur RolePlay sur Garry's Mod : GrillVilleRP 🤠 Nouveautés, mises à jour, recrutements, tout y est ! 🦄
Bunch of guys and gals looking to rp, we all love star wars and are complete nerds, the community tends to become a family of the sorts so we encourage you to come along for the ride
limp bizkut (Not to be confused with Limp Bizkit, the band.) is an organization I happen to run with a couple of pals. - We can be offensive sometimes, but we do it in a joking manner. - We talk about many games. - We do not talk about anything political. - We do respect others as long as they are not being idiotic. - We are a fairly small community, so don't be alarmed. - Don't join if you aren't going to ever chat. - We only speak English on the server. Those are a couple of things I should say before you join the server.
TheBox is a small community that was made in 2017. We host a small sandbox server on Garry's Mod and also host a Terraria server.
Tu es français ? Tu aimes discuter ? Jouer ? Rigoler ? Ou même parler anime, kpop, ou autre sujet qui te passionne ? Alors ce serveur est fait pour toi ! Viens t'amuser avec une communauté sans prise de tête sur le thème de Rick Et Morty ! Nous avons des bots uniques ainsi que des rôles personnalisés pour que tu puisses choisir ce que TU veux faire. Des concours ont lieu régulièrement sur le serveur pour te faire gagner quelques cadeaux... ;)
Ceci et-un discord ou nous fessons des parties de Prop Hunt, Murder, Guess Who, Slashers n'hésitez a venir vous allez vous amusez
So basically really fun server to hang and chill + we got a garrys mod server for rp!
We're a very fun, loving and small community, we have a variety of members from all over the world. We host events and online chats together and we have a TTT, PropHunt Enhanced and Murder Gmod servers, don't be scared to ask us anything or to just say hi, we got you.
We play and create community servers and content in a variety of games ranging from CS:GO Hide 'N Seek, RP to Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town. Friendly, positive, and mature are welcome.
We are a Gaming community . Focussed on League of Legends Counter strike Global Offensive . (CSGO) ARK : Survival evolved Garry's mod Rainbow 6 siege And much more We plan on game giveaways memberships and more feel free to join and take a look !
Why Titanium? 2+ Years Experience in Hosting between our staff. DDoS Mitigation and Protection We offer very good hardware for all kinds of communities. Fantastic Control Interface Including Player Statistics, Auto Installers & More Dedicated Helpful Support Team 24/7
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