Hobbies | Science
We are a group if friendly fish keepers, ever since kik is going down hill I made a discoed sever for the group I owned, anyone is welcomed we talk all about fish share questions information and pictures
Hobbies | Sports
Hello we are a group of fishermen who fish Michigan anyone is welcomed even outside of Michigan but is focused on Michigan fishing
Role-Playing | Social
🐟Are you in search for a marine-themed server for literate and semiliterate RP-ing? If so, you might be interested in Fintastic Friday's RP extension server: Story Sharkturday!
Community | Entertainment
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Education | Hobbies
We are a community of fish loving people, whether you are a beginner or an expert we have a place for you here!
Social | Hobbies
A place for reptile owners and lovers alike to talk and make friends!
Gaming | Community
This is a brand new Animal Crossing New Horizons Server! You can find friends, trade or sell items or simply chill with the active community. We opened our gates on 30.03.2020 and hope to offer a place to just play with people. Feel free to check into your own cell and say hello.
Social | Community
🐟Hi, fellow Discorder! Are you a fish lover? Or just want to chill? If so, you might be interested into this place: It's an entire server under the sea!
Community | Art
Advanced Aquascaping is a friendly active Aquatics server made for hobbyists of all levels.
Community | Hobbies
Aquarium Community is an international server open to all. We welcome anyone who has a passion for fish keeping & aquariums. This is a server for all things related to fish and even semi-aquatic creature keeping. All water parameters are allowed freshwater, saltwater and brackish (Terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums welcome as well). Just no snakes or dry land reptiles please. We are the largest discord server in the hobby with over 3300 members and counting. This is a friendly and judgement free area which we have an admin/mod team which makes sure it stays this way, please feel welcome to join us!