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We are a group if friendly fish keepers, ever since kik is going down hill I made a discoed sever for the group I owned, anyone is welcomed we talk all about fish share questions information and pictures
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Welcome to My Aquarium. An international server for open to all interested in fish and fish keeping. Aquascaping or underwater plant life. Whatever floats your boat we're here to provide you with a friendly and open community to dive right into.
Education | Hobbies
We are a community of fish loving people, whether you are a beginner or an expert we have a place for you here!
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Betta community for Singapore and it's neighboring countries, all are welcome though :D
Hobbies | Social
Hello! This is Aqua One, a non toxic server dedicated for aquarium hobbyists and enthusiasts that need help or that just need to talk to others and relax/chill. Hope you join us!
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Terrariums Ecospheres Life in jars related things. + More channels related to it likes plants and frogs. (To discuss certain subjects in more depth)
Hobbies | Community
Welcome to Zen Scapes! This is a community based around all things aquascaping. Fish, plants, equipment, and hardscape are all topics here.
Community | Hobbies
Welcome to the Aquatics X server we provide free help when starting your fish keeping adventure join here today! ( we are looking for moderator roles who are well knowledgeable with fish and cycle process.)
Community | Hobbies
Aquarium Community is an international server open to all. We welcome anyone who has a passion for fish keeping & aquariums. This is a server for all things related to fish and even semi-aquatic creature keeping. All water parameters are allowed freshwater, saltwater and brackish (Terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums welcome as well). Just no snakes or dry land reptiles please. We are the largest discord server in the hobby with over 2800 members and counting. This is a friendly and judgement free area which we have an admin/mod team which makes sure it stays this way, please feel welcome to join us!
Community | Art
Advanced Aquascaping is a friendly active Aquatics server made for hobbyists of all levels.
Hobbies | Science
- Admins here are shop owners with over 10 years of experience. - FREE information already typed out and ready to read. Info includes fish-keeping, coral growth, species details and MUCH more all on a SINGLE PLATFORM. - No need to google when you can ask questions and get answers right here!