Welcome to Rainful! We are a cozy welcoming, drama free server with a 24hr lofi stream~ Come and huddle under the umbrella with us~
All art forms Small Inclusive Support
Small and new succulent-themed server for people to meet friends, socialize, and maybe game a bit :)
The Furry Sanctuary is a small closed community of furs dedicated to making sure each individual member has an amazing time! Channels for art, gaming, rp, fursuiting and more!
A small, chill server for chill people. (Created October 11, 2019)
A rather new server for creative adults. Come to create, have fun and make friends. We have a strong art focus, but we also have regular gaming and chilling. ~
Artemis is a welcoming, wholesome place, with a positive and loving atmosphere, where everyone is treated like a friend. We excel at helping shy folx open up and hope to help you as well! We are family friendly and have members of nearly every age. 🐾 Cute nature aesthetic 🐾 Color and expressive roles 🐾 Animal themed ranks 🐾 Drawing and music events 🐾 Daily hugs and head pats 🐾 LGBT and furry friendly 🐾 13+ and SFW 🐾 Inactive users are kicked (but are welcome back!)
Server that flexes on the rest. Get healthy or get out. Also politics. Men only server.
A new server looking for dedicated members! We're focused on bringing up a close community while offering fun roleplay opportunities. What we offer: Server Events | A spot in a start-up server! | Dad jokes
A small community made for people to hang out at! We have artists, gamers, and people who love music! Not too active currently however but we hope to change that eventually! Everyone is welcome so come and join!
°• ੈ♡₊˚•. Hello and Welcome to Ababu! °• ੈ♡₊˚•. ꒰ We are a small, wholesome, and friendly new server! ”♡ᵎ꒱ ˗ˏˋ Here's what you can expect from our server ˎˊ˗ ꒰⚘݄꒱₊ Friendly community ꒰⚘݄꒱₊ Active Staff & Mods ꒰⚘݄꒱₊ Over 50+ adorable emotes ꒰⚘݄꒱₊ Gaming channels ꒰⚘݄꒱₊ Anime channels ꒰⚘݄꒱₊ Creative themes ꒰⚘݄꒱₊ Fun events/Karaoke nights  ·  ·  · ♡ come and be apart of the ababu family today!
Mainly we are looking for active roleplayers to come roleplay on this Semi-Undertale themed roleplay server.
Welcome to Moonlight! This server is about making friends, chatting about things and being friendly! Don't be afraid to come along and talk about your interests~
Just a brand new community server for 16+. This is a place to go to make friends and have fun! We Offer: -A channel to share your projects -Friendly debate club -Vent channel -Cool, inviting members
just kinda new to this thing. first public server. hope it's not a flop i like making new friends and friendly conversations.
This is the official discord server for the Minecraft server!
Welcome to the Cat Den! Just a place to chill and make new friends. {16+} What we have: • Anime/Fandom • Art • Gaming • Memes • Music • Pokecord (and other fun bots) What we do NOT have: • Politics or religion • NSFW • Partnerships • Roleplaying
####### LOOK LOOK HERE LISTEN!!!!!!#### If you’re not 15+ this server is not for you. I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable in here, I would also hate for any illegal stuff to happen. Are you bored and looking for a place to call home? Join my tiny server and hangout for awhile.
join so u can talk to a bunch of hooligans and play sum games
A new server for those who play Animal Jam, Animal Jam: Play Wild, and Animal Crossing! We're also a Fer.al community for Wildworks' upcoming game! If you don't play any of these games but would like to make new friends, that's perfectly fine as well!
A server with only whats necessary to not overwhelm the users.
New server with small active community! Please help us grow and expand the server. We need more weebs!
You like nekos? Then join NekoSquad! It's all about Nekos, having fun and overall just being happy! We'll do our best to make you happy! It all started as a club on the another server, but turned into being a discord because of too many members! There for we'll try to reach so many members from all across the discord to be the Nr.1 Happiest server!
Team Floppy Disk is a small gaming community.
A chill meme discord from @shronky on IG not many serious rules beside bullying and hate speech and spamming have fun lol :)
This here is an art, gaming, and many more to come, oriented server. Here it is full of love and memes. If you wanna meet new people, join today! It is a small server since it was just created, but I'm sure you'll have a great time!
Let's meet new people and chellow togethah.
Hello! Here at The Box, we strive to be a welcoming community for everyone! From weebs to furries and everyone else that just wants a chill community they can talk to! We are still new, and the Owner (me) is very open to any suggestions, ill respond to any DMs. PS: Trolls, spammers, will be swiftly removed without much notice, so, atleast until we know you well enough, try not to cause too much trouble!
SkyPitch || Brand New SkyBlock Server!!
A Homestuck hangout server I made for shits and giggles. We don't mind kinnies, but we also don't really roleplay. Join if you want.
Shifty scrims is a competitive fortnite scrim server, we hope to become one of the best scrim servers for the game. We are just starting out and appreciate any member we get.
A server focused around JoJo's Bizarre adventure and general anime, we're a small close knit Community looking for more friends!
meme, small, social, gaming
A west coast based community, Play anything under the sun but mainly FPS games. We play with loose tactics as none of us are experts.
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