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DisGalaxy • 仙女座 Discord Server Banner
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#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Socially Active 💬 🌺 Space & Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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Gaming | Community
This is a friendly community for those that enjoy Touhou. If you're also into art, anime, and weeb things, feel free to join! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🔺Touhou Project | 東方Project 🔺Touhou | 東方 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
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Community | Gaming
Moriya Tournament MvM + Powerups e diversos plugins IP DO SERVIDOR muita zueira e diversão
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Gaming | Anime
A server for the Megaman Battle Network/Touhou crossover fangame, Shanghai.EXE.
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Community | Photography
A place for hanging out and loving Koishi <3 Join to have a good time and make a few friends along the way!
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Gaming | Manga
Touhou European Assembly is a portal/community server about Touhou Project in Europe. Many European Touhou communities decided together to rejoin and create a common Discord server. If you are looking to meet new people, expand your horizons, share experiences with those who are part of the great union, or simply find out about the news of the Touhou scene in Europe, it's the right place for all of us. The objectives are diverse, here is a range: Facilitating access to other European Communities Be able to strengthen links between communities, allow cultural exchange Organize joint activities (such as Touhou games tournaments on a European scale) Facilitate the visit of Touhou events in our neighboring countries (stands, meetings, etc.) Highlight and/or share projects and creations (musical circles, cartoonists, fanmade games, etc.) The TEA server is actually not intended to replace any existing community, it serves as a portal to all European communities around Touhou
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Music | Gaming
Also based on the Touhou Project character named Nitori Kawashiro
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Tabletop | Anime
"Danmaku!! Card game*, Touhou, anime y videojuegos en General. Un espacio para socializar y jugar.
Jak będzie w Gensokyo Icon
Gaming | Anime
Jak będzie w Gensokyo - sekcja Touhou. Polski serwer w tematyce Touhou Project. Zapraszamy każdego. Grupa na FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/444207336478190/
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Community | Role-Playing
This server is themed around Dateless Bar "Old Adam". We love everything about Touhou, but come chat about anything! Remember to be polite and friendly ᗜˬᗜ
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Role-Playing | Community
(New Desc. in Progress!) Welcome to Touhou Roleplay Rose! An active community of Touhou fans, where we focus on roleplay and building a friendly community! Owned by Jupiter. maturity level is 16 and above! Literate-level writing server with a very quick quality check!
Euphoric Object Icon
Social | Art
Un simple servidor de emotes, con algunos canales sociales para charlar y sin aspiraciones a ser un servidor grande, sólo un servidor pequeño con emotes y tonterías, unete si gustas.
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Art | Social
**Everyone on this site can agree on a simple fact: Cute girls being cute is very cultured.** On this cute and comfy server we post pictures of cute girls being cute (and boys, but this is mainly a Touhou server). But this is not merely a picture server, on this server we aim to embrace the cuteness and have cute times together even when chatting (which isn't possible not to do after posting and seeing these pictures), and other things that are both cute and Touhou will probably be added in the future. This is a new server that I only made yesterday, a lot is possible to happen on it from here on out! We simply must understand that we will not always feel happy or cute or enjoy it, and that's perfectly ok.
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⭐ 500 Anime Emotes & Stickers 🌸 Active Chats ⭐ Giveaways 🌸 Events ⭐ Anime & Manga 🌸 KPOP ⭐ Gaming 🌸 Social ⭐ Genshin 🌸 Art ⭐
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Gaming | Community
The largest Touhou Project Server on Discord! We have a lot of other online communities' staff, big and small name content creators, and people around the world forming the biggest Touhou melting pot. We try to keep a casual lounge atmosphere so join us to discuss Touhou, fan content, or any other common interest be it other games, music, or whatever!
Aya Shameimaru's News Agency Icon
Community | Social
Welcome to Aya Shameimaru's News Agency! 📷 This is a Aya Shameimaru themed server! You can talk about Aya, post images about Aya, and anything Aya related! Our server isn't just restricted to Aya, you can talk and post any touhou character in this server! 📷 Main language: English Aya Shameimaru themed Touhou discord server for Aya fans and general Touhou fans!
Patchouli's Library of Knowledge Icon
Gaming | Anime
A new small friendly community based on Touhou Project and Patchouli Knowledge We're a chill server that's jsut starting out but we're planning on being a friendly place for everyone to enjoy themselves We'll have events, lots of emotes and multiple roles in the future
GensokyoPPF Icon
Art | Anime
Eternal housing of the "Land of Illusions" pixelers. Meet us and aid us in our intentions to create a landscape of 東方Project related art on PixelPlanet.fun
The Grimoire of Gensokyo Icon
Gaming | Education
This is a SFW Touhou server dedicated to discussing the lore of the games and manga. We also have normal chats to vibe in.
