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Hi! My friend and I created this discord server That's just a safe space for LGBTQ people. We just thought it’d be a nice place to just hang out and make friends, we’d love to have you!
Welcome to Y Canol Nos What is our community? » We are a growing community who like to joke around and have a laugh. » We also have many fun members here making the perfect place to create new friendships. » The theme is mixed depending on how everyone is feeling, ranging to kind or calm to comedy or hell oof... What does this server offer? Awesome community! Self assignable roles for different occasions. Very active channels and members. Top quality voice and music lobbies. :ded: Question of the day channel. Multiple Qs daily! Bad jokes all over! Perhaps too many... And many more where that came from! Thank you for joining us! » We hope you enjoy being here! » Even if surviving bad jokes, puns and that... Please visit the rules too if you haven't already!! » Seriously... read them... » Do it... » And ToS... yes that too hehehehhe! okay enjoy our randomness community... hehehe... rules now?
Your friendly neighbor hood drama-escape server for all things chill and good-vibe related! We are mainly based in the Furry Community but of course all are welcome!
A safe space with a good heart of music
Very cool music server.
Welcome to Trans Kingdom a LGBTQ+ friendly server Come join us in a friendly space were you can be your self. we are a positive community so come join us and spread the joy...
We have free roles and cool stuff
just a place for people who don't have one. :p