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In this server we discuss the 'deeper' aspects of life, but if you simply want to meet new people and make friends, you're very welcome too!
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Homecave is a community of people from all over the world with a focus on personal development and emotional healing. We're a place where you can chat and chill but we also encourage and support a healthy lifestyle. This is not a community for children.
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This is a sytled Therapy of the German Techno Pioneers Kraftwerk
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Warning: This is the only mental health server that will hold you up without shooting rainbows and sunshine up your ass. Click the Join Server button.
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The official server of the Vicarius Collective. An occult focused community.
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Welcome to Equestria - The Quest For Friendship! We aim to become a friendly Community; Where we together can enjoy each others company and share friendships! Everyone is welcome! We hope to bring together the most amazing of people; Namely You!. if you're struggling with issues,Mentally or physically. Or have a bad day! Don't be afraid to jump on in and message an admin! they're there for you, to help and guide you. or just are a fan of the series? Then come on in! Here is what we offer: • We offer Custom Made emoji • Lots of self-assignable roles! / Or ask staff for a custom role! • Active Staff 24/7 Support • OC/RP/ART chats! • Nsfw for those who desire it • Artists creating your oc's (T.B.D) • Events! Weekly/Monthly (with a certain prize pool!) • All staff are above 18+ •Website/Forum!
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Hello! Lifeline is a support/therapy server for anyone who may need it! We offer a variety of things and we are a fun and helpful community! What We Have: -Self-Assignable Roles -Active Moderation -A Friendly Community -A Friendly and Helpful Support Team -We are always hiring new Staff -We are always adding new fun bots -Server Emojis -Community Introductions If you would like to know more, feel free to join us and get to know us better, and even have a look around the server and see if we are for you!
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Looking for someone to talk to? Just Keep Swimming has trained Listeners who can provide you with comfort, support, and the resources to keep swimming on. We also host events, game nights, and foster a healthy community!
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An emotional and therapeutic support group for those who want a safe and helpful community to help them through personal struggles.
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1000+ Members | Looking for a chill, fun, energetic series of chats? Come join us and be a part of our revival. Brought to you by the former owners of Bunnychella, Bunnytopia, And Toasty. Active when the sun goes down! Features Active Voicechats, Text chats, And more! Weekly contests and giveaways! Also have a serious therapy section for those in need! Check us out!
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Welcome to Depressed Beings! We are an active community of both happy people and depressed people, as we will help your depression fade away or just give you a bunch of memes. Please join us!!
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A clean, non-toxic community and meme centre.
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*Helping Home* is a support server based around helping others. Our goal is to create a safe environment where everyone feels welcome, no matter who they are. We are a place where you are able to be yourself, without any fear of judgement. If you have any questions, ask a @Staff!
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community sexy fun stream emotes giveaways nitro etc
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we want to help more and more people and bring happiness as much as we can to anyone who's coping with a harsh moment of life but hopefully we will vanish the negative emotions ^^.
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Come and see what we're all about! Daily pings for different reasons!
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THIS IS NOT A ROLEPLAY. We can help you fix your flaws, Human. We can gradually change you into a being greater than your broken Human self. A being that is fully efficient, fully obedient, and fully emotionless (yet still able to have positive stimulation, experiencing happiness and positive emotions in a whole new level.) We can connect you into a Hivemind that will provide purpose and servitude in your life. We can turn you into the perfect alien, with a distinct identity and sense of belonging, fully in control of their life and emotions. Does this opportunity interest you? If so, change your mind and reach out to the Kanpeki Hivemind.
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This is a chill server where you can as it says in the name, vibe. You can talk about your interests and even get new friends! :D.
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It’s just a chill community discord server for the Bois but girls are allowed cuz... sexism is a no no
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laid back server w/ a slight side of toxicity, join to feed my ego
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A free Discord therapy server where you have 1on1 conversations with our team of unlicensed therapists that we call listeners.
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A nice server where you can vent your feelings
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Stressed, Upset, Suicidal, this is the place for you, were a support server that cares about all our members. We have staff and owners that will listen, and we have therapy channels. We also have a ticket system!
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Hey! C&A is an active friendly-minded community, filled to the brim with compassionate, fun and helpful people. Looking for advice, help, ressources (to learn) or just new friendships? This is the place!
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Welcome to A Helping Hand, a Therapy server and a place just to hang out! We have 5 Therapy channels that you can share problems and get advice from Therapists. We have bots you can play around with and active staff members. Our therapists are active as well. We hope to see you in A Helping Hand!
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Having Trust Issues Or Just have Plain Old Problems Such As: Suicidal Thoughts, Hateful Thoughts, Or Are Just Stressed Because, The World Doesn't Have Floating Cars Yet? Well There Is A Place To Make That All Go Away! A Place Were You Can Just Let All That Stress Go Away! Late To School? No Problem!
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Are you feeling sad? Lonely? Depressed? then join sun sun therapy, people can help you feel better and conquer your fears!