The largest Touhou Project Server on Discord! We have a lot of other online communities' staff, big and small name content creators, and people around the world forming the biggest Touhou melting pot. We try to keep a casual lounge atmosphere so join us to discuss Touhou, fan content, or any other common interest be it other games, music, or whatever!
A server for the Unidentified Fantastic Flying Girl, Nue Houjuu, from the Touhou Project.
Hello and welcome to our server! We are a lively and growing community with very active members! Everyone has a place in this community and we actively encourage everyone to claim or make a character as quickly as possible. Our staff are kind and supportive people who will help you along the way when you need to make a character! I hope you have an amazing time here! :3
A Touhou RP server, a successor to the old PoIR Touhou RP Forum. We are currently seeking out new players to populate our Gensokyo, but we won't say no to non-roleplayers that would like to become part of our community.
This is the Discord branch of Touhou Hell, anything Touhou related (or not) is welcome here, feel free to jump in!
Club Cirno is a nitro emoji server for Crayon Cirno! But wait, there's more! We also have a community of laid back, low motivation peeps who talk about stuff, and more stuff, ya know. Conversations and activity are on and off, but if you're here for small chat we got that covered for ya.
Hello! Rumia's Shroud of Darkness is a Touhou community with a real focus on everything Touhou, official and fanmade. We play glorious multiplayer Touhou games together all the time and are the first and only Touhou server to have skill recognition roles for achievements in official Touhou games, as well as having over 75 dedicated Touhou character channels, letting you easily find the cutest pics for your favorite Touhou characters! If you've always wanted to be part of a Touhou community that really emphasizes Touhou activity like one should, somewhere you can get real tips and advice on improving your Touhou skills, or just a warm and friendly place to chat about Touhou, we welcome you to Rumia's Shroud of Darkness!
Genso Chronicles is an archive of plot and character summaries for the Touhou Project (東方Project) series. These summaries are made to clarify and illuminate the universe of Touhou, while also being reasonably ambiguous as the series itself. The archive is work in progress, with new information being added regularly. I hope you enjoy the development!
New server that has everything every other server has. But hey, we're new and trying to make it big. This is my first server :) Join if you want to meet epic people.
☯ Come join 5000 other weebs, memes, artist, and gamers in EasyWeeb!!! We're a super chill server with an active voice chat (Wow so rare). We're always welcoming to new members 😎😎 🍙 We also have over 200 emotes!!! 🍙 (ΦωΦ)
Discord server for
Greetings, and welcome to Tenshi's Peach Garden! Currently boasting over 3500 members, this server is dedicated to the chatter of, and discussion for anime lovers, game lovers, and anyone willing to stop by with common interests. There's always something to talk about, so don't be shy, and say hello! We in the administrative team wish you a wonderful stay at Tenshi's Peach Garden!
Community Discord server for 2D shoot 'em up enthusiasts.
Server Brasileiro da comunidade Touhou Brasil, vinculada a pagina do facebook, comunidade do amino e canal do Youtube
robocat appreciation association is where u praise robocat428942!!! u can post funny cats, anime, nightcore, vocaloid, and funny pictures. it is epic!!!
Touhou Club Server
This is one among thousands of servers you get a chance in to socialize. We play video games together, share food recipes, listen to music in the voice channels and try to keep the place well organized and ever changing. Channels will be expanded upon request of users if I deem it to be in the interest of my servers theme. I believe a community is only worth existing as long as it is active and brings people together, so that's my aim here.
We love anime, gaming, Touhou and all things in between! Meet new people, and play games together!! We also host events, eventual giveaways and also livestream on Twitch! Any and all are welcome!!
A friendly art/gaming streamer server created by ShiroOinari (A new art/game streamer). Come join to make new friends, share your artwork, and play your favorite multiplayer games with others!
__**Touhou ~ Fangames 'n Chill**__ Do you like Touhou? Are you interested in the vast amounts of fanworks that exist? What about a very active and caring community? Well look no further from here, we welcome any Touhou fan into our server! We have: •Lots of super-players that can help you achieve that 1cc! •Recognition of fantastic composers, artists, and programmers! •Fangame downloads! •Server activities! •Active VCs! •Lots of friendly people who love to chat! We aim to make this the best Touhou server for fanworks on Discord, so please enjoy your stay!
A place for friends to share their soft girls
Nous sommes une communauté francophone internationale de Touhou Project, un regroupement de fans dont nous avons tous un point commun : Touhou Project.
Are you looking for a chill community server? Are you looking for a place to find fellow Touhou fans? This server's the place for you~ Here, we worship Kutaka and value everyone. We accept everyone with open arms, and hope you'll join our wonderful growing community.
What is your passion? Whether it be anime (and waifus), rhythm games, music, or staring at the sky on a Sunday, our Fishbowl welcomes all fish in the sea! Join our little family today!
/jp/ themed server where we play dota, league and other games sometimes. Join and drop by the chat, we're usually active in getting parties going in game.
A server for sharing Japanese learning resources and practicing through casual conversation.
Server dedicated to the collaboration of touhou fan game creators. These games can be anything of the source big or small. We all welcome those ranging from devs themselves working on their games (either by themselves or in groups) to the beta testers of said games and everyone in-between. We also have: • A welcoming community who are more than willing to talk about many different subjects • Emotes (and open emote slots for both animated and still images) • Foreign Language channels • An overall lax community If this is the kind of server that interests you join on in and invite your friends too!~
Welcome to Irreversible Birth of The East (Ibote). This a Touhou server dedicated to the Touhou community and all things Gensokyo. Here, you'll find the latest we know on lore, main games, and fan material, as well as a place to interact and socialize with other like-minded Touhou fans. Thanks for joining our community, welcome to our little place in Gensokyo, and enjoy your stay.
¡Hola a todos, y sean bienvenidos a Toho Team [ Mystical Crossover Project ]! El sitio oficial de crossovers basados en la saga de Touhou Project. Entra a esta comunidad creada para ayudarte en tus proyectos de crossovers entre lo que más te gusta de Touhou y de tus videojuegos, animes, series, fanworks u obras favoritas, mientras que también puedes conocer a nuevas amistades en nuestro servidor dedicado para personas de diferentes gustos y culturas donde podrás platicar, compartir, jugar, colaborar y divertirte en todo momento. Ofrecemos canales de música, memes y cultura asiática; así como de Touhou Project, League of Legends, Minecraft, Terraria, Steam, juegos retro y fangames, entre otros. Sé parte hoy de esta comunidad, hagamos crossovers místicos juntos y ayúdanos a que otros disfruten de esta experiencia única. Por los amigos, por la familia, ¡por el equipo!
A server dedicated to Komeiji Satori. My aim for this server is to provide a place for us to collectively engage our appreciation of Satori, and fulfill our Satori needs.
A server for Touhou roleplays. We do focus on putting real effort into the roleplaying but we won't be too uptight. We won't stick too strictly to Touhou lore.
A server with only whats necessary to not overwhelm the users.
Master Spark is a quiet and friendly Discord community revolving around anime, League of Legends, Touhou and a place to hang out with your new favorite weeb degenerate streamer, Marisa. :)
Gensokyo roleplay server! We offer you OC creation, freedom of actions, whole Gensokyo and friednly community of course! We're low on numbers and quite inactive, however you can change that! Come and join my server today! Always happy for new members!
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