Club Cirno Icon
Emoji | Social
Club Cirno promotes chillax (chill and relax) through its community of laid back, low motivational members. This is on top of hosting 100+ emotes of our beloved Cirno. Whether you're here for casual talk, life rambles, frog catching, or just Cirno emotes, we have you covered. Come join our active co
Rise of the Clans Icon
Hobbies | Community
This is Rise of the Clans! We're a casual server for fans of Erin Hunter's Warriors series. Fans old and new are welcome to join us for discussions, community, and just general hanging out. We hope to talk with you soon!
Minamoto Icon
Anime | Gaming
Minamoto is aiming to be a community server dedicated to almost everything from anime to video games and more, if you have any suggestions on what we should add please feel free to dm me SamuraiChamploo#0420 or enter the server and leave a suggestion in the dedicated channel
PP R6 Icon
Gaming | Community
We are a very kind community that looks out for one another. If you are looking to just chill and play games, then I am sure you will love this server.
The Shadow Sector Icon
Community | Gaming
☆Welcome to the Shadow Sector☆ We are a friendly & wholesome community, who enjoy anything video game and anime related! ୧‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿୨✧୧‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿୨ You can enjoy yourself with a nice cup of tea or coffee while talking to other amazing like-minded people about your hobbies, whether that includes anime, music, art or games, or sharing memes and cute animal pictures, we have everything covered! What we offer: › A friendly growing community! › Special server events to keep you entertained! Those include gaming events, tournaments, art competitions and more! › A dedicated channel for customising your favourite roles such as games, colors and more! › A streamers channel so you can stay entertained and check out who's live! › Plenty of bots to keep you occupied including Mudae, OwO, Poketwo and more! › A Minecraft Realms server that you're more than welcome to join! › Plenty of varied emojis to use here or in other servers!
Producers Hangout Icon
Music | Social
A friendly place that also contains professionals in the real world music industry that can give you the edge you need to take your music to the next level. Producers Hangout is a server dedicated to bringing together music creators of all types, whether it's physical instruments or electronic. Producers Hangout is: Able to bring together like-minded people who love the creation of music. A great place to meet people who can help you further progress your music-making path. A location to send your projects and get real and sometimes even accredited constructive criticism. Invite code:
Another One Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
New server about Gaming and Casual stuff Welcome to the server! we hope that you enjoy your stay! Here you can find: - Plenty of giveaways - Fun events - Super active chats - A leveling system with unlockable perks - Many different bots - Even more to explore! Our vigilant staff team ensures all members of the server abide by our rules, but if you find anyone that slips past the filter make sure to report them! Please read the rules here: #🚦server-rules
DEC - Division Especial Cerberus Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
La División Especial Cerberus es un clan casual hispanohablante basado principalmente en el juego ArmA3, nos caracterizamos por ser serios pero sin las responsabilidades que otros clanes exigen.
The Official Beans Server Icon
Gaming | Community
Calling all beans. Ever feel lost? As if you dont know the meaning to life? Or just looking to meet new people of all backgrounds? Well the beans discord server is for you! Join here if you like beans. This server is for everybody; be it gamers, Anime enthusiasts, you name it. Not just bean enthusiasts.
United Front Icon
Gaming | Military
A Squad based community where we casually play that and other games, we also do weekly events and play in larger multi-clan events. We run a server in Squad that goes by the same name, hop in and join us!
c h e l l o w Icon
Community | Social
Let's meet new people and chellow togethah.
Assault Battalion Icon
Gaming | Military
The Assault Battalion is an emergent Squad outfit. We play and organize drawing from military experience and know-how. With a healthy mixture of 50% milsim and 50% memes we tend to not take things too seriously..., until we do. Are you looking for a tight knit, highly organized but flexible and friendly outfit to play Squad? Look no further than the Assault Battalion. We offer high cohesive game-play with leaders who know their stuff. We operate on a basis of trust and brotherhood, and you'll find no acceptance anywhere else on the internet than ours. Want to learn and train? The Assault Battalion believes in taking experience and knowledge from both real life and in-game and teaching it to others. This way we stay on top of the game, offering unparalleled expertise and cohesion in battle.
