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LGBTQ+ safe! Its a place to hangout, share art, listen to music, play games, anything! you can choose your roles and request stickers, you can advertise and you can make friends! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can apply for staff and link your games, discord servers, social medias, or anything in the ad servers. NO NSFW STUFF!! swearing is okay just dont overuse it. hope you join and have a good time!
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Name says its all, a server for rp Make friends, roleplay canon characters or even oc's taking place in a fanmade location and fanmade characters in the canon lore taking place after the closure of the fnaf 2 location, but fnaf 1 doesnt take place. Basically an alternate universe.
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server for all fnaf fans
Gaming | Art
A Server to get news on some Undertale x FNaF fangames made by me, as well as some other games I will start making soon, also to have some fun with others
Gaming | Role-Playing
Serveur Minecraft RP Five night at Freddy's scénarisé ! Venez découvrir la nouvelle attraction Fazbear ! Votre nouveau job vous attend, réussiriez vous à garder le batiment et percer ses secrets ? ip: web:
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Hello and welcome to TheFNAFRealm! We are a community that might look like any old Fnaf community but we are much more! We offer things that other Fnaf communities wouldn't even think of doing. So if you're interested, come join us!
Art | Community
Anyone is welcome to come join us and express yourself! Art included! Were mainly a group for people of ANY fandom to have fun and meet friends! Furry, MLP, Anime, and much more are welcome!
Entertainment | Role-Playing
Step into a world of Beasts, Humans and Sentient robots and enjoy a retelling of the events of Five Nights at Freddy's in this AU of chill bears, bunnies and chickens! Freddy and his friends have all new stories to tell and more defined personalities for all to enjoy!
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Welcome To Afton Robotics LLC. The most advanced tech company, We are most famous from our children attractions, Fredbear's Family Diner, Circus Baby's Pizza World and The Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Franchise.
Community | Role-Playing
A fun-loving Five Night's at Freddy's community!
Role-Playing | Community
We are a growing community for people who want a little zest when they roleplay. We have a wide selection of channels to roleplay in as well as a nice and friendly staff team. So come and join us!
Role-Playing | Community
★ A lovely Fnaf Roleplay Server with ★ ★ A Shopping Plaza! ★ ★ Server Events! ★ ★ Friendly Staff ★ ★ Oc Submissions! ★ ★ Store Submissions! ★ ★ House Submissions! ★ ★ A Large Storage Facility! ★ ★ And Much, Much more! ★ ★ We are a mostly Semi-Lit+ Server, Thank You! ★
Art | Community
Fun server filled with piss furries
Role-Playing | Community
An event has torn into space and created portals leading to a place in-between space and time. ★ A Multifandom server! ★ ★ 13+ ★ ★ NSFW free server. ★ ★ OC friendly! ★ ★ Power OCS ★ ★ and More! ★
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A small community of fnaf fans, everyone is welcome, we do stuff like RPing, Talking, Drawing and doing other activities together
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╔══.·:·.✧ ♡ ✧.·:·.═══╗ ・゜゚・Anime Dream Lounge・゜゚・ ╚══.·:·.✧ ♡ ✧.·:·.═══╝ ╭ ┈┈ .·:·.✧ ┊~chill community ┊~welcoming, and friendly ┊~always looking for PM's + staff ┊ ~open for partnerships ╰ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ .·:·.✧ ╭───────────────── ╰──➤ ❥What the server is about? It’s a multi fandom server, meaning that it’s about anything! Gaming, art, anime and many more things! ╭───────────────── ╰──➤ ❥What can i do in the server? Meet new people, new friends! Find people with the same interests as you! :D Have fun! Hangout with people, bots, listen to music, voice call, even stream the game you are playing!!! ╭──────────────── ╰──➤ ❥ We offer: ❥ A place where you will belong. You won't be ignored. ❥ Active text channels and voice chat. ❥ A large selection of self-assignable roles ❥ A safe space for everyone. ❥ Fun activities,music sessions, giveaways! ❥ Loads of fun channels, gaming, fandoms etc.
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En este servidor, podrás jugar, hablar, conocer gente, hacer nuevos amigos... ¿A qué esperas para unirte?
Meme | Community
FNAF is epic
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play games with friends and new members from around the world
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A fnaf roleplay and community server with a welcoming community!
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Five Nights at Freddys. Hangout. Fun
Role-Playing | Community
Faites votre PROPRE avis sur le serveur
Meme | Community
Chatting / Gaming
Community | Role-Playing
Welcome to the Five Nights at Freddy's: Roleplay & Community server! Meet new people, talk to people who share similar interests, and much more! -Don't need to be a roleplayer to join the community -We do accept OCs -We have a verification system to avoid instant raids -This server has rules that are simple to follow -Lots of channels for roleplay -There's NSFW category but you can only see it if you react for the role (to avoid miss clicks) Become a part of the community and have fun! Icon by Skarlazer#6367
Art | Social
server oficial de la serie fnafhs de edd00chan
Anime | Gaming
A server with interesting people of all fandoms.
Community | LGBT
🍰 "Spring Bon's Cake Shop" é um servidor A̷̎̈́E̸͒͝S̵̅͑T̵̊̏H̷̊̕E̸̛̚T̸̄͝I̵̐̿C̶̉͘S̴͓̅ temático; baseado em FNaF! O público alvo são LGBTQ+, artistas e furries!
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Here on LesHackz Community Network we talk about video-game news, game-theories and of course game recomendations! Here you can share your ideas with the world! See you in the server!
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A community driven FNaF server that provides updates on the upcoming FNaF game, Security Breach!
Gaming | Community
A FNAF community server! We often host events and games, as well as updates on the latest news and other awesome content :)
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FNAF WORLD Special Events! FUN FUN FUN Come Say Hi To Freddy And Friend's (Don't Get To Close To Them May Result In Loss Of Limbs) A FNaF AR Dedicated Section! Share Your Meme's! Contests! And Lastely A Friendly Community! Legal Side Note: Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for liability from any and all claims including negligence or accident, resulting in personal injury, accidents, online-activities or death from operation of Fazbear Pizzeria franchise.
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Join for free members in any server you choose