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🌸 Welcome to Quarantine Zone. A chill and wholesome server to chat, relax, and have fun 🌸 24/7 Active Voice chats & Music! We're a friendly & supportive community. Whether you're stuck in quarantine or not, everyone is accepted here!
Social | Community | Gaming
🌸 Welcome to Quarantine Zone. A chill and wholesome server to chat, relax, and have fun 🌸 24/7 Active Voice chats & Music! We're a friendly & supportive community. Whether you're stuck in quarantine or not, everyone is accepted here!
Social | Community | Gaming
🌸 Welcome to Quarantine Zone. A chill and wholesome server to chat, relax, and have fun 🌸 24/7 Active Voice chats & Music! We're a friendly & supportive community. Whether you're stuck in quarantine or not, everyone is accepted here!
Growth | Community
A server about self improvement, support and community.
Community | LGBT
Looking for a place to stay and to socialize with people? Contruxt Community is a upcoming and small community. With game night, fun, vibes and a LGBTQ+ friendly community. We also have a wide variety of topics to discuss from games, music, anime and more. You will know that we are a place to stay! What we have: - Brand new server! - Custom roles - Variety of channels - Events - AND MORE!
Community | Furry
Furry community server based on fairness.
Community | Growth
welcome to mental health! as someone who struggles with the ups and downs of poor mental health everyday, it personally isn't easy to find help when i need it most, so my boyfriend created a server for those like me who desperately need an outlet. come join our family!
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Furry Gaming Venting Memes News Furry Fandom Furries For all
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A server for all the sides of the gaming universe. For the time beeing, a bit nintendo centered, BUT! All gamers are allowed, and we do have chats for r6, csgo, overwatch ect. Primarily a server for my stream (ssbu streamer), but also a great place for people who want to vent their thoughts and feelings aswell as meeting new people. It's a warm and small community as of now but it's also a community in the working. You are welcomed, hope to see you there! Poggers
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⭐️⭐️Hey? Whats this? A server... For EVERYTHING? Whoaaa!!!!!⭐️⭐️ 🐉Welcome to Obsidian’s Lair!🐉 This is the server for EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING! Join us in Obsidians lair and talk about *anything* you want. Users are active, accepting and kind, and this is one of the safest spaces on discord- No raids, active freindly mods, no NSFW, and most of all- humor! 🌠Including🌠- 🌙Memes🌙Venting🌙Chatting🌙Art🌙Writing🌙Flight Rising🌙Gaming🌙Community🌙Bots🌙Active freindly mods🌙Inside Jokes🌙Fandoms🌙Custom drawn emojis🌙
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Hallo to the people who is currently reading this right now!, Grab yourself some Hot coffee and read this~! 🍩☕ We can serve you with; • A cup of Kindness 🥛 • A slice of Cake for Venting peeps🍰 • Friendly Employees! The Customer is Always right!(?)  (okay maybe not always more like, "most of the time")😚 • We support LGBTQ+! 🏳️‍🌈 • We're pretty fresh and New! (Not really, Just new) 🥞 So please Join our Cafe if you'd like!
Support | LGBT
The Island is an LGBTQ+ friendly server that focuses on community. It is a peer-to-peer support and chat server. We have support and venting channels for when you need it, and we have chat channels for you to relax in. The server has people from many different backgrounds, ages and cultures. Welcome to The Island!!!
Hobbies | Community
Just a Server is a growing community, You can make new friends and meet new people Talk about your hobbies in the hobby channels and show your creations You can voice chat with people You can always apply for staff And if you think some things can be better or you can be added leave a suggestion! We are LGTBQ+ friendly If you feel a bit down you can vent and talk with people about it! You cant be judged So what are you waiting for! :) We hope to see you soon! :) ~Billie (owner)
Community | Entertainment
Sky Lounge is a chill server which has loads to offer! Come chat with us, and level up to unlock special perks :D Use cool emotes and be a part of venting and NSFW channels too We maintain a very friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy themselves.
Anime | YouTuber
Slice of Smash!! is a YouTube Gacha series created by Maridash4ever. Check it out here: Here, in the Smash Hotel, there is a place for everyone. In this server, you can make friends, vent, receive support and advice, and so much more. There's no need to be shy!
Gaming | YouTuber
Hey y'all! Looking for a cool server? You have been invited to The Neko Squad, a friendly place to be! What we have to offer: - Karaoke - Self roles - Open staff applications - Self-promo channels - Different roles for different clubs (And of course, GachaTuber) What this server is about: Just a chill server, a few roles are linked to NerdyHinoka's Youtube. There are members from different places, so we are friendly to all. What are you waiting for? Join the Squad!
