eSports | Community
Tournaments, Scrims, Team Building, and More!
Community | Furry
Your friendly neighbor hood drama-escape server for all things chill and good-vibe related! We are mainly based in the Furry Community but of course all are welcome!
Anime | Community
Chill Place is all about meeting new people and having a chill but exciting community, we mainly have anime but we have other things like Video Games, Role-Play, Art, Etc. We're a small server and would love it if more people joined to make things alive. Our Staff members are fair and our members are welcoming, Give Our Server A Try! :)
Community | Entertainment
This server is a friendly server for anyone come and join. You can meet new people of all ages and gender. You can also bring your friends in and party with them!!
Community | Gaming
Gaming Community! (TODE = The Official Dirt Eaters) About the server - Hangout! Make new friends! - Fun games! - Non-Toxic community. - language: English - Fun and useful bots! (No annoying bots!) - An LGBT and Furry friendly community! - Birthday events! - Welcoming Staff team! (Kind and friendly! Good Moderation system!) - Organized - Memes - Music - Many roles! (Easy to get!) - Family Friendly! - Post your art! - Promote yourself! - Anti-Spam! _ Partnership!
Community | Bot
This is a Official Tournament server and a friendly community server. Here you can join with your friends and participate in different events which are organized by experienced staff memebers.
Gaming | Growth
Welcome to a friendly and supportive community where gamers/streamers/creators can connect, hang, support and help each other out! Get to know the community and make friends with your fellow gamers/streamers!
Social | Mature
Laid back, mature and low tolerance for bullshit.