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Investing | Financial
Best Discord Trading Server! Our professional traders have a millions of dollars traded and are here to mentor you! Join our community and achieve financial freedom!
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Options Guru Discord Server Banner
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Investing | Financial
Best Discord Trading Server! Our professional traders have a millions of dollars traded and are here to mentor you! Join our community and achieve financial freedom!
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Anime | Manga | Social
Bunko Bunko is the first global Discord book club for Light Novels. Discover new LNs ⭐️ MANGA ⭐️ VNs ⭐️ ANIME ⭐️ GAMES and more with a friendly community of fellow readers. LGBT friendly!
Hermit's Garden Icon
Gaming | Anime
Hermit's Garden is a new Discord server dedicated to discussion of all kinds of JRPGs, whether modern or retro , popular or niche! Feel free to gush about your favorite RPGs, learn about ones you've never heard of before, and talk about games you're currently playing. There are also channels dedicated to Visual Novels and Gacha Games, as well as channels for anime and manga! We also have bots like Question Of The Day.
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Community | Meme
A place to GOON OUT with the GOON SQUAD! God bless and WELCOME!!!!!
Tsukiyo Novels Café Icon
Anime | Gaming
Um espaço para amantes de Animes, Mangás, Novels e Jogos, interagirem. Aperte o botão e venha rir um pouco Onii-chan♡
The Despair Rebirth Project Icon
Anime | Gaming
The Despair Rebirth Project is an active and growing community accepting of all members of region, race, sexuality, and hobbies. While being mainly Danganronpa themed, the server itself is open to all fandoms and interests. We offer roleplay, voice chats, and a leveling system that allows you to travel through the ranks of the server. Our mod team is always available and happy to help with any questions or concerns so if you're interesting in joining our community, hop in today!
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Gaming | Design
Simple to use, you're able to pretty much make exactly what you want in Tyranobuilder Visual Novel Studio. This server helps by introducing you to the awesome Tyrano VN community.
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Anime | Gaming
We are a server based around the visual novel series Danganronpa. We like to have conversations about the games and have a fun time in general meeting new people. We are accepting of everyone, so please! Come on down and hang out with us.
Bucciarati's Café Icon
Anime | Community
Hey discord user! Despite our name, we're not a JoJo server only, we host events, stream anime and movies, and just talk with each other in VCs and text chats. If that sounds like your kind of server, stop by if you'd like! We hope to see you there! ☕☕☕
Adéenne Icon
Gaming | Writing
Welcome to Adéenne, a server made to follow the progress and talk about the visual novel project of the same name. Come discuss the project with other fans, post fanart or even help with the game itself.
Our Turn To Die tbh Icon
Gaming | Community
A 16+ discord server for fans of Your Turn To Die or Kimi Ga Shine by Nankidai!
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Anime | Streaming
In questo server si parla per lo più di anime e manga e VN,quindi se sei un appassionato è il server che fa per te.
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Anime | Gaming
Anime and games themed server with the objective of making it easy for otakus/gamers to meet others with the same hobbies.
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Social | Community | Gaming
Active community with over 100,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
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e-Chat Lounge Icon
Social | Community | Gaming
Active community with over 100,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
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Anime | Community
This server is a place for like-minded people to come, sit back, relax and talk about their interests. In this case, Anime! We have a very forward and intuitive server with lots of fun features. Come check it out!
FrontWing's ISLAND Icon
Anime | Community
The newest dedicated server for the Anime, Manga and Visual Novel "ISLAND"! We offer several custom and unique emotes, several options to pass your time, as well as other dedicated ISLAND fans. Help us grow this small server and embrace ISLAND!