Touhou Musical Project Icon
Music | Social
Hey there, welcome to the fantastic world of Touhou Music Project! This is the ultimate hub for anyone who loves exploring an big range of music. So come on board with us and let us delve into the enchanting music of Gensokyo together!
Sunflower Garden Icon
Community | Gaming
16+ ; SFW server You have to post your ASL before we let you in Welcome to Sunflower Garden. This is a nice server dedicated to the people that frequent the 4chan board /s4s/.
Youmu / cord Icon
Gaming | Anime
🌸Welcome to Youmu / cord! 🌸 We are a server dedicated to the one and only Youmu Konpaku. If you are interested in Youmu, Touhou, or just want to chat with some people you are welcome to join our community.
Clownpiss's Cringe Memez Icon
Anime | Community
It's a casual server that posts touhou sometimes nothing too much rlly, join if you want a place that doesn't berate you with authentication bots and strict mods lol The server is lgbt-friendly, like actually, but we have an unspoken rule not to shit on anyone's personal choices unless provoked, the funny words are also allowed here so long as no one abuses them melty blood, 07thexpansion, genshin, wt, battle cats, and tf2 are big here too btw
2hujerk Project: Mental ward Icon
Anime | Memes
2hujerk project is the latest in cutting edge 2hujerking technology! This amazing new server will provide a touhou shitpost. experience like NO other! We have amazing features like. -a chat that you can talk in! -decently lax rules and we won't ban you for not sourcing every art post! -big boobs orin -and more!!!!!! So why not join RIGHT NOW! The buttons right there. (Warning side effects of server exposure may include -extreme 2hujerk behavior -exposure to dangerous amounts of 2hu -stomach cramps)
Koishi Komeiji’s Great Adventure Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
Koishi Komeiji’s Great Adventure! ⋆。•˚ʚ────♡────ɞ˚•。⋆ Koishi Komeiji’s Great Adventure is a Roleplaying Server based around the infamous fan work “Koishi Komeiji’s Heart-Throbbing Adventure”. Taking place where 8/9 left off, we follow the adventures of our little satori and her companion. We are a freeform roleplaying server that encourages OCs and Originality! For those who claim a canon, you can always mold them to your desires; if you like a character but don’t like how they behave or are portrayed in baseline Touhou or KKHTA or other reasons, you are not only allowed but actively encouraged to roleplay them however you want! Remember, this isn’t 100% canon touhou, for ”there are multiple Gensokyos.” We accept all Touhou and KKHTA fans of all knowledge and type, and will do our best to accommodate both during your stay on this niche server! We have many events planed and even more up ahead! So whether you’re a satori trying to live a nice life post-MDC, a youkai fighting against
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Community | Entertainment
A nice chill place about Touhou and Fumos, what more can you ask for? I hope to meet alot of cool people and apreshate the amazing beauti Touhou has to offer with you people.
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Social | Community | Gaming
Active community with over 100,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
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e-Chat Lounge Icon
Social | Community | Gaming
Active community with over 100,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
Bluemu's Koi Pond Icon
Community | Gaming
Bluemu's Koi Pond is a Touhou Project server themed primarily around the player 2 recolour character, Blue Reimu! We are a newer server trying to grow that intends to upkeep a chilled out and welcoming atmosphere. Our server has channels for lore talk, merch, score posting, art sharing etc. We house pretty friendly folk and the server is also very, very blue. Incredibly blue. Thanks if you join!
The Myouren Temple Icon
Gaming | Memes
The server is focused more on the 12th touhou game, Undefined Fantastic Object and the characters related to the Myouren Temple, but discussion about all things touhou and beyond are welcome (we even have a deltarune channel lol). We hope you'll enjoy the server :)
Village of Cats Icon
Art | Community
This is a small SFW server made by a Chen fan. Chen is the cutest cat girl in Touhou. this server is made for general Touhou discussion so even if you are not a Chen fan, you are welcome to join here and have chat together.
Palace of the Earth Spirits Icon
Community | Gaming
Palace of the Earth Spirits!! A SFW chill community server made for Touhou 11/SA fans and much more! Feel free to join our community and lounge around our cozy spot! This server offers plenty of emotes of Subterranean Animism characters, multiple art channels, generally chill people, and much more to come! If you’re a fan of mind-readers, hell ravens, bridge youkai, or you REALLY just love not thinking, this place is the place for you. :)