Foxtrot's Thought Train Icon
Community | Meme
Hello! Foxtrot's Thought Train is a server for people to chat and post funny reddit posts and memes. It's a fairly small server but I was wanting to grow it. You can find new friends and even promote your own server, if you'd like!
Miami's Vice Icon
Community | Gaming
We are a gaming community focused on Rocket League and other FPS type games. We play casually and like to just have fun.
TCN Group Icon
Gaming | Community
A discord server for the TCN group, a group of friends making online content and organising tournaments. Home of the TCN pro League
Degenerate Gaming Icon
Community | Gaming
An 18 and up server full of assholes. Join us for some fun!
Get Some Game Icon
Gaming | Community
Get Some Game is a West Australian based Aussie Gaming Community with focus on multiplayer gaming of all kinds including PC/Console/Board/DnD/Mobile
Community | Entertainment
A server for Floridians, by Floridians. Want to argue over the best pub subs? Complain about bad drivers? Get in here.
TNS Icon
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the new shit's discord server!
The Alto Region Icon
Role-Playing | Community
A Pokemon-themed server that supports both people who do and don't want to roleplay. True to the name, it takes place in a fan-made region. People can explore the region, challenge gyms to collect badges, and earn the right to participate in the eventual tournament that will decide the Elite Four and Champion. Or just hang out casually. Whatever floats your goat.
Jonal Gaming Icon
Meme | Gaming
Casual gaming server with members from several continents focused around Jonal's Youtube channel. Join for a laid back meme server with friendly staff and over 900 members.
Rhetoric™ Icon
Community | Beliefs
Rhetoric is a server designed for unrestricted debate, argumentation and discussion. Virtually all topics and ideologies are accepted.
IdiotBox_YT Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
Want to join a new roblox related discord server which is my official youtube discord server??? Interested in playing Dungeon Quest??? Then this is the server for you! I also hold robux giveaways and we have hosts for Dungeon Quest.
Wave Icon
Community | Hobbies
A friendly community for people to relax in and meet other wonderful folks! Talk about games, music, or whatever you feel like. Jump in!
Bone Cake's Community Hub Icon
Community | Anime
This is a server where different users and their friends can chat and hangout with. We have over 15 Channels, each with different purposes for users to interact and utilize, and of course, socialize! We hope to bring in wide variety of people including Gamers, Memers, Anime Fans, Artists etc. Please follow the rules and have fun!
Dispored Icon
Gaming | Social
A simple discord server with the intent for people who are fans of the 2008 video game, Spore.
Chat Server #9 Icon
Community | Social
A small server for casual chat or otherwise chilling out.
g ggg's secret server Icon
Community | Meme
A fun server for casual/chill talking, memes, and debating. A small community for having fun conversations.
Cyber Café Icon
Gaming | Community
Want a cup of coffee? We are a chill server with: ◆ Active Members ◆ Events ◆ Self assignable roles ◆ Memes ? Memes ◆ People chatting about gaming! And more!
Spartans Community Icon
Gaming | Social
SpartansUK, a community achieving a high standard of gaming since 2017, now on Discord!
The Pantheon Icon
Social | Community
This is a server I hope let's you find a group your comfortable with, a group where you belong. For those who love a wholesome experience, we have our heaven, and for those who love a bit of chaotic energy, hells insanity chat is for you. Overall any are welcome in this newly established pantheon
Run and Gun Icon
Gaming | Community
Cyber Hunter | CODM | Casual | Competitive | Run and Gun
Sinister Gaming - Public Server Icon
eSports | Gaming
We aim to build an active community of gamers who just want to have fun and grind
✨SushiChat✨ Icon
Art | Entertainment | Role-Playing
If you're interested in branching out and finding more platforms to post and share your artwork and online presence by all means, join us! You can share your OCs, worlds you've built, and maybe tips of the trade & share them to others! You don't have to be an artist to join our server!
