Community | Hobbies
A server for people who'd like an organized place to discuss books and make friends! Our goal is to build a friendly community of people to have quality discussions with, about reading, books and other stuff in general. - A dedicated Monthly Book Club and a member-based Buddy Reads system. - Neat and Organized database for keeping track of all your past/current/upcoming reads in the Server! Group by date, genres, authors, and many more! - A Custom Bot specifically made for Book Clubs, along with other Bots for Leveling, Utility and other fun commands! - 90+ channels ordered neatly for all your reading needs. Channels for authors and genres both! - Other community-related channels for a lot of stuff such as art, writing, music, gaming, movies and shows, etc. Come join us!
Social | Meme
A new fun and friendly server. We have got multiple fun bots and the server is very well organized. So, what are you waiting for? Come on, join! Maybe make some new friends as well.
Growth | Community
An advertising server that is organized, and free of advertising. We have lots of perks for you to get today
Community | Furry
Your friendly neighbor hood drama-escape server for all things chill and good-vibe related! We are mainly based in the Furry Community but of course all are welcome!
Community | Gaming
Gaming Community! (TODE = The Official Dirt Eaters) About the server - Hangout! Make new friends! - Fun games! - Non-Toxic community. - language: English - Fun and useful bots! (No annoying bots!) - An LGBT and Furry friendly community! - Birthday events! - Welcoming Staff team! (Kind and friendly! Good Moderation system!) - Organized - Memes - Music - Many roles! (Easy to get!) - Family Friendly! - Post your art! - Promote yourself! - Anti-Spam! _ Partnership!
Community | Social
The Friend Zone. This is a server with everything in it. We have gaming, social, music, application integrations! Inspect the server, decide to join or not, and have fun if you join!
Hobbies | Community
A friendly plant community server where you can talk all about your green friends all day long!
Gaming | Community
Hey @everyone, We are two guys who spent much more time on discord servers during the quarantine. We noticed that most large discord servers are very unclear and not suitable for every community. For this reason, we have created a discord server according to our ideas. The discord server should have many functions, but at the same time be easy to use and clear. We have met this objective as well as possible and thus created a server that meets the above criteria. The server should always be up-to-date, which is why suggestions for improvement are desired. We would be very happy if you come by and we have a great time together! Take care Fischi and Joel