Community | Gaming
A growing community of all types of people. Gamers, artists etc etc etc... Our main goal is to become a community where people can meet others, make friends and find people to play games and chat with. Come take a swim with us in the ocean!
Sports | Hobbies
A server for all things sailing
Music | Gaming
Welcome to 鮮 Ocean Lounge 魚 A free, open and aesthetic social community for games and music. Also the official server for /r/Vaporwave!
Social | Community
This is a server made for anyone interested in anything to do with boats, ships, and maritime in general. We enjoy talking about any types of ships and boats, and are happy to have more people bring info new and enjoyment to the server.
Community | Entertainment
👋〡Welcome To **The Coastal Cottage** The Coastal Cottage is an ocean themed community server of people looking to have fun and make friends. Join just to chat with others and have fun! **• What We Have To Offer •** ∙ 😃〡A fun community to hang out and meet people! ∙ ⚡〡A level system with rewards and perks! ∙ 🤖〡Lots of bots like Dank Memer, Arcane (like MEE6), and more! ∙ 🔢 〡Counting channel! ∙ 📢〡Self advertising! ∙ 💬〡Tons of text channels like media, spam, memes, and more! ∙ 🔊〡Tons of voice chat channels ∙ 🎵〡Music channels and music bots!
Gaming | Social
Hello! We are a nice and welcoming hub for meeting new people and playing video games, our mission is to have a platform that promotes new friends and positive staff members. We want anyone and everyone to join us. Not only do we host game nights and have a pickup game system but we constantly want to meet and befriend new people! Give us a chance and join the ocean 😎