Kowalski, Analysis Icon
Gaming | Community
A Fun channel for casual league of legends players EUW.
Phone-A-Friend Icon
Community | Social
Are you looking for a friend? Well Phone-A-Friend is the place for you! We are a group of kind people just looking for other people to talk to.
Immunity Icon
Gaming | Community
Immunity, a fast-paced arcade shooter with endless waves of relentless enemies. Play as the last surviving white blood-cell and destroy opposing threats that only wish to vanquish you. Join the Immunity community to compete in upcoming contests and receive all of the latest updates regarding Immunity (Coming Late November 2019). I promise, we don't have cooties. We've been playing IMMUNITY!
Shockwave Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Shockwave is a casual - competitive fortnite clan.
Abberantics Esports Icon
eSports | Community
fortnite apex legends counterstrike call of duty minecraft community casual competitive friendly NA EU rainbow six team
✨Reybot’s Party!✨ Icon
Art | Community
Welcome to the party! This server is a casual talk server, with some parts for roleplay! There’s a lot of Danganronpa, but any type of fandom is allowed, as long as it isn’t nsfw or gorey. I hope you’ll join :D!
Leechy's Traphouse Icon
Social | Music
Leechy's Traphouse is a server for being social and making new friends, and the main attractions are music and video games!
Misfits Tavern Icon
Social | Support
Casual chill memes art poetry world news positivity self help guidance friendship gaming music movies
The Covenanted Cove Icon
Gaming | Community
Chill gaming and general discord for those who are DTE.
Fortune Days Icon
Gaming | Social
Variety gaming/social community!
Ploptown Icon
Gaming | Community
Friendly, active gaming community! :) [DE|GER] Icon
Gaming | Social - MultiGaming Was wir bieten: Aktive Voicemember Erwachsene Spieler Gamingevents Selbst enwickelter Discordbot mit innovativen Funktionen News zu kostenlosen Spieleangeboten Verschiedene Game Server
Buddy Club Icon
Community | Social
an epic and swag server for cool dudes lgbtqia+ friendly
Chill Lounge Icon
Gaming | Community
A friendly and very welcoming gaming and hangout server!
Aspen Civilization Icon
Role-Playing | Furry
Casual RolePlay focused on a post apocalyptic world. Welcome to new roleplayers and new alike! Friendly staff and players. Ceta, the name of the new center of known civilization, a shining beacon in the wastes. Its location is within the spacious grasslands, close to the wild and thick woodlands to the west, and approximately 20 miles away from the nearest ocean, through the grasslands to the east. Up north through the grass leads to more desolate and sandy areas of the desert wastes. Southwards runs along the border of the grasslands and woods, towards mighty mountain ranges.
Corona-Langeweile Icon
Willkommen zum Coronaferien-Langeweile Server. 🦠 Uns einen Langeweile - und der Wille etwas dagegen zu unternehmen. Leiste uns also etwas Gesellschaft in unseren Text- und Sprachkanälen. ✌🏼
KrxZy Klan Icon
Gaming | Community
Are you looking for a chill place to game and meme? Well krxzy klan is the place for you! Krxzy klan is a casual gaming community looking for members like you!
Writing | Social
Promote your story here now!
Cardboard Crew Icon
Gaming | Social
We are a group of Xbox gamers just looking to get more members so we can play, Were not so much a clan and more of a bunch of people just trying to find more players to join us and have some fun. Where open to suggestions and always down to play some video games. So please we join, we would be glad to have you.
Valorant Comp Icon
Gaming | Community
A friendly competitive/casual valorant scrim/Ranked/pub server
vibe city Icon
Anime | Gaming
A casual server which mainly focuses on Gaming, Anime, Dating and Role-playing. We hold many events such as contests, tournaments, and live streams of a wide variety. So what are you waiting for, fellow degenerate? join us now!