Anime | Community
This is a friendly server based around the Anime community. Friendly staff. Free visual novel game on the discord launcher. Frequently updates and giveaways, events and own AMV channel + a own media team! Join today and find someone for a maybe long term friendship :)
Role-Playing | Social
Fort Alogan is a free roleplay that allows canon characters and original characters! Everyone is welcome as long as you abide by the rules. - There are kind, respectful admins. 🎀 - You can vent if you need to! ❤️ - Fun events! 🎉 - Art showcasing. And more! We’re trying to hit 50+ members so we can open admin/moderator applications!
Community | Gaming
We Are A Guild Server From The Game The Realm Online. If you are interested please come join in on the fun.
Community | Art
Hello my name is CPT Harris and I run Chill Network we are a sfw friendly server we have bots like pokecord, Unbeliveboat,Mudae,Triva,Yggdrasil,Hydra. We have fun events like movie time,cards against humanity. And we have a venting section.
Community | Support
This is the official discord server for the r/LongDistance subreddit. We strive to make this a server where everyone can come to feel safe and wanted. Anyone curious about or currently in a long distance relationship is free to join and ask for advice!
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Casual chill memes art poetry world news positivity self help guidance friendship gaming music movies
Community | Social
A Life is Strange themed community with custom bot and roles for meeting new friends or talk about your day. :)
Community | Growth
Hello there! Welcome to - s n a i l t o w n - a place where you can relax and make friends. We have a variety of different channels such as: -Roleplay Channels -Art Channels -Super Secret Staff Channel +More! We are a new discord server so many things are still a work in progress. If you’d like to help out with the server please DM me on discord.
Community | Support
Sympathetic is a friendly, loving community waiting for you to be apart of it. We’re not here to discriminate you, we’re here to hopefully make you feel like you actually do have a safe spot with people who care about you. Although we’re not professionals and don’t fully understand everything you’re going through, we still plan to be as helpful as possible so why not try the server out?
Support | Entertainment
An informal venting and psychology discussion server with a gentle focus on identity. Anonymous venting coming soon.
Role-Playing | Art
Welcome to the Expansionist Empire! This is the third Expandia that was created with the same reason the second one was made. This is mainly an inflation server, but a lot of kinks are accepted! We offer: Roleplaying rooms.. Art sharing.. Roles.. and a 'growing' community!
Community | Entertainment
Hewo! Welcome to a fun and amazing server where we talk about food and everything else! Everybody is welcome so lets eat some dumplings! -Self assigned roles -Pandas to vent to -Community when/if you need it, up to you -And dumplings! Plus if you're just scrolling through looking for a random server to join at 2 am, why not this one?
Social | Community
Every wanted to just vibe out to music, and communicate with others? Well know you can, Introducing Vibe Zone. A prototype discord server with Custom Roles, Discord Nitro Giveaways, and many more.
Community | Support
Safespace is a/an SFW server aimed to be a welcoming environment you can go to when you're bored or feeling down. We welcome anyone and everyone, including systems. Our server is a WIP, but it is sure to feel cozy with a small member count. Permanent invite:
Support | Community
This server is for venting. If you have any issues and you need help, there are text channels for venting at the bottom of the channels' list on the left. You can also just talk and have fun in the main chats and Voice channels.
Community | Gaming
Welcome to Bongo's Hangout! It's basically just a server to meet new people and make friends that are your age! 13-18 age range! Interested in romance? try meeting someone in this server! We're all really friendly and can help you through anything you want to talk about! We have game nights every week! We play fun browser party games such as, Cards against Humanity, and Town of Salem! If you want to find people to play games with or just talk to, Come join Bongo's Hangout! I know you'll enjoy your stay!
Education | Social
If u decide to join the server,u have made a great choice and I bet u won’t regret joining the server.Hope to see u there👋🏻
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A new server for venting, bitching, boo-hooing, complaining, whining, confessing and more!
Support | Social
Hanami is a small support and advice based server, with a theme surrounding the Sakura festival in Japan. We offer private and non biased advice, as well as open staff applications to give you the opportunity to help others as well as receive support.
Anime | Music
Server for all kinds of people LGBT, POC, lonely, depressed etc. We love everyone. Please join us and spread good vibes!
Entertainment | Meme
this is just a small server where you can talk to people and have fun and even make friends :)
YouTuber | Community
We are kind to everyone.