A fun, community based server where you can discuss all the anime/manga/light novels to your hearts content, or even just talk about your day. We don't mind!
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Anime and Gaming stuffs
A new and fast growing discord server for members to chill and hang out. Socialize or roleplay with new people and discuss topics such as anime, manga, gaming, chinese novels, light novels, and more.
A Karthus server not specifically about Karthus. The community for the Youtube Channel Kartharsus
Welcome to Hyouka, a literature club for light novels and web novels fans. With this server, my goal is to create a community where readers and writers can discuss their favorite books and also share their own works. This is my very first server, I'm learning how to make it the best it can possibly be, for that I need to test it publicly, please join so that I can improve it. Thank you!
Villainous Daughter I'm a Villainous Daughter, so I'm Going to Keep the Last Boss Villainous Daughter Aims for the Last Boss Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita
A fun server where you can talk about anything otaku related!
Тихий чатик для ценителей аниме, манги, ранобэ и вот этого всего. Не сервер для знакомств. Спасибо за внимание.
Isekai themed Anime/Manga server. Come join us we have plenty of color roles to choose from, Isekai recommendations, Emotes, etc.
Goblin Slayer server for the wiki and run by the wiki team. Giving out the latest chapters, volumes and updates. Place to discuss Goblin Slayer and/or its wiki.
Servidor destinado à conversas sobre animes, jogos, zoeira com memes, etc...