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Bot | Entertainment | Streaming
A free discord bot to help manage your channel and provide entertainment functions. All features are free to use with no commands locked behind a premium paywall.
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Bot | Entertainment | Streaming
A free discord bot to help manage your channel and provide entertainment functions. All features are free to use with no commands locked behind a premium paywall.
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Music | Role-Playing
The Realm of Stories is the creation of a deity known as The Storyteller. Come explore the realm and see what secrets you are able to discover!
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Tabletop | Writing
We want to make something cool together that includes: A very world of our own A simple mechanics system And a community around it who knows? we might actually play it
The World of Agora Icon
Role-Playing | Tabletop
Agora is a world encompassing multiple fantasy tropes and varying degrees of magic or technology. The world is always changing and evolving and influenced heavily by campaigns and characters that other real people interject. The goal is to have a collaborative world that others can use for campaigns
Karuna Worldbuilding Icon
Writing | Art
Welcome to Karuna Worldbuilding, the everyman's server for building things together and sharing our experiences. Karuna is meant for sharing, discussing and collaborating on ideas in the worldbuilding genre. Work on imaginary warp gate technology, alternate physics galaxies, species and their languages, you name it. Whether you're just interested in creating languages, famous space-cowboys or spaceships, this is the place for you.
Fantastic Worlds Icon
Writing | Art
- Please remember that we are a 16+ community. If you are not 16 or will not be 16 in less than two (2) months, you will be denied access. - We are not professionals! This server was made by a English Major Undergrad, don't expect any top of the line editors!
The Creative Cosmos Icon
Role-Playing | Art
This is The Creative Cosmos! A server dedicated to sharing and promoting all forms of creative expression. :) We have a lot of things to do, including: > Making friends > Server games > Finding roleplay partners and groups > Worldbuilding > Sharing Art > Sharing OCs > Promoting Commissions as well as much, much more to come! We have both SFW and NSFW channels, protected with manual staff verification. As well as an ever-expanding list of server games and vanity roles for you to enjoy! If there's anything you'd like to see added, our staff will happily assist in making it into a reality. On top of all of this, we will be continually building, expanding, and developing a continuous and constant roleplay universe for our members to enjoy! This will be entirely user-driven, so your opinion can and will count in its development! We hope to see you here!
Homestead Icon
Role-Playing | Social
Nuclear summer, open ocean OC chat. Paragraph RP only, 16+.
Wyverns & Whimsy Icon
Tabletop | Entertainment
Wyverns & Whimsy is a minor-friendly D&D 5e server! We're mainly based around D&D discussion, but we also offer campaign hosting and advertisement!
Finding Wakanda Icon
Community | Writing
This server is for Black Panther fans of the comics, movies and animated series. Writers, Artists, Gamers, Cosplayers, and enthusiasts are all welcome!
Writer's Retreat Icon
Writing | Community
We have: ⤷Daily and Weekly Prompts ⤷Feedback channels for your stories and written works ⤷World Building advice ⤷Character names/building ⤷Magic Systems/Fantasy ⤷Writers Block corner
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Role-Playing | Hobbies
This is a RP server focused on a small jungle town that sprung up during the rubber rush. In a land where the law is sparse and mostly focused on the city itself, feel free to do as you wish, but be wary of the war looming on the horizon, and the darker forces plotting against the city.
Bionicle Worldbuilding project Icon
Art | Writing
This server is a Worldbuilding experiment. The idea is to take the lore of Bionicle G1 and G2, to craft a new universe based on concepts and ideas presented in them (new concepts are welcome). The biggest difference is bringing the bio part more forfront, as in possibly making Matorian humans (though humans are not confirmed as canon yet, cause I want second opinions), so love and sexual reproduction are canon in this universe. Changes to this description will change as the server develops, but should remain brief.
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Crypto | Financial | Investing is the best discord crypto signals server. Imagine having access to 70+ crypto service providers in one single place. Join us now for a free trial!
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⚡⚡ crypto signals Icon
Crypto | Financial | Investing is the best discord crypto signals server. Imagine having access to 70+ crypto service providers in one single place. Join us now for a free trial!
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Language | Community
conlang, worldbuilding, neography, constructed language, clong, clonging, conlanging
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Art | Community
Peechikeen is a small server dedicated to art, world building, characters and games. We have in-server currency, which can be used to purchase free art and designs like icons and sketch pages.
YGGDRASIL (Community Server) Icon
Community | Art
Yggdrasil is an art and gaming focused community server for generally just hanging out and having a chill time. We have the basics of any community server with a fun norse theme as well as extra roles for world-builders and cool people. Hope to see you there!
Myrolit Guild Icon
Community | Gaming
Official community server of Myrolit Studios. Everybody is welcome! Mainly focused on creative exchange about games, worldbuilding, storytelling, and entertainment.
Worldbuilding Hub. Icon
Writing | Community
Worldbuilding hub is a growing worldbuilder server for writers, hobbyists, and DMs. We are open to anyone if any identity, race, or community, and try to maintain a welcoming and fun atmosphere where anyone can share their projects, gain critique, and meet other people. We also have a small RP space which isn't much used, but is certainly open to anyone looking to start up a story.
Materiaλization Icon
Art | Community
A home for outcast creators who seek to make friends. Life is an adventure, creating is but a quest. And I hope to complete it with you by my side.
Character Club Icon
Writing | Art
Hello! We are a new server! Here, we help the creation and discussion of original characters and stories. We focus on: ✧ Art ✧ Writing ✧Worldbuilding ✧Character creation Our server is easy to traverse with simple channel layout, so nothing too intimidating! Please take a look at least once, you're free to go if you don't like what you see!