QuedengQuedeng Icon
Gaming | Community
This is a Dutch/English discord server! We play alot together, mostly for fun but we also like some ranked games ;) You can ask anyone to play a game with and make some new friends! Feel free to take a look sometime :)
SA - Samurai Anarchy Icon
Gaming | Community
- Non-toxic - Competitive or casual gameplay for a variety of games - Casual conversation
The GioHub Community Icon
Anime | Community
A peculiar yet chill server for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fans~
=┊m a n i a ┊= Icon
Anime | Community
✿*✿*✿ 𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓪 ✿*✿*✿ well hello there! are you looking for a nice, caring and wholesome community? even if you aren't, join us! in mania, you can meet and get to know friends, `🌸`┊19 different role colors! `🌼`┊A close-knit and wholesome community! `🌸`┊art, anime, manga! `🌼`┊Custom booster roles! `🌸`┊wake up to warm internet hugs! `🌼`┊exp and level up system!
R6clash_ Icon
Gaming | Social
A Rainbow Six Siege community where your able to make friends!
Ironhide Posse Icon
Gaming | Streaming
If you like Red Dead Online or Call of Duty Modern Warfare / Warzone, then this is the place to be! I'm RDTechy and I am a streamer that primarily focuses on CoD and RDR Online! If you wanna have some laughs, share your gameplay and love for food with a chill group of guys and gals - This is the place to be!
Nameless Icon
Gaming | eSports
- NAMELESS(院ぐ媛) NAMELESS is for people that just want to relax and game with others. Meet new people, game with people, make friends with them. Most of the games that us people play in Nameless is Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege, however, we are expanding out to whatever. [👹] - Owner is active. [👪] - Make new friends, chat and game. [🖤] - Going to make teams for different games. [🤝] - Sponsors soon. [🥳] - Giveaways soon. We are hoping to meet some new people too so feel free to join if you'd like. We wish for everyone to meet new people to game with, casual to competitive alike.
CourNime! Icon
A new and friendly server! We're continuing to making changes to the server to fit everyones tastes!
Gaming | Community
This is a new community which aims to create an Awesome environment where everyone is free to talk about Dragon ball legends, Dragon ball Super anime discussion, Pokemon Games, Anime, Other types of Anime and Games, Casual Discussions etc.
Discord Junkies Icon
Community | Social | Mature
We're a more mature oriented community that talks and chats about almost anything! We're quite lax so don't be afraid to join, we're always here to chat if you ever need to talk about anything, ranging from casual conversations to venting about issues! We'd love to meet you!
SoFtBOILeD's Studio Icon
Music | Gaming
My personal server (PG-13) mean't for games like Smash, Pokemon, Rivals, and other games along with art and music (Special role for artists and musicians). Come join if you like music and games, along with doing art. We are a community wanting to thrive with server events as well, and we allow personal advertising with anything (Including other Discord servers)! We would be happy if you join us today in SoFtBOILeD's Studio!
Wet Cheese Icon
Entertainment | Meme
This is your discord server for a casual conversation. Chill people and good atmosphere will keep you entertained for months!
#NoHomo Icon
Entertainment | Community
Server sin propósito particular, tómalo con calma. Intentaremos mantener un estándar de calidad en el server sin limitar libertades.
Mr Polar’s private suite Icon
Gaming | Social
This is my gaming / social discord server that I actively play with friends, draw and talk in. I have numerous roles to specify your interests with private chats only to those who like a certain game along with a public setting for everyone. You can share art, listen to music, use for game chat, find new friends and use the pinboard to pin something embarrassing your friend says (a personal favorite).
Casual talk Icon
Anime | Entertainment
A place where you can start a Casual Talk
another ordinary server Icon
LGBT | Social
not sure what to put here.. please join, I'm trying to work on this server extremely hard to grow it into a large one. I've added bots and stuff, you can request some if you'd like. so yeah! please consider joining. thank you! <3
Wiz Club Icon
Gaming | Community
💥💥💥 Welcome To The Club! 💥💥💥 🎮 We Are Looking To Bring People From The Wizard101 Community Together In To One Place. Come Join Us At The Club! 🎮 🤝- Find A Partner To Play With 💬- Interact In Are Voice/Text Chats 🤔- Learn From Each Other 😆- Never Stop The Meme's!!!!