This is a discord server for otherkin, therians, fictionkin and the like! Come join and make new friends and be apart of the family <3 we're looking to make it more active!
Otherkin Dating is a server for those with a non-human identity to meet one another and to get to know eachother better, ideally forming relationships in the process. Please note that this server is only for people who are 18 or over.
An Asgardian and Marvel themed Kin server focused on fictionkin and factkin. We have no blacklist and a lot of activity.
Do you identify on an integral yet nonphysical level as something other than human? Be you a therian, otherkin, or any other sort of alter-human or maybe even someone just curious on the subject and looking. Just Anotherkin Server attempts to form a community for people to explore and question their identities and meet others doing the same. If any of this seems like it might appeal to you, you are welcome to join
A place where fictionkin from the game Viva Piñata can come together and make new friends
Welcome to The Cosmic Interstate! This is a server for Therians, Fictionkin and Otherkin alike! This server is Sonic based, and thus has a lot of Sonic fictionkin within it. We, of course, allow non-kin and plural systems as well, including endogenic systems! We Feature: - 90+ Members - Sonic Character roles for Fictionkin and Fictives - Many bots and channels! Pokecord, Tatsu, PluralKit, Tupperbox, Pancake and more! - A friendly server that is overwhelmingly accepting! - ALL doubles allowed, no questions! - No hate/discrimination tolerance. - An active, friendly staff team! - Channels for art, music and photography! - Channels for otherkin/systems!
A server for alterhumans and humans alike, geared toward informing people of what alterhumanity is. This server includes systems, otherkin, therians, vampires and whatever else you may be.
A fun, dino themed age regression server jam packed with roleplay and kin channels! Sfw and welcoming!
The Public Otherkin Discord server is a casual server for Otherkin or those curious about topics related to Otherkin such as Fictionkin, Plurality, and Metaphysics.
A mature community, help and advice chat for otherkin, fictionkin, c'linkers, plurals and more or those who wish to learn about such topics. We aim to help better educate those both inside and outside the community to the journey otherkin & others take with themselves.
a homestuck kinnie server for anyone over 18. double friendly, quirks encouraged, weekly game and movie nights, all the good shit and more. kin only, not RP.
>This server is primarily for hanging out and bonding over our shared community! Feel free to come in and find people with the same interests and kin sources, we're almost absolutely sure you'll find someone! We'd love to have you join our little family! ♡ >Every review YOU make saves the life of one random stranger selected from a very specific crowd! √ General kin server! √ Double and system friendly! √ Any fiction/otherkinnies are welcome to join, cursed or not! ♡ × There is NO exception for factkinnies. You will be kicked. × Nobody older than 18, please. × Don't join if you intend to start drama or cause problems. This'll just result in you being kicked. >The list above is not the only rules we have! Please be sure to read the rest once you join. ♡♡♡
Epic kin server 🍞All triggers welcome 🍞Exciting weekly VCs, game, and draw nights! 🍞System friendly 🍞Doubles friendly 🍞Nice, drama free community 🍞No Factkin 🍞A house system where you get to have your own groupchat with your friends in-server! 🍞Request kin content (pastries) in the server to be made by Bakers immediately! ✨Have fun!✨