A new developing IRL community in California with meetings every Thursday, and 3rd Tuesday of the month. Talk about your favorite animes here, games, or general conversations. We hope you give our discord a chance as it is still new and growing, give us recommendations, all feedback is appreciated!
Discord server for the Revelation Gaming community. Focused around gameplay and discussion for Overwatch, Squad, Battlefield, and many others. We have numerous channels outside of the gaming genre for nerding out, anime/weeb talk, irl chatting, and many meme channels. Join today!
HoriZon est un serveur fait par les gamers pour les gamers avec une communauté LGBT Même si tu n’est pas LGBT, tu peut quand même nous rejoindre ! Nous avons diverses passions en commun, tel que les jeux vidéos, l'eSport, la musique et bien d'autre encore ! Nous diffusons de l'actualité sur l'eSport via notre site : https://lclgbtdiscord.fr Nous prônons la diversité et le respect de chacun et chacune d'entre vous ! Rejoins-nous dès maintenant !
Michiganders! The Michigan Discord is the place to connect with and meet people living in our beautiful state! (Anyone is welcome, of course.)
A server for all kinds of people. From those who like anime and those who enjoy gaming! Must be 13 years or older to enter as per Discord ToS
My name is Mikey, the founder and one of the principal directors of Overcome. Overcome grew out of an injustice in the world. The injustice that children and young people in care in the UK weren't treated how they should, and were being let down by their local authorities. We went in there with a goal of making the world a bit fairer. Raising issues, creating awareness and changing them for the better. We setup originally under the name "Tangled Radio" in 2016, and after 3 years of wearing myself out, It was time for a change. We decided that we were to cease broadcasting and change everything. We still hold the principles we held. We still have the values we always had (Creativity, Respect, Empowerment, Accountability, Teamwork, Integrity, Victorious, Involved, Thankful and YES). Now we're a media and entertainment organisation specialising in podcasts and content creating.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Nekos & Chill  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ :🌸: ➳ Custom bot for the server! :🌸: ➳ Many categories and channels :🌸: ➳ A lot of bots such as Nadeko, Mantaro, Pokecord, Mudae, and so much more :🌸: ➳ Friendly community (& staff!) :🌸: ➳ Fun events for everyone
O servidor foi criado com a intenção de dar apoio a pessoas, fazer novos amigos, e muito mais.
This Server is to get help with life and etc. Like if you want someone to talk too about something that is going on it your life.
A server for all e-girls, e-boys, and weebs alike.
Ιlumια est une communauté qui a été conçu pour le GAMING et l'IRL. Nous l'avons créé pour qu'elle convienne parfaitement aux utilisateurs. Vous y trouverez de nombreux salons textuelles et vocaux, où vous pourrez chatter avec de nombreux utilisateurs, pour des sessions de jeux illimitées. Nous proposons de nombreux partenariats avec des créateurs YouTube, Twitch et autres.
Multipurpose server, based on sharing your work and what you like!