Well, the Omni-Rift is a server with a simple goal: Crossing over character from different series and medias (and OCs if you wish to do that.) all into one big soup of a crossover. The choices are (almost) endless, with plenty of character interactions, plot points and events! We work on a semi-literate to full on literate style, that means you may take as much time as you need with your post, but only one at a time with each member on the turn based system.
Misadventures is a RP in which you are free to be whoever you want to be! No lore, and no strict rules. just join and play! just keep it rated E10+/Childfriendly! We need new active people to get new life in this server! Please help us out!
Tera-Verse is a Freeform, Casual, Crossover/Multiverse RP. We welcome all kinds of Roleplayers into our humble server! Features: *Leveling up with new ranks each 5 levels. *A backstory of the Universe your characters are visiting. *A optional Character Sheet for those who want to use it. *A feedback channel in which you, the players, decide whats going to change! *A bot that provides your character with his own Discord Profile.
Dungeons and Crossovers is a roleplay server that allows any kind of characters, may be OC or fictional. We have a D&D RPG System with many possibilities!
A new Marvel Server, everyone is invited! And by everyone we mean The whole marvel multiverse! That's right, we're asking every hero and villain from marvel's large multiverse. It's new and fresh, with a friendly and outstanding staff ready to help you in any form and way! Thousands, Hundreds, of Characters are open and you may take them as long as they aren't in the banned character or taken character list! Our heroes are set in a universe where all of the heroes live together in one planet! A twist to it though, they are young! Yes we're saying teenager hormones young. In the age set where they are in their teens and have acquired these strange powers, how will they control it? Will they turn evil? Or be in the side of light? Find out in Marvel's Youngest Heroes!
You've all been sent to a world called Ethirus. Where a evil tryant of unimaginable power called the God father has ripped you from your world and everything else in it for his own pleasure and for your own sorrow. Do you have what it takes to stop the all father and make new friends while growing, stronger than ever before. If you do then join us in the fight against the all father.
Kirby RP: Colliding world is, to put it short, a Kirby RP Server. However one thing I missed in the server description is that you can also be characters from other games. Yeah, the description is way more fun to read.
We are a new server that is always accepting new people and fresh faces! If you feel like this server's right for you, give us a try!
Server for Crossover RP, nuff said.
This is a canon-based Haikyuu!! roleplay server that also has a Demon Slayer AU in the works, where our characters will be demons and demon slayers! We're brand new, so bear with us as we grow and reach out! Much love, hope to see y'all soon <3
We currently have an anti-bot system going on to counter the pornbots. If your account is younger than a week, please DM SymeSynth#1283 before entering the server. The Avatar Arena is a crossover roleplay that features a world called a dimensional nexus: where characters of all kinds can meet, canon, fan, and full OCs alike, and engage in interactions, plots, or fighting. It also promotes creativity and player freedom, allowing users to make their own plots and events as they wish. Moreover, the Arena features a semi-active community mainly catering to creators, with over 16 bots, as well as multiple writing and media channels.
STOP! HALT! You have (not violated the law) STUMBLED ACROSS A NEW ROLEPLAY SERVER! And what should you do, my fine and fellow friend? JOIN THIS SERVER! Now, we're not pulling any punches here, no sir! There is going to be no subtlety found in this description! You should absolutely JOIN THIS SERVER! What can you do here? It's simple! Anything? Well, okay, not anything, you can't blow up the universe, but you can live in it however you like! We have canon characters! Original characters! Alternate characters! All housed together under one roof, undergoing arcs and stories and events and whatever else your little black heart desires! Lex Luthor is president, for crying out loud! And the VP is a fish! What do YOU want to be? JOIN OUR SERVER! please and thank you.
A fun place to roleplay with almost any character from anything that isn't too op!
A small roleplay and hangout containing a collection of different universes and fandoms. Create your own character and join the ongoing story of the RCS!
Welcome to Crossing Fates, an all-around roleplay where we try to bring fun. There are many things to check out, come and join in!
A comfy little shithole for gutters and crusts of the world. The Crasslands is a new server for Punks of all genres to congregate, to share in the love of music, and subculture. Moderation and hegemony are at a minimum, and the goal of the Crasslands is to leave the direction of the server up to the community it hosts.
Welcome to The Thrash Pit, fellow Thrasher! Anyone with a special passion for thrash metal is welcome to come and mosh with us. Not familiar with thrash metal but are interested in learning about it? You’re also welcome! Anyone that’s nice and chill and just likes to hang? YOU ARE WELCOME! Everyone is welcome! Except for elitists. And other asshats. We have thrash genre roles and beer, so come give us a visit if you’re interested.