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K40 Laser Help
Community | Gaming
Hello there! Welcome to Final's Lounge, a community hangout Server owned by FinalKirb#9730. This is a Multi-Focus Hangout Server with a vast variety of Channels that form everything you'll need! (With more things coming in the future, if you have some ideas :3) We have Channels that go from gaming, art, bots, music and many more! I created this Server to form a friendly and entertaining Community that can hangout at any time and maybe play a couple rounds of some games!
Gaming | Community
Server dedicated to GOT and GOTC, as well as a social forum to debate ideas on world news, politics, share music and other hobbies.
Education | YouTuber
Sup y'all Welcome to the PureWeather Discord server Pure Weather is a channel based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, started by two teen nerds who share a collective interest in content creation and weather. Our main focus on hurricanes and tropical storms, but really talking about all things weather. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9VgPsZGqQID_RAUQ74P2lQ?view_as=subscriber Twitter: https://twitter.com/weather_pure Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/pureweather
Community | Hobbies
This is a place where you can forget about the maze and madness of the outside world. We are open to all people, regardless of nationality and age. We offer both English and Indonesian speaking room to our members. We encourage people who are looking to improve their English or just want to have a fun time to join in. INSOMNIC™️ is a Discord Server that was established in Indonesia
Gaming | Community
We are a LFG Server for everyone And we have many games you can find new mates!
Entertainment | Community
★★Community of coffee heads.★★ Teaching and learning about coffee! Looking to recruit new and old Baristas, Roasters, and Enthusiasts! = ABOUT US = - we support and teach SPECIALTY COFFEE -- specialty coffee is NOT gas station, Starbucks, McDonalds coffee! - we do coffee give aways, i make a CUSTOM coffee for you to brew -- which is higher than grade 85's This server is unlike any other servers. k thnx. https://discord.gg/Y7xXBg6 if u cant join
Community | Gaming
The Largest Forum Guild Community you ever find!
Community | Furry
Сообщество FURRY / ФУРРИ в России (Russian FURRY community). Интересные обсуждения, ролевые игры, ивенты, стримы, библиотека, архив изображений. Сервер живёт бурной жизнью. У нас можно обсудить новости из мира науки, ИТ, индустрии игр, фильмов, книг и многое другое... На нашем сервере постоянно проводятся различные мероприятия: радио-эфиры, интересные передачи, совместные просмотры мультфильмов и фильмов. На нашем сервере имеется большая галерея изображений, которая постоянно пополняется новыми элементами. Присутствуют закрытые специализированные каналы с NU- и YIFF-содержанием, и отдельная галерея для них. Сервер постоянно обновляется и внедряет новые возможности. Мы первыми реализовали категории для каналов и первыми интегрировали потоки радио-вещания с серверов Discord на внешние источники.
Hobbies | Art
Are you a photographer, model, body painter, hairdresser, makeup artist or maybe a costume designer? This is an 18+, no kids allowed, place for you to meet. We're not looking for professionals, but other hobbyists. This is a place to grow and become better at your craft. Maybe you'll meet a new model to work with, or a new photographer. Maybe you'll build your portfolio here and become a pro. Regardless of your end-game. This is a place to start.
Role-Playing | Community
We are a Walking Dead TV Adaptation server that prides ourselves on realism while also being fun and immersive. We offer a variety of things to keep you entertained: An open world, PVP, Events, Factions, Detailed Lore, and a Literate Rhetoric! Come join us, don't delay, the walkers are coming!
Role-Playing | Gaming
We are a Overwatch Community that likes to RP in overwatch.
Art | Community
A place for people to discover a new hobby during quarantine. Gardening! You can also show off your arts and crafts, and there is a contest to make a logo! We also hope we inspire you to make your own servers, based on other hobbies you can pursue during quarantine!
Art | Hobbies
Art discord for all ages and art styles. We have weekly challenges for people in the server to work on and lots of challenges for showing off your art or things that you like. Everyone shares each others art, promotes each other and helps each other. Great group for art block and meeting for art related friends.
