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The home of the Dark Lord Emryss Myrrdhin Ambrosias and his Demon Army. Here you will learn inside details from his stories of adventures throughout time, space and even dimensional planes. Learn about the sauces the Dark Lord has brought thanks to his relationships to various creatures you humans like to call "mythical". Most of all come to enjoy yourself.
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A place for all veterans, and military personnel to chat!
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Heard is a term universal to food services. Food service is a family and when our family needs to speak, we tell them they are HEARD! The founders of Heardspace, Kris and Melissa Byrd, realized that we are all family and we all need to be HEARD. Heardspace is a network of peer support and discussion areas for real conversation about the topics of mental health, drug and alcohol addiction and all the other topics you aren't supposed to talk about. Let's remove the stigma and start the conversation.
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The H in Military Stands for Happiness!