Feel free to be yourself here! Supportive friends, combating evil *Friendly staff *Judge free zone *Advertise your skills *All welcome!
On growing server who with excitement likes to meet people.
Small community revolving around MMOs, League of Legends, and Sea of Thieves. All welcome
a Little World is a small community of individuals where you can share anything. Get feedback, find opportunities to work on different projects, simply chill and talk and more! It is being constantly updated to deliver fresh content!
Retard Central is a chill community / meme serverwhere you can, meet new people and hang out, post memes, and mess around with fun bots and emotes, What are you waiting for? Join Retard Central today!
Community server of the Skyscraper card game app.
Welcome to the Avocado Kingdom! We are a newly made server looking to grow a nice chill community. Come join us in random conversations, gaming, weebing and all the fun things in life! ☆━━━━━━━WE OFFER━━━━━━━☆ ◇ Fresh avocados ◇ Creep free zone™ ◇ New community ◇ ePiC custom emotes ◇ Self assigned and level roles ◇ A variety of coolio channels ◇ Friendly staff ◇ idk man, cool stuffs
♠ Don't you want to take a tumble down the Rabbit Hole? ♠ New server | Great Moderation | Community-based | Express yourself | Meet new friends | There's something for everyone MEMES | ANIME | GAMING | MUSIC | ART | FOOD | ANIMALS | ROLEPLAY 40+ members, but active! Join now and contribute to our growth! ♠ Just follow the white rabbit! ♠
Welcome to the holy kingdom of Ako, where Anime is our religion, Manga our tradition, and Games our passion! This is a friendly server where you can meet new people and possibly make new friends and best friends! Looking for partnerships <3
not a whole lotta channels, which is a good thing
New discord been created, since that squeek had issue his old account and new 1 created
We mostly play csgo but we still play other games. We also share memes and have a music bot. Our staff is normally active around 6pm to 3am us central for the summer.
Welcome to the Butt Hut! Let Ruby be your guide as you join a dedicated group of gamers and anime fans! With a fully custom experience, become a part of our quickly growing community! Pokecord | Levels | Custom Roles | Anime | NSFW optional
The Banana Cats is a, currently, small hangout that has memes, fun people, custom emojis, a multitude of ranks, and pretty much anything else a community should have. There's more coming soon, so it's not all that's in store. We're happy to accept anyone that wants to join, so idk you can join if you want.
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