World Crucible Icon
Role-Playing | Design
A haven for literate, passionate roleplayers and worldbuilders seeking to create high quality servers. We have several projects in the works of our own, too!
United Assembly: Global Affairs Icon
Role-Playing | Political
United Assembly: Global Affairs is a geopolitical country role-play based in a fictional contemporary world. Make treaties, create history and culture, spread your influence around the world. Exist as a simple hermit country, open your borders to the world, or ascend the hierarchy of countries to become a global superpower. The choice is yours. We offer: - A Land Claim system for the players, by the players. - A casual economic system involving population and sanction power. - The International Assembly which serves as a global forum for countries. - Power Status system that rewards interaction with other countries. - Complex international political/economic crises for countries to solve. - History and Lore that is driven by the community. - Player-created Entertainment/Culture posts that help create cultural spheres of influence.
GAIA - A Nation Roleplay Icon
Political | Role-Playing
Set in the mid-to-late Cold War, the world of Gaia is a custom map with helpful staff and a focus on writing. Worldbuilding and most importantly nation roleplay where you get to design, create and manage your own nation.
Federation of Nouvelle Alexandri Icon
Role-Playing | Political
We are a non-toxic, LGTBQ+ friendly, welcoming community simulating a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. We mix worldbuilding and interactive geofiction with a fascinating political simulation. IN NOUVELLE ALEXANDRIE YOU CAN: 1. Join a political party and campaign with other server members to get into power through elections every 4-5 months; 2. Become a Deputy in the Cortes Federales, the federal legislature; 3. Become a journalist and keep citizens informed about the latest news; 4. Win honors, medals, and decorations for your contributions from the King; 5. Become a noble and gain a seat in the Chamber of Peers by being active & positively impacting the community; 6. Get involved in international affairs and events through the world of Micras. Nouvelle Alexandrie is yours to discover... come join and shape the future of the community!
Cosmopoésie / Worldbuilding Fr Icon
Writing | Community
Cosmopoésie / Worldbuilding Francophone est un serveur communautaire, comme vous l'aurez deviné, francophone ! Qui vise à rassembler les praticiens de ce domaine transdisciplinaire qu'est le Worldbuilding selon les anglais et que nous nommons Cosmopoésie, C'est "la construction de mondes" ou du grec ancien κόσμος, ce qui signifie ordre, ensemble ordonné, univers, monde, et ποιέω, ce qui signifie faire, créer, fabriquer, confectionner. Le serveur vient en réaction à la communauté anglophone toujours croissante tandis que les francophones sont eux cantonnés à quelques bastions disséminés à travers les plus sombres forums d'internet et quelques serveurs Discord, il est géré par le Cercles des Cosmopoètes. N'attendez plus jeunes cosmopètes, venez apporter votre pierre à l'édifice !
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Community | Social | Entertainment
Discord’s Most Active Server with 250,000+ Active Members! ~1:1 Male to Female Ratio~ Over (200-300)+ Users Always active in VC & Chat Never Dies, Daily Exciting Events & Giveaways!
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Community | Social | Entertainment
Discord’s Most Active Server with 250,000+ Active Members! ~1:1 Male to Female Ratio~ Over (200-300)+ Users Always active in VC & Chat Never Dies, Daily Exciting Events & Giveaways!
Pollaplous Syndeseis Icon
Community | Role-Playing
Do you enjoy role playing sci-fi and fantasy settings? Do you enjoy creating worlds for other people to play in? If so, this server is for you! Read our server description to find out more about what we offer.
Creation Icon
Art | Furry
We are an art focused community server for everyone, and we try to be as fair as we can. That's about all that's important, isn't it?
Tenntucky Icon
Entertainment | Meme
Place to hang out and make memes. With our great leader the Salazar of Tenntucky we shall prosper. If this interests you, you might as well stop by and learn more!
The Literatrium Icon
Writing | Art
Are you an aspiring author or artist? Looking for a place to hone your talents in a community and find like-minded individuals? Looking for a place with a diversity of ideas and backgrounds? Then welcome to the Literatrium! We're a community built for worldbuilding and writing, to help you put together original worlds and stories. We hope you find yourself a home here for all your literary needs! [Features!] -Plenty of channels to share art of any kind; paintings, sculptures, digital models, etc. -Attentive mod staff and a suggestions channel to pitch ideas to help the server grow and improve. -We offer a welcoming environment for authors and artists who work with deeper political and religious themes in their literature and artwork. We openly welcome and seek to include people from all ends of the various political spectra. Just a couple house rules: -We are a 16+ Server. -An introduction is required to access the server. -Must be registered to Discord for 5+ Minutes.
Creator's Forge Icon
Community | Design
-Do you consider yourself a creator? -Do you enjoy worldbuilding and exploring alternate universes? -Have you ever thought about applying your world to a video game? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, the Creator's Forge is the right place for you. Run by One Realm Studios, the server provides a community to help your hone your skills, gain feedback, and work with others to further your work. Though our main focus is worldbuilding, we welcome artists, game designers/developers, programmers, writers, and more. Our goal is to have a strong community of people skilled in all sorts of things, to provide resources for each other. The primary bot our server uses is MEE6.
UPWorlds Icon
Technology | Community
Calling all VArchitects, Industrial Designers, World Builders, New-bielders, 3D Designer turn builders & and other metaverse builders are welcome to join us here 🚀🚀 Rent your VR worlds and get paid for building custom worlds on Social VR Platforms! We have an amazing helpful community of builders with tips and support for you to achieve your world building ambitions and get paid for it! Server Features : Resources (free) , Events, World Design Showcase & Critique, Friendly community , Partners & special #🎉perks, and Design Office Hours by Metaxu Studio If you're looking to rent a VR world or get a custom one built, come drop us a message! We can assure you trustworthy and passionate builders and amazing worlds.