Writing | Community
__**A server for writers and readers alike**__ Do you like reading? Writing? Or just want a chill place to hangout? Then Tea Time is the place for you. ❤️ Tea Time is a relaxing server where you can share nearly anything. You can share your poetry, writing, favourite books and if you’re having a bad day you can vent in the vent channel, there really is a channel for everyone here. ➣ We have bots like Dank Memer, Karuta, Yui and much more. ➣ We are working on making a custom bot and more emoticons for the server. ➣ Self-assignable roles. We also have much, much more which you’ll see if you join the server. I hope you have a very nice day ^.^ [Invite: https://discord.gg/ePASXqp ]
Writing | Entertainment
Fanmade Discord Server for the WIP LitRPG fantasy series, Trial by Conquest, Richard Struggle, and the Harry Potter fan-fiction Dodging Prison & Stealing Witches by James 'LeadVonE' Coombs.
Entertainment | Art
Welcome to We Are ImproVR! We are a community of amateur improv comedians who's only missions are to put a long-lasting smile on the face of as many people as possible! We play games, do art challenges, live book readings, Altspace event notifications and more! Have a lovely time!
Science | Education
Discord server for http://www.thephilosophersmeme.com
Hobbies | Anime
Manga Machinations podcast community discord server! Come join to get the latest news on episodes and talk with the hosts about manga, anime, video games, or whatever else you'd like.
Writing | Art
oh? you're a writer/artist thats on discord instead of finishing your wips? valid but why procrastinate alone when you can procrastinate here instead
Writing | Hobbies
We are trying to build a tightly moderated community of intermediate-to-experienced writers to share, critique, and talk shit about writing. Offer each other advice. Or just talk about the weather
Writing | Art
A Discord server for writing professionals and hobbyists to come together to talk about writing, craft, and improve our skills together as a community.
Writing | Art
A Discord server for writing professionals and hobbyists to come together to talk about writing, craft, and improve our skills together as a community.
Writing | Community
BetaMe is a community of writers and readers who want to give each other feedback on their work. We welcome all writing, from fanfic to blogs!
Writing | Education
A small sever for discussing books, writing, and other creative outlets!
Hobbies | Anime
Hey guys! This server is aiming to establish a growing, friendly community for literally anybody! Here you can make new friends, talk about gaming, science, anime, books, and just about anything. Come on, and check it out! Have a great time!
Entertainment | Hobbies
We're a group of weirdos.. enough said. That's probably the best 'description' I can give. It's a work in progress is what I'm saying. The library is more of an excuse fool us to fool around and have a little fun to get away from Life. Come drop in and say Hi if you wanna try hanging out with us, who knows, you could love it here ^-^
Role-Playing | Gaming
The Ruined Book of tales is an active Role Playing Community! While we mainly focus in Elder Scrolls Online, we do branch out to other games as well. Games such as BDO, Fallout, Division, Halo and many more. We're fun, helpful to new and old players, a bit laid back, patient, understanding, and creative. You don't have to have rp experience to join, however we do ask that you put an effort into learning how to rp correctly. We are always willing to help new role players with any questions they may have as well as making sure they are comfortable joining in the rps. Our guild isn't just all role playing tho, that's just our main focus. We still run dungeons and missions normally. On some occasions we could rp them out. If you are new to ESO in general we're pretty good about helping you out there too.
A place for readers of books, writers of books and lovers of books! We have a monthly book club you're welcome to join. A perfect place to make friends and discuss all things book! (Everything except hate-friendly)
An online book club with an active community that discusses our love for books. We have monthly read-alongs, book swaps, read-a-thons, and more (for 18+)
Community | Programming
TechBooks is an eBook provider on which communicates via discord. We are providing books for: > PC Hardware & Software > Physics & Chemistry > programming > others. We also like to talk. this is a community server for "nerdy book readers". Join if you feel like you want to learn about Information technology. We also like to share memes and others. *psh* we also giveaway books for free & other stuff like discord nitro or money *psh*
Art | Community
The Theatrical Society is for young sophisticated artists. Come discuss literary geniuses, great musicians and wonderful artists, or perhaps share some of your own hidden gems. As well as being a home for young bright minds alike, we also share interests such as gaming, anime, dance, and many more.
Community | Hobbies
Join the Overbooked Club! https://discord.gg/TQpvx4p A new online book club for all literates. Just like a real-life book club, there are monthly reads with different genres and themes chosen by you! Whether you read daily or a book a year, you are welcome to join us! We also offer, * 12+ genre channels * writing competitions * a music bot * off-topic channels * memes * updates from r/books * a relaxed and chill reading community You do not have to be active daily to join this server, this server is also to expose you to new titles and literature. However, if you want to get the full experience, talk about your own literature or anything you want. What are you waiting for? Get reading today! =D
Gaming | Community
A community server looking to grow, with various channels for various interests such as gaming, anime, and tech!
Community | Social
Book club! We Pick a book with a movie based on it,Then each night we listen to a chapter of the audio book together live! We've got channels for discussing while watching and listening. Come hang out, meet new friends! Currently going through the Harry Potter books.
Community | Anime
Tired of joining servers with an endless number of channels and rules? If yes, then join 'MINICORD' - a discord server with only six channels.
Community | Anime
Just a place to chill and make friends
Community | Hobbies
lonely women who want to find friends to voice chat with and watch films with, play games with, have reading sessions with, etc.
Hobbies | Entertainment
Laid back server for discussing fiction. Includes a Movie/Book club.
Language | Writing
Literature can be such a beautiful thing! A way to convey our feelings when words cannot. A place where imagination let's loose! Here in this server, we strive to give you all of that!
Role-Playing | Hobbies
Brand new book club server looking for active members to help bring the discord to life.
Education | Entertainment
Tired of pop-history servers? This is a server built for those who majored in history, but open to all. Our focus is to develop a community for high-level discussion about historical and historiographical topics. We also stream movies and documentaries twice weekly.
Community | Hobbies
All ages welcome! We are a community server for all things! Do you like memes? Art? Gaming? Reading? Writing? Movies and Netflix? Come join us!
Writing | Entertainment
Hello all, we are a small community of writers so far and we would love to grow our community into something a lot bigger. We are community focused so feel free to share your works whether they be writing, art, music, or anything else really. Make sure you are active. We also have a YouTube channel with a bunch of fun content planned quite soon. So if you are looking for a writing group to be a part of, feel free to stop by The Writers Block.
Social | Community
Do you love reading but don’t have anyone to talk to about the fantastic book you just finished? Come join us in Between the Lines; we’re always looking for friendly, active members to share our love of books with! We also have several channels for the discussion of other topics, such as games and meme-ing, but mostly we’re all here for our love of books and we’d love to see you come join our discussions!
Community | Writing
A community of book lovers, we read multiple books together monthly as well as just talk about our favorite authors and genres. Multiple authors present who enjoy talking to their fans. Everyone is welcome!
Entertainment | Growth
Books and more!
Writing | Community
the writers’ corner is a cozy place for anyone interested in books, writing, and poetry galore! we're a young server that went public on 9/4/19. we offer: ~ endless writing advice channels ~ monthly book club ~ nanowrimo and preptober content is in development and will launch by end of sept come check it out!
Writing | Social
We run a nice close-knit community with writers who like to chat and enjoy a bit of good-natured banter. You'll feel welcome and become a part of our community quickly. Together, we build our skills and share our work for honest, respectful feedback. There are designated channels for casual conversation, and we provide many resources to help our community grow as writers. Events and discussions will be hosted. Be sure to check us out!