Community | Beliefs
A server for my fellow Tulpas and Tulpamancers to hang out and chat!
Gaming | Community
This is our Among Us server, Systems Among Us. It's primarily targeted at systems, but as long as you're kind and accepting you're welcome here! To reduce trolls and raids, we have a simple verification system that can be completed in a few minutes. We also have: - A levelling system! - Bots such as Mudae, Unbelievaboat, NQN and PluralKit, - Channels for chatting, Among Us trivia, memes, - Collectable hat roles from the Unbelievaboat store, - And more! We look forward to seeing you there! :slight_smile:
Community | Support
The Willow Tree is a singlet-friendly plural server for all types of plurals, with channels specifically for curious singlets and questioning plurals to assist in the learning process. We have self roles (including color roles), a small channel count to prevent folks from getting overwhelmed, a safe chat for littles and other sensitive system members, a completely PG-13 server with no NSFW section, and a special interactive adventure game curated by the owners themselves! The Willow Tree's shade offers refuge for all, and we look forward to seeing you.
Technology | Design
A Web Design & System Administration Discord Server. Get Help, Give Help. Share.
Community | LGBT
We are a kinnie server for the homestucks, we are system friendly! And hope we have a welcoming environment for everyone!
Gaming | LGBT
A server to talk about the video game, Otherkin, Systems, and Art!
Beliefs | Community
A mature community, help and advice chat for otherkin, fictionkin, c'linkers, plurals and more or those who wish to learn about such topics. We aim to help better educate those both inside and outside the community to the journey otherkin & others take with themselves.
A server for traumagenic systems whose bodies are 18+. We have a calm, accepting community, self-assignable roles, plural kit, and systemtime. If you are interested, come join us!
Community | LGBT
Hello and welcome to The Fictive Underground! A server aimed at Undertale introjects! You don't have to be an Undertale alter to talk here either! We accept systems of all origins, race, and primary language here! We also are LGBTQ+ friendly! Here are a few things you can expect to see on this server! ++A very friendly and helpful staff crew. ++Game specific channels and source-specific roles that you can get and request more. ++Many different channels for you to use with descriptions. ++PluralKit for systems to use. ++A system only section to get away from the singlets. And more! We hope to see you there!
Community | Gaming | Programming
Welcome at SpielsGroups - a place to hang out with your friends and a network full of possibilities
Anime | Community
We are dedicated to these types of individuals who's sources come from anime! All kin and system types are welcome as are the anime sources. All who are 15+ are welcome to join.
Bot | Entertainment
bot games all day every day!
LGBT | Support
Hi! welcome to my server description :D what we have: Pluralkit for systems A separate safe channel for littles Several fun bots to play with Music bots And much more! Only one thing's missing, and that's you!
Community | Social
Hello! We are a server for DID/OSDD traumagenic systems and their allies to hang out and meet! We're looking to expand and become more active. Also staffing opportunities may be available soon if that interests you. Our features include: -A verification process to protect our members -Friendly and Active staff who're happy to answer your questions -A safe place for traumagenic systems to get away from syscourse -A short trigger list -PluralKit, Systemtime, Anonymous Question Bot, Rhythm, and other screening bots for safety -Safe chat areas and specific TW chat areas -Fun server activities like question of the day, weekly art prompts, and a server minecraft server! -Plenty of opportunities for suggestions! If there's something you'd like to see added, feel free to discuss it in the #🍋feedback section!
Community | LGBT
a small and quaint server by trans alters, for trans alters to find their own silverlining.
Social | LGBT
Plural Palace is a sever created to provide a safe and welcoming to plural systems of all origins. Here we welcome everyone no matter your system origin, source, sexuality, gender, or age.