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Open world text based RP
Writing | Entertainment
Hello all, we are a small community of writers so far and we would love to grow our community into something a lot bigger. We are community focused so feel free to share your works whether they be writing, art, music, or anything else really. Make sure you are active. We also have a YouTube channel with a bunch of fun content planned quite soon. So if you are looking for a writing group to be a part of, feel free to stop by The Writers Block.
Writing | Community
We are an intimate writing community that focuses on in-depth constructive criticism. The purpose of this server is to foster a small intimate community that supports and encourages each member to grow! For that, we wish to create a high ratio of feedback per submission so that members receive a variety of opinions from a diverse audience. If you are looking for an active close-knit community, please drop by!
Writing | Art
We are a writing server set around a challenge called Milwordy - which is the aim of writing a million words in a year -
Writing | Role-Playing
Are you a creative writer? Do you like to roleplay? Well this server is perfect for you! Here you will find a supportive server with many channels for your every need. Are you suffering from writers block? Roleplay with others to get some inspiration! What we offer: -Active and friendly staff - self roles -Voice channels -many channels including: book talk, memes, venting, social media, writing help, roleplay areas - places to share your poetry, short stories, novels, or novellas - writing prompts - writing contests for everyone -NSFW channel
Writing | Bot
Under construction, but ready to sprint in!