Community | Hobbies
a small houseplant community!
Community | Gaming
Join us in The Plant Gang server. We are a server full of stuff to do. We have akinator, pokecord, dankmemer, owo bot, and other things. We are a gaming/community/army/lore/other (basically a miscellaneous community) . We host things sometimes. The server is still in its beta stage, so dont judge to harshly.
Community | Hobbies
Terrariums Ecospheres Life in jars related things. + More channels related to it likes plants and frogs. (To discuss certain subjects in more depth)
Education | Hobbies
Avid gardener? Have a couple of house plants? Wish you had plants but keep killing everything you touch? Join Mad Castle Garden to talk to fellow plant connoisseurs to get advice, show off, or spread your knowledge. Come in and hang out with people who share you interest in caring for plant life!
Hobbies | Community
A friendly plant community server where you can talk all about your green friends all day long!
Hobbies | Meme
Hi! This is my plant server. I made this server to help connect with other people who grow/collect plants. This server is for anything plant related! While our main focus is plants, we also are open to other hobbies and discussion! Memes are loved by all here and even allowed inside #general! This server is accepting towards LGBTQIA+ too.