Tangled Stars Icon
Furry | Community
・:˚:✧。・:˚:✧。Welcome to the server dedicated to the furry visual novel Tangled Stars!・:˚:✧。・:˚:✧。 We are a growing server which provide the following: ・:˚:✧。-Direct contact to the creators of the VN ・:˚:✧。 ・:˚:✧。-A safe, friendly space to speak about whatever you wish ・:˚:✧。 ・:˚:✧。-Channels dedicated to food, art, talking and more! ・:˚:✧。 ・:˚:✧。-A caring staff team who is here for you ・:˚:✧。 ・:˚:✧。-Early updates for the VN which you won't see anywhere else ・:˚:✧。 ・:˚:✧。-General discussion about the VN ・:˚:✧。 ・:˚:✧。-A channel in which you can drop suggestions for the server and the VN ・:˚:✧。 ・:˚:✧。-Generally a community space for furries and non furs where you can make new friends ・:˚:✧。 ・:˚:✧。-Channels for different VNs where you can meet fellow readers ・:˚:✧。 We wish to get to know many of you, so don't be afraid to come say hi!!! <3
Genshiken Icon
Anime | Hobbies
Depuis longtemps j'ai cherché sans succès un serveur discord où je pourrai discuter de ma passion de tout ce qui touche à la culture otaku japonaise (Anime, jeux, VN, LN, Manga, j'en passe, et des meilleurs). Ils étaient soit trop grand avec plein d'inconnus qui passaient leurs temps à post des meme et spam les bots, soit trop petit (ou plutôt mort) sans personne qui ne parle. Mon but est de créer une petite communauté solide de passionnés où discuter de ces choses.
The Neko Family Icon
Anime | Gaming
The Neko Family. Is one of the oldest Neko servers on Discord. This is a place for people who love Anime, Gaming, Art, Roleplaying and more
Your Boyfriend Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Hello and welcome! This server is a fan Discord server for the game Your Boyfriend! Come share art, memes, and meet fans of the game! Bored? Want to share your love for YB? This might be the place for you! This server was created so that all adult fans could talk about the game, share their artwork, and meet other fans of the game. Since the official Discord is for Patreons only, this Discord is mostly for people who aren't able to be a Patreon, and are looking for a place to still share their love for the game. Enjoy your time!~ WARNING: Your Boyfriend is a game that contains horror, nsfw, gore, jumpscares, and similar themes of the sort. The Discord will contain channels for nsfw/gore art, but please, still beware. Disclaimer: Due to Fuboo's (the creator of the game) rules, the game is only available to those 18+ because it contains erotica. Until she comes out with the SFW version, you must verify that you are 18+ to see and talk in this server.
Steins;Gate VN (BR) Icon
Anime | Social
Esta mensagem é para todos aqueles que assim como eu, desejam destruir o sistema e mergulhar o mundo em caos! Eu sou Hoooooououin Kyouma! E este é o laboratório de Gadgets Futurístico, junte-se a nós e vamos criar uma comunidade de Steins;Gate tão grande quanto a própria organização!! Venha conversar e fazer novas amizades, ''Teremos Rp de SG em breve!!''. Se veio até aqui, não é mera coincidência, esta... é a escolha de Steins;Gate.......El....Psy.....Kongroo.
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Role-Playing | Gaming
?????????, ????? ??????????. ??????? ?? ??? ????? ????. ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ??, ???? ? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ??? ?????, ???'? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ???????. ‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙ ˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊ Asra's Magic Shop is a friendly and welcoming new server looking for fans of The Arcana to join in. We are open to new and old fans alike, or even those who are looking to get into it! Here at Asra's Shop, we offer a variety of things: ⭑•̩̩͙⊱ 22 Tarot Card Emotes, sourced from The Arcana itself. ⭑•̩̩͙⊱ An in-depth roleplay, seeking more people to fill canon character and OC roles. ⭑•̩̩͙⊱ Themed moderators. ⭑•̩̩͙⊱ Free Tarot Card Readings (3 Card, Love, Happiness, Success) from the owner himself. ⭑•̩̩͙⊱ A welcoming environment for anyone to hang out. ⭑•̩̩͙⊱ Rooms for all to share their talents : Art, music, voice acting, anything and everything. ‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙ ˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊ ????, ???
Cinnamon Cottage Icon
Gaming | Anime | Community
A comfortable little space where to hangout together while discussing a variety of topics.
Voltage Inc. Love 365 Icon
Anime | Gaming
Join our verified community discord server of Voltage Inc. where you can rant your feelings, dump your CGs, listen to BGMs, get some tips and tricks, and many more!
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Furry | LGBT
Join the Goodboys Cafe, a sweet general interest server with a furry tilt! Featuring~ -channels for interests both popular and niche (furry visual novel enjoyers welcome!) -hella furries -color roles -Homosexual Tendencies -Nice vibes!