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Ho creato un nuovo server in cui vengono trattati diversi videogiochi, attualmente ci sono sezioni per CoD, Cyberpunk e gta5 che sono i giochi che sto giocando in questo periodo. Sono presenti anche numerosi canali per chiaccherare di tutto, dalla nuova serie agli anime, pubblicare un bel meme o qualunque cosa vogliate! Se volete entrare a far parte di questa nuova community non esitate ad entrare!
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Discord server for the Revelation Gaming community. Focused around gameplay and discussion for Overwatch, Squad, Battlefield, and many others. We have numerous channels outside of the gaming genre for nerding out, anime/weeb talk, irl chatting, and many meme channels. Join today!
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A server for all kinds of people. From those who like anime and those who enjoy gaming! Must be 13 years or older to enter as per Discord ToS
Anime | Music
Multipurpose server, based on sharing your work and what you like!
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Are you looking for a place to hang out and can't seem to find a good hangout?. Well try us, we might have what fits your needs. We would love to hear your feedback, to help grow and make the server a better place.
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Welcome to Eye of the Storm. Looking to build a close knit family of gamers and friends to play games or chat with about life with. Need help also running this Discord so may need mods as well.
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The top Michigan community Discord - Welcoming all that love our beautiful state!
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A Community Of "Landed Kings" In Canada. Constitution, Entrepreneurialism, News & Civil Disobedience To Unlawful Orders