Gaming | Hobbies
very epic Roblox studio
Gaming | Community | Mature
•────••✦BLVCK DISTRICT✦••────• A place where you can vibe and chill with a lot of cool people, share a common interest, like music, art, or gaming.
Technology | Support
Do you need help to build PC? Need advice with the best parts to buy for the price? We're a community dedicated to helping you throughout all the stages of the process, including the part list creation, pc assembly, choosing the best peripherals and maximizing the value of your purchase. Anyone is welcome here!
Social | Art
This pub may not serve ale or cider, but we promise we have something even more intoxicating: Friendship. As cliche as it may sound, this pub exists to connect strangers from across the world and bring them together, fostering discussion and creativity unlike anywhere else.
Gaming | Community
A gaming server
Design | Hobbies
Keycap and Deskmat Design team in the Mechanical Keyboard Community. Come see our designs, enjoy sci-fi, talk about keyboards, and anything else you'd like.
Hobbies | Community
**Illumnious’s cafe💕** **Welcome to Illumnious’ café. The server was originally created back in January 2017 as Illumnious’ server but became fully public in October, 2020. Here’s what the server is offer: 🌺 self roles and color roles are available 👀 100% SFW server 💕 Organized channels with categories 🦄 Fun bots to play with such as Piggy playground and NotSoBot ⁉️ Daily discussion topics and Question of the Day 🦋 vent or rant channels along with gender channels 🍡Twitter, art, and merch updates from the artist itself 🌙And much more... The server isn’t active due to members joining and leaving quickly but here’s what the server is looking for: -friendly people -staffs -partners -events mangers
Entertainment | Gaming
This is a discord server made for fans of my youtube channel named ZackGaming Link: Https://youtube.com/c/zackgaming
Art | Community
It's a place for all kind of artists! It doesn't matter that you are a begginer or a real professional, traditional artist, animator, photographer or even a musician! Here you can share your creation, ask for help and also help others! In addition, if you are a digital artist you can draw with others using aggie.io. Stay creative and have a good time!
Community | Hobbies
Welcome to "Rc-Cars", this is for Rc-Car enthusiasts of all kinds. You can be an Racer🏁, Basher💥, an Scale Crawler🚘, or any kind of Rc-Car enthusiast👍. We do all things Rc related and have a lot of fun! If you need help with your cars this is the place to be. We will have active Rc-Car enthusiasts that will always be there to help you😃! Here we like all types of Rc-Cars no matter what that car does, or what scale it is. If Rc-Cars is an fun hobby for you or you are even just starting out this is an fun place to be!
Community | Language
Nyari hotel? Tapi Rasa Discord? Disini tempatnya! Server berasal dari indonesia, siap melayani kamu yang nyari server bertema hotel rasa Indonesia! Dihotel kami, banyak sekali fitur menarik dalam server ini! Mau tungggu kapan lagi? Ayo Klik Join Sekarang!
Social | Beliefs
Life Thoughts Today online church ⛪community was born because following Jesus ✞ and connecting with others lately is hard! So we created a community 💬 of believers for all of us! Join us, so we can journey 🚶 together.
