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#1 Most Loved Community 💬 Social 🔊 24/7 Voice Chat 🌺 Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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#1 Most Loved Community 💬 Social 🔊 24/7 Voice Chat 🌺 Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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Community | Writing
A community of book lovers, we read multiple books together monthly as well as just talk about our favorite authors and genres. Multiple authors present who enjoy talking to their fans. Everyone is welcome!
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Community | Hobbies
Totally Booked Club is a place where you can share your love for books and make tons of new friends. Created by Ginnie a BookTuber who loves being able to make new friends and gush over fictional characters. Join Totally Booked Club now! What do we offer? 🦋✧。• : Welcoming Community 🦋✧。• : Fun Activities 🦋✧。• : Buddy Reading 🦋✧。• : Readathons & Challenges 🦋✧。• : And Much More Exciting Stuff! 🦋✧。• : Exclusive Subscription Perks Also Available
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Community | Hobbies
Better Read Than Dead is a literature-based server with an emphasis on horror and the adjacent genres: dark fantasy and/or grimdark, mystery/thrillers, and true crime. ︶꒦꒷♡꒷꒦︶꒦꒷♡꒷꒦︶꒦꒷♡꒷꒦︶ ☽*·˚: 18+ only ☽*·˚: all genres welcome ☽*·˚: buddy read focused system ☽*·˚: horror book club ☽*·˚: horror emotes (+150) ☽*·˚: lgbtqia+ friendly ☽*·˚: metal music lovers ︶꒦꒷♡꒷꒦︶꒦꒷♡꒷꒦︶꒦꒷♡꒷꒦︶ ╰┈➤ new members receive OG member role (limited time) ╰┈➤ seeking additional staff
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Hobbies | Anime
Manga Machinations podcast community discord server! Come join to get the latest news on episodes and talk with the hosts about manga, anime, video games, or whatever else you'd like.
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An online book club with an active community that discusses our love for books. We have monthly read-alongs, book swaps, read-a-thons, and more (for 18+)
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Entertainment | Education
Books, poems, plays, anthologies; we cover it all! Book club is for bookish discussion of all kinds!
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Entertainment | Growth
Books and more!
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Writing | Role-Playing
TLDR is a wholesome book club that cares about learning, literature, and writing! We help with homework and discuss all kinds of stories with extra fun activities on the side like word games and role play events. Check us out today! (Light cussing allowed)
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Community | Social
A 25+ server for those looking to meet new people and chat about a variety of topics such as books, movies, food, world news, music and sports! We also have clubs such as Book Club and Art Club! We're a fun community looking to grow with interesting people like you!
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Writing | Community
A hub for readers and writers alike! Read stories exclusive to this discord server
ωнιsкεянσℓιcs Icon
Community | Meme
⏺️Come hang with us in the world of ill Shadows! Here, you'll find a community where you can chat about just about anything! Memes, music, art, TV, gaming, etc. 😊We hope to see you around! 😊
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Writing | Hobbies
This is a fanfiction book club made for sharing stories you've written or that you love with a growing community. There is a fan art channel, a writing prompt channel and opportunities to discuss your favorite fandoms with like-minded people!!
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Community | Social | Gaming
We are a server looking for friends to shoot the shit with. If you want a chill and social community to hang out, come join us!
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Purrgatory Icon
Community | Social | Gaming
We are a server looking for friends to shoot the shit with. If you want a chill and social community to hang out, come join us!
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Community | Entertainment
Welcome to the 🌪 Asians Under a Typhoon Book Club 🌪 Asians Under a Typhoon Book Club is a book club dedicated to reading novels by Asian authors! We are a Goodreads Book Club that discusses different books monthly on Asian books as well as Asian authors. We are diverse group and love when people from all around the world join in for amazing literature discussions. We have different channels on all the books you can find. So, we hope you join our Discord for our Book Club and have a joyous time with others talking about some amazing and diverse reads!
The Last Book Club On The Left Icon
Political | Education
Anarchist book club that meets weekly to read and discuss leftist literature. Many ideologies welcome, no fascists.
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Community | Hobbies
A server for people who'd like an organized place to discuss books and make friends! Our goal is to build a friendly community of people to have quality discussions with, about reading, books and other stuff in general. - A dedicated Monthly Book Club and a member-based Buddy Reads system. - A Custom Bot specifically made for Book Clubs, along with other Bots for Leveling, Utility and other fun commands! - Lots of channels ordered neatly for all your reading needs. Channels for authors and genres both! - Other community-related channels for a lot of stuff such as art, writing, music, gaming, movies and shows, etc. Come join us!
The Booktrovert's Club Icon
Language | Writing
Represents an idea to expand it into a bigger book club available on many platforms to bring together all the Booktroverts from different parts of the world!
Books Server Icon
Hobbies | Writing
You can talk about anything but it’s mainly about books, comics, manga, etc. Movies and art as well. You can also just chill.
Ashes of Eden 30+ Icon
Community | Social
Living with the sins of our fathers, We rise anew each day to face the challenges of this tumultuous but magnificent life... Fearing to hope, daring to dream, we are the Ashes of Eden. Ashes of Eden is a newly rebranded social server welcoming mature & experienced adults (30+) from around the globe. Join us as we support each other, laugh together, and grow as people. We strive to maintain a casual, come-as-you-are, accepting environment in which persons from all walks of life can feel safe! Interests/Lifestyles: Arts/Crafts, Academia, Sports, Book Club, Health & Wellness, LGBTQ, Gaming, Movies/TV, Bar/Party, & age verified NSFW. https://discord.gg/Zgz9BRD
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Gaming | Hobbies
Welcome to The Coven! A small streamer's discord where we connect with a bunch of different games, hobbies and interests! We have a book club, DND section and a wide variety of games for you to find people to play with! Perfect for any nerd, streamer and gaming community! We value respect, equality and the importance of mental health. Here, we are a chosen family who are there for each other through the best and the worst we have to experience.
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Hobbies | Entertainment
What is A Novel Concept you ask? Well, it's not exactly novel, there are tons of book clubs out there, but this one? We are a discord server for all those 21+ who love books and book-related things. This is a place for book lovers to meet, read books together, talk about our love for books and passi