Art | Community
This server has art, memes, anime, gaming and cursed images so if you like any of that come join us!
Community | Gaming
Plants VS Zombies
Community | Hobbies
a small houseplant community!
Community | Hobbies
Garden Variety is a server focused around plant keeping. Whether you are a gardener, aquatic plant enthusiast or aquascaper, plant collector or just someone who keeps a few house plants you are welcome to join us. We have channels that cover a broad range of topics such as plant diseases, deficiencies and pests, different types of plants such as aquatics, cacti as well as an offtopic category for anyone wishing to talk about things unrelated to plants or animals other than aquatic ones.
Community | Science
Sustainable Living is a friendly, 13+ discord server meant to discuss ways for the everyday person to take steps toward sustainability. This server is accepting and accommodating to everyone, and a judgement-free zone. This is a community based on sharing, community, and education!
Education | Science
We try educating people about the Amazon rainforest. We give tips on how anybody can help.
Education | Community
Plants Animals Permaculture Health Ecology Wildcrafting
Growth | Hobbies
We ask help about our succulents and help other people about succulents here. You can also meet nice people here.
Community | Entertainment
here in camp kecti... ❀ everyone is nice ❀ people listen to what you have to say ❀ you can vent ❀ you can tell stories ❀ share your interests | benefits of joining: we care for you ❀ everyone is accepted ❀ safe space ❀ fun activities ❀ loving community !! | (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) see you soon, camper!
Community | Science
Shaman australis botanicals - a server dedicated to cultivation of plants, mushrooms, homebrew and the cultivation/foraging of australian native flora
Anime | Gaming
Welcome Doktah! The stage is set and the world is ours! Let's change history and the world together but remember to have fun and play nice, doctors!
Art | Community
A small server to connect with other people with the same interests
Social | Community
This is a new social server and place to advertise.
Community | Art
Advanced Aquascaping is a server created and designed for the aquascaping enthusiast!
Gaming | Social
A chill server with some kind people, we game together, or just chill and Vibe.