Community | Gaming
Benvenuti in Dark Reunion Il nome di questo server è una reference a Saiki Kusuo, per veri intenditori. Questo server è dedicato a giochi come: Minecraft, Among Us, Warzone, Terraria e così via. Siamo una community pronta ad ospitare ogni tipo di persona, non imponiamo regole molto severe e non limitiamo la libertà alla gente, come il modo di parlare o i vari contenuti che guardano. Il server è stato creato molto di recente da 3 ragazzi con il sogno di poter creare qualcosa di grande, vogliamo portare sorrisi alle persone che decideranno di portarci avanti e tenerci compagnia. Oltre ai giochi siamo curiosi di vedere i talenti delle varie persone, esistono molti artisti al mondo e siamo pronti a scoprire il modo in cui si esprimeranno. Speriamo sia di vostro gradimento intraprendere la scelta di entrare nel nostro server. https://discord.gg/GMZtj8yYdd
Art | Community
Urikai • Art Community Our server that means "Meeting new people and a safe clubhouse for the people who writes and draws that resides within us" We offer a comfortable server for everyone who wants to chill and draw with the others! Our original mascot name Kurei. Upon joining, Kindly read the Rules and proceed to the Introduction. What do we offer? ✦ Friendly and chill community ✦ You can chill and chat with everyone ✦ You can advertise your social media (Only Art Pages & Platforms) ✦ Participate in the event to win the points! ✦Play with bot commands. ✦ A place for you can share: ❖ Recent Artworks that are traditional or Digital and WIPs ❖Photography/music art/animation/3D
Art | Community
What's the best thing to do after a long session of a danmaku battle? Smoking! Join in and talk about how much you love smoking (or not, we won't judge) :) We also encourage talking about other topics, including drinking!
Community | Art
Szia! Hallottál már Szargissza kikötőjéről, a helyről túl a nemtörődömség vizein? Nem? Pedig lehet pont neked találták ( találtuk ) ki! Célunk egy aktív és bensőséges közösség kialakítása, és ezt nem üres szavakkal, vagy tétlen akarással kívánjuk elérni. Az elsődleges eszközünk, a sokrétű érdeklődés kifejezésének lehetősége mellett, heti legalább egy alkalommal tartott közös foglalkozás. ( film/anime/sorozat nézés; gaming; téma alapú, vagy akár szimpla beszélgetés; podcast/videó hallgatás közösen; meg valami komolyabb. ) És még annyit kérnék, hagyd, hogy a szerver döntse el idevaló vagy e, ne csak szimplán kizárd magad.
Community | Gaming
Friend/Community Orientated We want everyone to feel welcomed NSFW channels as well as SFW channels Gaming Community/Real Life Community
Community | Hobbies
❃A very relaxing server, unique and will make you feel special. ❀Ideal for curious and creative people, with age of 20-∞. ❁We don't aim for numbers, we would be very glad to have quality people with vibe similar to our. ❃With us you can express your creativity and learn new things. ❀We have about 15 different topics to talk about! ˚⸙༄˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ✦ Casual chatting ✦ Photography ✦ Radio and music ✦ Personality tests ✦ Astrology ✦ Food and drinks ✦ Nature, pets and wildlife ✦ Hobbies, decor and DIY ✦ Art ✦ History ✦ Movies and TV series ✦ Books ✦ Mythology ✦ Supernatural ✦ Universe ✦ Gaming ✦ NSFW
Art | Hobbies
Daily Art Challenges, Art Prompts, Themes, colored roles based on drawings submitted, gallery, supportive environment :)
Furry | Art
Welcome to the jungle! We're a small SFW furry community looking for more members! We're based around the idea of plants and I, the owner, collect them! Can't wait to have you here.
Hobbies | Art
Small embroidery group! Still new so the am happy to take suggestions on how you want the server to look and be! We discuss all types of crafts!
Gaming | Community
Hey There ! Are you looking for a German Chillounge/Gaming Discord Server???(Wenn du selbst einen deutschen Server hast schreib mich an vielleicht können wir uns gegenseitig pushen) Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Wir bieten dir: - Eine Chillounge - einen Platz für deine Werbung! - Platz zum zocken mit deinen Freunden - Einen Server wo du deine Ideen und Wünsche mit einbringen kannst - Eine freundliche Community und ein freundliches Moderationsteam Wir suchen dich! Sicher denkst du dir, warum du auf einen Server mit so wenig Mitgliedern gehen solltest: Aber nur so können wir wachsen! Wir freuen uns schon auf dich!
Community | Hobbies
For the hard working liver and connoisseur of booze, this is the place to hang out. We appreciate alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems. Share reviews, and meet new people! We welcome all levels of knowledge and maintain a chill environment. We frequently voice chat and host game nights.