Community | Entertainment | LGBT
Hey there! Are you looking to have some fun and join a chill and laid back community where the fun and adventures and possibilities are always just around the corner? Then SenTient might be the place for you!
Community | Entertainment | LGBT
Hey there! Are you looking to have some fun and join a chill and laid back community where the fun and adventures and possibilities are always just around the corner? Then SenTient might be the place for you!
Community | Entertainment | LGBT
Hey there! Are you looking to have some fun and join a chill and laid back community where the fun and adventures and possibilities are always just around the corner? Then SenTient might be the place for you!
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❤️ We're looking for staff members!! ❤️ ⛵ Rezuse - A fun social community server to meet others. Active chat or play games together through voice! Maybe even more! - 🏆 Active 🏆 DM 🏆 Reaction Roles 🏆 Roles 🏆 Daily Questions 🏆 LGBTQ Friendly 🏆 Memes 🏆 Bots 🏆 Suggestions 🏆 Challenges
Gaming | Community
A community full of oblivious teens wanting to vibe.
Community | Gaming | Social
A newer, smaller community server for any and all! The shy, the weeb, the lonely. All ages welcome and topics include: anime, writing, gaming, comic books, films and friends!
Community | Social
You can play with your own custom economy bot or have fun with other bots. Chat with users and make new friends! Self promo of any kinds are allowed. Server is mostly sfw, there is a nsfw channel But locked! Come Vibe with us! Come Vibe with us!
LGBT | Anime
Our server is a family. We have a lot of fun (sometimes chill..other times CRAZY..) members and we are very active. We have selfie channels, art, venting and more! You can meet new people here as well. This is 14-18+ server. (Straight people are welcome too!!!)..
Entertainment | Social
Club Themed Server Lyskul - Tons of people to Socialize with! - Lot of Self Custom Roles - Easy Leveling Up System with Tiers - IRL Pics - Art - Music - Free Promotion - Small Fast Growing Server
Community | Meme
-lots of cute egirls -poop -toxic join if you’re sexy!!
Social | Community
chill server with cute egirls. need sexy eboys to join. 💘
Community | Social
chill aesthetic server -cute layout -lots of egirls -low moderation join us!!
Community | Social
✾ This server is dedicated to making friends and connections that are beyond the screen and provides a place to connect with likeminded individuals ✾Here we discuss topics, and get to know one another. We are also a gaming community and we want to welcome people from all platforms to hang out together. Things this community has to offer are; ╭・An active owner │☾ Looking for staff & PM │☾ Color roles │☾ Self signable roles │☾ Userphone │☾ A simple aesthetic │☾ Partnership Opportunities │☾ Lots of VCs │☾ Music │☾ Bots and more
Social | LGBT
If you are looking for a fun, safe, supportive community, look no further. We are a tight knit group made up of mostly Bi/Gay young adults and teens. We chat, game, voice, run monthly competitions with rewards, and just chill. It's an awesome an active community, but with the feel of a smaller server. Making friends here is easy, and anyone is welcome! No requirements other than don't be an asshole.
Community | Anime
small growing kind community that has so much to offer at such a low price, free! it’s free so there isn’t a reason you shouldn’t join!!
Anime | Community
anime hangout
Community | Gaming
★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ welcome to mizz u ! we are a chill server made for making new friends and chatting. we have cool staff, fun bots, and shitposting. we hope to grow and make our small community into a big one. ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ c u there <3
Art | Social
☁°•・~ Hey there everyone! ~ ☁°•・ Welcome to Crayons Taste Like Purple! If you enjoy art, or just being around like-minded creative individuals this is the right place for you! What we have to offer! » A place for feedback on your art » A place with likeminded artsy individuals » Fun daily/weekly challenges » Daily inspiration and tips Why here? Crayons Taste Like Purple is a small growing community, it isn't an average server. Here you can feel at peace and safe, there will always be someone here to talk to or ask for help with anything. The fact that our community is small means our members are tightly-knit and you can make friends for life. If you're an aspiring, novice artist you can talk to other artists with more experience and ask about how long it took to get that level of skill. we also have a really cool and cuddly mascot called Grape so give him some love
Social | Bot
Cool place to make friends
Music | Social
No talking allowed, just share a song and get on with your day
Community | eSports
Coming Soon
Meme | LGBT
A nice place to go for people between the ages 12-18, make new friends, maybe even start a relationship. Probably not though it is discord.
Anime | Community
Love Japanese Culture? Love anime? Looking for love? Getting raped by puberty? We've got the place for you!
Community | Social
-WELCOME TO TOKYO'S REVENGE ~ Dating ~ Friendships ~ lgbt+ friendly { What we have to offer } • Safe chat rooms for everyone to talk in • Bots and self assignable Roles • Safe voice chats for everyone to enjoy • selfie spots to enjoy
Social | Meme
Just chill convos and memes.
Meme | Community
A nice open friendly server with no rules
Community | Entertainment
I just created this server and right now i need active people who can chat kinda almost always 1. Early Bird Role - Don't worry joinin the server when it was created is a big thing and we wont forget and you will be given the Early Bird role The first 100 people to join get the role 2. Mod Application - Since i just created this server, i need chat moderators who are active and can mod the server with ease . If you do have the skill , join and help make this server a better place.
Anime | Community
Join if u are bored
Social | Entertainment
♡ Effleurer is a non-toxic, accepting community where all teens can communicate and make friends.
Community | Entertainment
we are a very friendly server
Furry | LGBT
Hello I am Melody and this is my server! We welcome you to join us as we improve our server and build a community together ^-^
Community | Meme
Teen Chill: Resurgence is a chat made by, teens, for teens. Friendly and accepting folks, LGBTQ+ friendly. After the original Teen Chill was shut down, some of us decided to make a new one, to keep the spirit alive.
Social | Meme
A dating server to find your soulmate!
Role-Playing | Writing
We are new! Looking for GM to help run the story! For the students coming from Discord Jr. High, joining the high school is such a terrifying prospect. What will it be like to be finally viewed as a mature person? What sort of drama and scandal will be seen in a place like this? The stories have been rampant, and they seem to get more and more scandalous as they get told. Will the students of Discord High be able to make it through the hell of high school? Will the memories of such an experience shape them forever like it did generations past? What will be their story? Welcome to Discord High Hub! This is where you'll be able to see the events of Discord High unfold! -Friendly staff! -Weekly "roleplay days!" -Discussion and theories are encouraged! -Television format, which will emulate your favorite teen dramas! -Lay a foundation for a new and fresh community! -Fun bots! We're excited to see what you'll do!
Gaming | Meme
A discord server for teens to chat, game, and more!
Community | Social
❤♥♥Bonjouurrrrr♥♥❤ This is a fabulous server to join if u wanna meet new people ❤ The main them of this server is festivity and affection 💕 We have... 🤖Lots of bots 🤖 🎮Gaming channels🎮 🎨Art channels🎨 🍆NSFW🍆 😉And much more😉 ~ily and enjoy ur stay in this server 😘
Support | Social
hey! we are a welcoming community of teenagers with movie nights, various competitions, lots of fun bots, and great staff! now join us bitch <3
Community | Social
Welcome to Beyond Here! This server has been created by a group of internet friends that decided that they could create a great server together. Beyond Here is our final creation, the perfect place to be yourself and have fun with others. - We offer the following: Chat Rooms An “Internet” zone for sharing links, news, etc… An “Instagram” zone for flexing, sharing selfies, etc… Bots for playing some games, listening to music, and for a little competition. Dedicated Voice chats for talking with others. A VIP area for people who are dedicated to the server.