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ArsenalNFT is Crypto/DeFi's FIRST and ONLY NFT CREATION DAO and Passive Income Ecosystem that pays out in USDC.e
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Crypto | Gaming | Financial
ArsenalNFT is Crypto/DeFi's FIRST and ONLY NFT CREATION DAO and Passive Income Ecosystem that pays out in USDC.e
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Role-Playing | Community
This planet, though it seems like earth, is a much larger version of it. Larger than your Saturn, yet smaller than say Neptune. Right now you’re in the coldest part of this planet. What we’re calling the Tundra. Have fun trying to find your way out because trust me, unless your powers can help you out this will be the hardest thing you’ve ever faced thus far. So yeah buddy, welcome to THE TUNDRA! We’re a furry friendly server and we’ve got tons of stuff for you to do! -RP -Self roles - Memes + dank memer - music bots -tacoshack -and helpful staff And we’re still adding on stuff as we go! So we’re hoping you’ll join our small yet growing server!
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Role-Playing | Writing
I'm just going to give you a run down on the lore TL;DR: everyone has superpowers so the government sent us to a city on the moon so we wouldn't hurt the normal people. (but this just separated people.)
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Role-Playing | Gaming
A world with its own lore, its own kingdoms, and its own creators (gods). Each kingdom has a story of its own with its own respectful rulers and their own friends/enemies. Evil, good, neutral. Will you be part of them or a mere traveler? 💠 All Character Types Allowed! 💠 Craft your own arcs!
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Role-Playing | LGBT
welcome to raver/scemo multifandom roleplay universe!!!11! imagine if all your favorite fandoms and characters where all transported mysteriously in one universe stuck in the 2000s. after being in this realm for a few weeks they all became scenekids/ravers/emos (or any 2000s aesthetic for that matter) this area has many amenities including a mall many resturants/bars and it seems like a normal downtown area well except something seems off with how the world around them is crafted and some may even wonder 'is this world even real?' this server has an lgbtq focus and alot of lgbtq members so if ur a homophobe or transphobe stay away.
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Anime | Role-Playing
╔═══════ ೋღ ✿ ღೋ ═══════╗ ┋───・🗽 Spirit Warriors┃#50⚡・────┋ ╚═══════ ೋღ ✿ ღೋ ═══════╝ 『👋️』__Olá Seja Bem-vindo ao servidor no momento tem bastante coisas de the beginning after the end mas a gente vai adiciona coisas de animes,mangás e Manhwas__『👋️』 『🛠️』・➥__Sistemas Bem Trabalhados!!__ ✧• ──────────❰🌀❱────────── •✧ 『🏮️』・➥__Staffs Sempre Dispostos a Ajudar!__ ✧• ──────────❰🌀❱────────── •✧ 『🤖️』・➥__Bots De Diversões para seu Entretenimento!!__ ✧• ──────────❰🌀❱────────── •✧ 『⭐️』・➥__Chats e Cargos organizados para sua diversão!!__ ✧• ──────────❰🌀❱────────── •✧ 『🌟』__Nós temos isso e muito mais! Se quiser saber mais sobre o servidor, entre no servidor! Você será muito Bem-vindo(a)!!__『🌟』 『✴️』Ping ・➥ 『🌙️』Representante ・➥ 『🌟』Gif・➥ 『💥️』Convite ・➥
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Role-Playing | Anime
Hello It seems you interested in what Anime Odyssey Is Well It's a Anime Crossover Roleplay where you can create an OC from anyone of the Anime in Selection At the Moment we have Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Jojo Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia And More coming in the future we also host Arcs and Events Such as Tailed Beast Battles and Tournaments so you'll need to improve your fighting skills to become the best of the best so we hope to see you join