♡ Looking for Partner Managers. ♡ Friendly community. ♡ Low moderation. ♡ Giveaways.
♡ Looking for Partner Managers. ♡ Friendly community. ♡ Low moderation. ♡ Giveaways.
♡ Looking for Partner Managers. ♡ Friendly community. ♡ Low moderation. ♡ Giveaways.
A friendly mental health server offering warmth and kindness to all who join~ Our community is small, active, friendly and non-toxic. We offer five channels to vent based on different emotion categories and we also offer a wide selection of cute and wholesome emotes! We try to make sure that no one here is ignored because you are all valuable!
An unofficial Mint server. We welcome everyone here. Including people who are still planning to use Linux and are not actually using it yet.
Small and new succulent-themed server for people to meet friends, socialize, and maybe game a bit :)
📣 Many AD Channels 🗣️ Partnerships 📣 Events 🗣️ Giveaways 📣 So much more! 🗣️
A level 3 server with over 400 emojis. Warm welcomes. Plus an owner you can ping and get a hug cuz idk why not. 👏🏻♥️
A small new furry server aiming to be a fair and friendly space!
Galaxy themed server. Not a RP server All are welcome.
ABOUT US: As you may have seen, I have a slight obsession with Spinel from Stevens Universe… However this server is in no way fitted just to my common interests. Shiawase is a new circle of people with a welcoming environment to inspire creativity through our events and forge new-found friendships through the exposure of different interests and hobbies. Established back in December 2019, Shiawase is a newly constructed community with currently under 100 members. There is a fairly dedicated group of staff -SOME MORE FRIENDLY THAN OTHERS - which will try to make sure they can get things running smoothly if there is an issue. I want us to pride ourselves on being a cordial and chilled server. There is no tolerance to bullying, toxicity and drama here. Shiawase has all the benefits coziness due to its teeny-weeny community. We are not subjugated into a single genre. We have a range of topics including: Games, Anime, Art, Photography and a lot more!
We are a up and coming server that is community-based with topics ranging from gaming and tech to politics and news. All kinds of stuff, hope you guys can hop on in and participate in the growth of the server :)
We are a up and coming server that is community-based with topics ranging from gaming and tech to politics and news. All kinds of stuff, hope you guys can hop on in and participate in the growth of the server :)
Hello! Niko’s Kingdom is a newly-formed fun anime and gaming related server for everyone! Our theme is a four faction war where member compete against each other to compete for glory for their faction and themselves alike join for more information!! Ps I am also looking for staff so don’t be afraid to dm Niko to apply! Best of wishes and Merry Christmas
- we are a NEW Astrology community - experienced astrologers advertise your business communicate w other knowledgeable astro students learn how to read a birth chart seek guidance in your own chart weekly transit information [other related topics in this server - occult, art, herbs, memes, synchronicities & other spirituality] CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR MODS join us & help grow our community!
This server is meant to find other people to play Tarkov with. This server is mostly focussed on having fun in the game rather than being sweaty and shouting at other people! The server just opened, so there are not many people here yet: Feel free to invite other Tarkov players, if we have more players the server will grow and will become more fun!
Social Haven is a small, cozy, and non-toxic community designed to provide a new kind of experience on Discord!
This is Far Out Vibe club and we are here to offer the best possible vibe zone you can find! We are a very peaceful and happy orientated server! It is brand new so help us grow! Cannabis and psychedelics are very allowed in here as well, its all about that spiritual happiness!
Waves. is an aesthetic themed server with friendly people. We are dedicated to growing, come join us! https://discord.gg/9PURndm
Мы начинающее game общество.Здесь вы можете пообщаться с другими геймерами , поиграть в экономику , посмотреть мемы , найти напарников для игры.Скоро мы планируем запустить сервера по Minecraft , SCP:SL , Team Fortress... У нас есть кланы на разных серверах Minecraft.
Yo guys we are a new server and would like you to join us (: we are active and are seeking new members plus if you can get a friend to join we will give you the supporter rank for free. Focused on Memes and gaming mostly but you can talk about what you want here.
Freshly and newly Demon slayer themed server uwu - Lots of roles related to the anime ! - In need of new staffs members. - Lots of bots and things to do. Consider joining us, kisses <3
It has been 1000 years since the first humans arrived on the continent of Iria. It’s safe to say, they transformed the continent completely. In the past 50 years, they rapidly outclassed the native population of elves, dwarves, lizardmen, demi-humans, and dragons in technology and rivaled them in magical ability. With these advantages and large populations, many nations fought for territory. With the Iverntian Empire’s conquest of the east and center of the continent, the remaining nations united to form the United Kingdom of Aria. The future is unknown, but you can help shape it! > Open roleplay > Numerous fantasy species! > Unique map and geography > Acceptance of conflicting viewpoints > Opportunities to become a staff member (Will be open at 15 members w/ characters!) > Radio > Protection against spam bots > And more!
gaming community and stuffs
gaming community and stuffs
Servidor suporte do bot Flack,venha adicioná-lo, conversar dar sugestões e muito mais.
This is a server with all kinds of gamers weather its mmorpg to battle royale! (and anime) we are a smaller server and would like to grow aswell as grow my stream find new friends or play alongside me on the stream!
Hi there! Welcome to our club (non-virgins may also join)! We have lots of fun channels and stupid owners! We respect everyone and take care of each other, I just made this server recently so it's still hot and fresh! Hope you enjoy your stay Love, junkxx
Tweet tweet!🐦This is a furry Discord server for avians (birds)! All identities are welcome however—we're LGBT-friendly and don't be afraid to chat! We also have self-roles, a variety of channels, lots of fun bots, and little rules to follow. We're a small but growing community; we hope to grow from your contribution!
#shitty-ideas Share what you're working on!
FearMC is a new and upcoming Minecraft Server.
MCGalaxyy Is a newly founded Minecraft server set to open on the 17th of August 2019. So what are you waiting for?! come on over and join us today
Bts server to have fun in and meet new people! Brand new and openly lgbtq+~ Have fun and don't break rules!~
Chill, Gaming community, basic, classic.
Bienvenidos a Snow's world! Ven y échale un vistazo al servidor donde puedes hacer amigos y tener diversión! Únete a una comunidad amigable donde todos son aceptados! ꧁────────────────────꧂ En este servidor tenemos muchas cosas interesantes! ↠ Variedad de canales y voice-chats ↠ Music bots para cuando quieras escuchar música ♪♪ ↠ Gente maravillosa! ↠ Y más... ꧁────────────────────꧂ Vamos que estás esperando! Únete a Snow's world!! 》Este servidor lo acabamos de terminar. Y te agradeceríamos mucho si nos ayudarás a hacer crecer nuestra comunidad!《
This is a server all about the Thinking Emoji and hanging out!
Prynovia Survival is a new minecraft server looking for amazing members like you! Join us!!
Join the server and have fun roleplaying as a Marvel character! Active staff and a kind community, we welcome everyone! ✔Fair rules✔ ✔Story events✔ ✔Memes✔
brand new ddlg 16+ server for french speaking people Come and join we are just opening and need new members :)
Just a little place for everyone