Gaming | Music
🎸 Touhou music is finally in your pocket with Danmaku Kagura, the mobile Touhou music gacha game! Translations, emojis, and friends at the ready! 日本人は大歓迎です!
Gaming | Art
Dedicated Discord server for the Minecraft Gensokyo map. TouhouCraft.
Gaming | Anime
For players of Touhou: Doll Draft! Download the demo for FREE on Steam! Join for matchmaking, emoji, and more!
Community | Art
Home of the classic Touhou gamers and partiers! Play and talk about the canon Touhou bullet-hell games! Art contests, EXCLUSIVE Touhou Kahoot games, a Minecraft server, and much more can be found here!
Anime | Community
Club Cirno is a nitro emoji server for Crayon Cirno! We also have a community of laid back, low motivation peeps who talk about stuff, and more stuff, ya know. Conversations and activity are on and off, but if you're here for small chat we got that covered for ya.
Gaming | Entertainment
We're awaiting the upcoming game Valkyrie of Phantasm by AreaZero, a 3D Touhou game that is currently in production! Come on in, set up camp, and get cozy! We can't wait! 日本人は大歓迎です!
Gaming | Anime
Home to players of the upcoming Touhou virtual card game, Touhou Nimensou! Translations, emojis, and friends at the ready! 日本人は大歓迎です!
Art | Community
What's the best thing to do after a long session of a danmaku battle? Smoking! Join in and talk about how much you love smoking (or not, we won't judge) :) We also encourage talking about other topics, including drinking!
Art | Community
Server is mainly focused on Touhou and Guns, mostly arts. Come join in and collect your gun arts. Or talk about what guns you love!
Gaming | Anime
Server Brasileiro da comunidade Touhou Brasil, vinculada a pagina do facebook, comunidade do amino e canal do Youtube
Anime | YouTuber
robocat appreciation association is where u praise robocat428942!!! u can post funny cats, anime, nightcore, vocaloid, and funny pictures. it is epic!!!
Gaming | Anime
A server for the Megaman Battle Network/Touhou crossover fangame, Shanghai.EXE.
Anime | Gaming
O que temos: •Conversamos sobre Touhou •Sessão de Musicas e arts •Conversa com brasileiros e gringos •Um ambiente agradável para todos ^^
Streaming | Art
A friendly art/gaming streamer server created by ShiroOinari (A new art/game streamer). Come join to make new friends, share your artwork, and play your favorite multiplayer games with others!
Anime | Gaming
__**Touhou ~ Fangames 'n Chill**__ Do you like Touhou? Are you interested in the vast amounts of fanworks that exist? What about a very active and caring community? Well look no further from here, we welcome any Touhou fan into our server! We have: •Lots of super-players that can help you achieve that 1cc! •Recognition of fantastic composers, artists, and programmers! •Fangame downloads! •Server activities! •Active VCs! •Lots of friendly people who love to chat! We aim to make this the best Touhou server for fanworks on Discord, so please enjoy your stay!
Community | Gaming
Nous sommes une communauté francophone internationale de Touhou Project, un regroupement de fans dont nous avons tous un point commun : Touhou Project.
Programming | Gaming
Server dedicated to the collaboration of touhou fan game creators. These games can be anything of the source big or small. We all welcome those ranging from devs themselves working on their games (either by themselves or in groups) to the beta testers of said games and everyone in-between. We also have: • A welcoming community who are more than willing to talk about many different subjects • Emotes (and open emote slots for both animated and still images) • Foreign Language channels • An overall lax community If this is the kind of server that interests you join on in and invite your friends too!~
Role-Playing | Community
A Touhou RP server, a successor to the old PoIR Touhou RP Forum. We are currently seeking out new players to populate our Gensokyo, but we won't say no to non-roleplayers that would like to become part of our community.
Art | Bot
The den housing a DueUtil clone known as SumiUtil.
Education | Language
A server for sharing Japanese learning resources and practicing through casual conversation.
Role-Playing | Community
FR : Les JdR de Gensokyo est un serveur de jeux de rôle principalement sur la base d'un dé cent (1d100) se déroulant dans l'univers de Touhou project. Il n'est pas nécessaire de connaitre parfaitement tout l'univers de Touhou pour y participer. Les néophytes sont aussi les bienvenues. Le serveur comporte aussi un octogone et des salons de discutions et de partages autours de Touhou et du JDR. Si vous êtes joueur ou MJ, nous vous accueillons à bras ouvert. Les JDR se font principalement en Français et en vocal, mais chaque MJ décident des modalités de leurs parties. EN : Les JdR de Gensokyo is a role-playing server mainly based on a one-hundred roll (1d100) in the Touhou project universe. It is not necessary to know perfectly all the universe of Touhou to participate. Neophytes are also welcome. The server also includes an octagon and channels to shares around Touhou and JDR. If you are a player or GM, we welcome you. (The serveur is mainly french)
Anime | Role-Playing
Gensokyo roleplay server! We offer you OC creation, freedom of actions, whole Gensokyo and friednly community of course! We're low on numbers and quite inactive, however you can change that! Come and join my server today! Always happy for new members!
Community | Gaming
We are a Touhou themed server, but we invite you to share anything that you are interested in! Lots of friendly people and interactive bots! touhou emotes! Come play our new Touhou Gacha Card Game!
Community | Gaming
A server dedicated to Komeiji Satori. My aim for this server is to provide a place for us to collectively engage our appreciation of Satori, and fulfill our Satori needs.
