Role-Playing | Community
➜ Roleplay ➜ Sistema craft ➜ Mais de 150 roupas/cabelos/barbas ➜ Governo/PSP/GNR/Mecânico Etc ➜ Venda de drogas a NPC ➜ ➜
Community | Education
Welcome to Academy Awareness. -Here you can get involved in creating awareness on exploitation occurring all over the world, namely the clear net where kids are the most vulnerable. -We aim to compile reports for both Victims in need of help and Criminals to law enforcement so action will be taken. (We can help teach you these skills) -Our goal is to bring an end to this exploitation by exposing it to the public and forcing the companies to take action and responsibility for poor moderation of their sites and giving Law Enforcement the needed info to find justice against Criminals perpetrating these crimes.
Gaming | Bot
Hospedagem de Games Barata!
Gaming | Technology
A group of Pokémon players helping you skip the most tedious parts of playing Pokémon & jump straight into the action. Unlike hacks trying to sell clones which may get you banned from online services, ours can be used in ANY/ALL online activity.
Community | Programming
This is a server for roblox exploit
Entertainment | Meme
um servidor que fala sobre varias coisas e o propio discord em si programação do programa e etc