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ArsenalNFT is Crypto/DeFi's FIRST and ONLY NFT CREATION DAO and Passive Income Ecosystem that pays out in USDC.e
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Crypto | Gaming | Financial
ArsenalNFT is Crypto/DeFi's FIRST and ONLY NFT CREATION DAO and Passive Income Ecosystem that pays out in USDC.e
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24/7 Safe Place is the Mental Health Server for Glory Skys. You never have to be in it to be in Glory Skys, nor vice versa. It's a place free of judgement where we all like to have conversations, and we also have job positions to be moderators, helpers & aides. This server offers a handful of venting channels as well as tickets & a private office for the Owner (I) & Co-Owners!
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᯽Clarity is a 13+ voluntary non-professional support server-based around depression and many other different disorders. We welcome everyone! A Peaceful, relaxed, and comforting place. Our staff team and members are respectful and take pride in helping others. The server is for everyone to speak freely about themselves without any judgment.᯽ - We are not professionals, the server will not be at fault for any death/harm. - --- - -We offer free help/ vent channels for everyone.- - Tons of fun bots!! - Communtiy emojis!!! - Booster perks-! - Open to Partnering (depends on the type of server) - Reasonable Rules!! - Daily Self Care Reminders and Inspiration! - A Worldwide list of working hotlines. - Several Voice Channels for everyone to enjoy!! - Tons of entertainment channels for you and friends!!
Community | Gaming
STARDENBURDENHARDENBART! A fun and chill server for meeting new friends, gaming, random discussions, music streaming, watching movies together, learning about MBTI, and other fun stuff! We also have a Mental Health Support team for those in need of a listening ear.
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Community | Education
This is a safe space where people (with or without bipolar) can ask anything they'd like about bipolar disorder and someone with bipolar disorder can answer. Please keep in mind, everyone is different: experiencing different symptoms, reacting to treatment differently, etc. What applies to one person may not apply to you, your friend, loved one, etc. We are NOT professionals and cannot give diagnosis or medication advice; please seek professional help for such things.
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Growth | Community
This community is for the people in the world that have been hurt in any way, have mental illnesses, or otherwise just want to get something off their chest. This is a supportive community that will listen, talk? To you, and even share ways that they cope for you to try at home. Give us a try and we'll make your day brighter
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Community | Social
Welcome! This server was created mainly for mental health support from peers. You can share as little or as much as you want with us to relieve some of your stress. Please understand that members are not qualified experts nor do they have the credentials to replace therapists - this is peer-support only. Come chill with us!
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Community | Crypto
Mind's Best Friend was created two goals in mind: - Raise awareness for mental health & wellness around the world by bridging the gap between the metaverse and the real world. - Create a community of support & love to help those within struggling with their own mental health or know someone struggling with theirs. Our Pack consists of 7500 unique pups designed with two purposes in mind: -Raise awareness for one of six mental health disorders including Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and Schizophrenia. - Represent an emotional support dog that can be used in real life circumstances to help fight mental health disorders. With a fully funded Roadmap 1.0, we are ready to take this project to new heights. Join our community today!
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Community | Financial
Our aim is to empower the people having Cluster B personality disorder by helping them be financially free. Feel free to join to help or get help. That being said, we also offer support for all people with these disorders and their loved ones. You can join to contribute or to get help!