Role-Playing | Community
A server for Touhou roleplays. We do focus on putting real effort into the roleplaying but we won't be too uptight. We won't stick too strictly to Touhou lore.
Social | Community
[email protected] a Paradise of Boundaries, comunidad hispana de Touhou Project sede de proyectos reconocidos como la Bunbunmaru Extra (BBEX), la traducción de TH Project al español latino y los álbumes remastered de TH.
Anime | Meme
Hey! Welcome to the most chill public server on discord. We originally started as a personal server, but we've grown above 120 members now, so we're going public. We've people in every fandom you can think of, and channels dedicated to anything you can think of too.It'd be great if you joined!
Community | Meme
Touhou Armpits. NSFW and SFW posting. Danbooru feed too.
Mature | Art
☆゚・﹕.。.☆゚・﹕.。.☆☆.。.﹕・゚☆.。.﹕・゚☆☆.。.﹕﹡・゚☆.。.﹕・゚☆☆゚・﹕.。.☆゚・﹡﹕.。.☆☆.。.﹕﹡・ (。- ω -。) ♡ 13﹢ [ We are a small community, hoping to grow!] ~Features: ☆゚Self Roles!☆゚ ☆゚Qotd!☆゚ ☆゚Birthdays!☆゚ ☆゚About yourself!☆゚ ☆゚Memes!☆゚ ☆゚Bots for your desire!☆゚ ☆゚Artwork/by others!☆゚ ☆゚Ask Maria!☆゚ ☆゚Toxicity free!☆゚ ☆゚Wholesome chats☆゚
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to Touhou Project Roleplay! An active community of Touhou fans, where the main focus is about roleplay! Self-roles are here to provide some feeling of community. We also take suggestions as it helps us make the server better! ⤅ The RP is set up in such a way that the story is progressive. Based around creating character relationships that are intricate. If you enjoy a more deep and detailed roleplay, this is where you'll find it. We welcome beginners and help them through the RP when they need it! ⤅ This server is both canon and OC friendly. Upon joining, you can have 3 OCs, and 3 canons. One slot is left which you can use for either. Making a total of 7 characters one can have. It's possible to receive more slots based on your activity. ⤅ The roleplay is in such a way it keeps faithful to Gensyoko how it was intended! There are some preliminary questions to answer when you join! We have basic requirements that you must meet. Enjoy your stay!
Gaming | Community
Hello! Rumia's Shroud of Darkness is a Touhou gaming community with an active focus on incredible online multiplayer Touhou fangames like LotusCraft (a glorious Starcraft II-inspired Touhou RTS, and Magical Battle Arena NEXT (an exciting Touhou/Mahou Shoujo crossover 3D arena shooter, We're also the first and only Touhou server to have skill recognition roles for achievements in the official Touhou games, as well as having over 75 dedicated Touhou character channels, letting you easily find the cutest pics for your favorite Touhou characters! If you're a Touhou fan wanting to have a blast playing Touhou games together with friends, we warmly welcome you to Rumia's Shroud of Darkness!
Anime | Gaming
Greetings, and welcome to Tenshi's Peach Garden! Currently boasting around 3000 members, this server is dedicated to the chatter of, and discussion for anime lovers, game lovers, and anyone willing to stop by with common interests. There's always something to talk about, so don't be shy, and say hello! We in the administrative team wish you a wonderful stay at Tenshi's Peach Garden!
Music | Gaming
Also based on the Touhou Project character named Nitori Kawashiro
Gaming | Social
Sokuway, Comunidad de Touhou Hisoutensoku en Español. Un sitio para jugar casual o competitivamente. ¡Torneos, duelos y más! Ven a jugar con nosotros o a pasar un buen rato.
Streaming | Community
Discord server for
Community | Entertainment
Touhou Fanclub for one and all! Come on in and chat it up!
Gaming | Anime
Small server usually talking about touhou and other games like metal gear, Skyrim and girls frontline and basically just chill and talk about anything here
Gaming | Anime
Jak będzie w Gensokyo - sekcja Touhou. Polski serwer w tematyce Touhou Project. Zapraszamy każdego. Grupa na FB:
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the Pocket Gensokyo! A newly formed Touhou Community! We don't have too much of a greater focus other than being a hideout for Touhou fans with a relaxed atmosphere, however, we intend to keep growing and get as many wonderful people as we can, so feel free to join and take it easy!
Gaming | Anime
The best place to find a Touhou server that suits your needs.
Art | Music
This is a server for people of many different interests, the two main ones being art and music. Mainly catering towards those into Touhou Project and Vocaloid. OtoMAD/YTPMV artists also welcome.
Gaming | Anime
Server focused on touhou projects, also known as 2hu, toehoe pp or simply touhou. There's a channel for almost every topic. Stay warm and get comfy, let's have a good time.
Gaming | Community
The largest Touhou Project Server on Discord! We have a lot of other online communities' staff, big and small name content creators, and people around the world forming the biggest Touhou melting pot. We try to keep a casual lounge atmosphere so join us to discuss Touhou, fan content, or any other common interest be it other games, music, or whatever!
Anime | Gaming
The official server for Touhou LostWord. A mobile RPG based on the beloved Touhou Project. Join the community!
Gaming | Community
The Shmups Discord! Welcome! This is a Discord server for 2D shoot 'em up / shmup / STG genre enthusiasts.
Gaming | Music
Touhou Danmaku Kagura is the first rhythm mobile game of the “Touhou Project” franchise. The game features the hit songs of the “Touhou Project” franchise. Players can build your team with more than 40 signature characters, use their card skills and enjoy their individual stories. Join the community and share the stage alongside them!