A multi-fandom Podcast fan server! Features include a verification system, 20+ podcast channel, open channel requests, a gender/sexuality diverse mod team, a queer positive atmosphere, and a moderately active community.
welcome to our our observatory ─────━┿──┿━───── `about the server` `🌠` luminous ☆ is a server dedicated to kpop fans but are also welcoming towards other fandoms and communities such as the gaming or anime community. ─────━┿──┿━───── `what we offer:` ᯽`🌸` a community to express what you want to say. ᯽`🌸` self-assignable roles. ᯽`🌸` kind and helpful staff. ᯽`🌸` partnerships to grow both of our communities. ᯽`🌸` extra categories and unlockable channels. ᯽`🌸` we are lgbtq+ friendly. ᯽`🌸` age-friendly so absolutely no nsfw here. ─────━┿──┿━───── `💫` we’re currently looking for partner managers and staff. join and apply now!
Well, the Omni-Rift is a server with a simple goal: Crossing over character from different series and medias (and OCs if you wish to do that.) all into one big soup of a crossover. The choices are (almost) endless, with plenty of character interactions, plot points and events! We work on a semi-literate to full on literate style, that means you may take as much time as you need with your post, but only one at a time with each member on the turn based system.
Moonlight is a new server that revolves around K-pop, but accepts all sorts of fandoms, K-pop or not! 🌟 :: Highlights ⇥ an accepting, growing community ⇥ aesthetically pleasing and cute layouts ⇥ activities every week With a goal of making a new, non-toxic community for everyone to enjoy, we hope you join and fulfill our dreams with us!
cute multifandom kpop server. everyone is welcome to join. come and make new friends!
> ━━ strawberry we are a calm, growing community for kpop and anime fans! although, we accept all types of people! our goal is to have a safe environment where everyone feels comfy! highlights !! ( ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⁎) `🌸` welcoming community `🏹` opportunities to partner! `🐰` cute aesthetics `🕊` organized categories `🍡` karaoke events `🌸` daily activities `🏹` level roles ⨯ https://discord.gg/H8rsHfE ⨯ https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/603914552815517716/630221825539964959/image0.jpg **you must be 13+ to join.** ╰┈┈┈┈✁・・・
C'est un serveur où on parle de tout et n'importe quoi (Anime,jeux vidéos etc..) c'est surtout un serv pour faire des rencontres et s'amuser entre pote voilà voilà ^^
ncts dream on is a fan server that mainly focuses on nct dream. we’re a small server whom support and love our six angels. and everyones welcome!
The Omniverse is an roleplay server with roleplayers that are literate, good at roleplaying and fighting-in-roleplaying. We have a stunning server here to show you balanced rules, and give you all the quality fun you deserve in roleplaying, and out of roleplaying. Not only that, we are extremely raid-proof with two bots on the defense. Why should I join, you ask? I can respond with that the server has rules that are fair-and-square, and will make the roleplay and out of roleplay more fun. It's detailed lore and its channels are extremely good, and fun to RP in along with other members and your friends. We have bots like Tupperware, Dank Memer and more. We always do our best to surprise you with our announcements and make changes that you will love. This is also a MULTI-FANDOM roleplay server, and you can roleplay as you, your oc's, and other characters. We have rules to make it fair too in battle! Please join, and we will welcome you into the warm arms of a good server.
Join our small friendly Kpop chat!
There’s channels for chatting, art, bots, music, & free-roam rping. Setting’s basically a lodge in the middle of a secluded island as place to relax & have fun, any fandom &/or characters are welcome.
『 stardust 』 est. 4/20/19 ヾღ彡 ˚₊✩‧ a fresh, new server ˚₊✩‧ will accept anybody (regardless of race, sexuality, etc.) as long as you're not problematic ˚₊✩‧ plenty of organized roles & channels including: ⤷ support channels (venting, positivity, advice, etc.) ⤷ bots & designated bot channels ⤷ hobby & interest roles + channels ⤷ fandom roles + channels ⤷ zodiac sign roles ˚₊✩‧ partnerships (we're desperate) ˚₊✩‧ discuss pretty much anything freely & not that much else :^) ヾღ彡
Welcome to Etherealm! As a canon-only panfandom with a small laidback 18+ community, Etherealm is a semi-open sandbox focusing and encouraging player driven plots, world-building, and character developments. We're third person, paragraph style with no word count! When characters are suddenly taken from their own world without warning, they wake up on a seemingly desert island where a new life - and a new world - awaits them.
We're a nice; welcoming and lax community. We offer several things, such as nice members and friendly staff, art and writing channels, and multifandom channels. We even have a roleplay channel for you to write with characters in. We hope to see you!
A kind and Multifandom community about K-Pop 🌸 🌸* Multifandom community 🌸* LGBTQ+ friendly 🌸* Harrassement and childish behavior are ban This server is pretty young but i’m working on it 😊
Magic Shop is a multifandom kpop server for all kinds of kpop groups. Kpop fans and people in general are welcome! We have a large amount of roles, a variety of channels, a friendly community and more!
A simple, chill and fun server for World Klass' Robin! (wip)
We have bots to fill your entertainment needs! We have Music, Gambling, economy and more! The community is welcoming and we hope you are too!
This server is for all kpop fans! There are self assignable roles and chill staffs! Help this server grow! ♡
Salut à toi fan de kpop ! En tant que passionné(e), tu peux trouver ta place parmi nous. Nous acceptons tout le monde (même les aliens), que tu débutes ou que tu sois un ancien, que tu stan qu'un groupe ou que tu sois multifandom. Le serveur concerne principalement les fan de kpop mais on parle aussi de drama et on a même un salon pour ceux qui veulent apprendre le coréen à plusieurs...fin tout ce qui tourne autour de la Corée. À toi de voir si tu nous rejoins 😊
German K-Pop Server
halloween dying community server with far too many colour roles and an owner who doesn't know how to stick to one theme.
ᔕOᖴT ᔕTᗩᑎ ᔕEᖇᐯEᖇ!
A server dedicated to the kpop group GOT7. Come join us to meet and chat with other Ahgases!